Top 12 Fake Money Making Games for Android & iOS

Have you ever wanted to try some risky ways of money-making, but didn’t want to lose anything? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve rounded up the best fake money-making games for Android & iOS that provide authentic experiences without real risks. There are different kinds of such games from investment sims to slot machines and poker.

You’ll get to test your luck, gamble, and feel that exciting adrenaline rush without putting any money on the line. Enjoy the excitement but remember, these apps don’t guarantee success in real gambling or trade markets. Let’s get into it!

Fake Buster 3D

If watch TikTok on a regular basis, you’ve probably come across those vids where people provide the service of authenticating lux items. Well, this game lets you do just that. It’s a fun 3D sim that lets you work in a lux store that offers its clients authentication.

What items are you going to work with? There are plenty of those; sneakers, bags, jewelry, and more. The market for fakes is practically endless, and you can never be sure if the item you’re working on is actually real. Your job is to test it in all possible ways and tell the verdict.

And just like in real life, you’re gonna need some tools for that. You can use magnifiers, x-ray lights, and a ton of other supplies. Each item needs specific tools, so you’ll have to get all of them.

The game comes with tons of lvls, and you’ll get to play with multiple characters. Each lvl brings smth new, and sometimes you’ll need to authenticate some art pieces and archeology finds. Make sure to check everything twice cause you can lose money for making mistakes.


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This game lets you build your own business empire. It’s a petty realistic sim where you get to trade your money and invest in properties, cars, and all that. The main goal of this one is to give you the most realistic exp.

Even the UI looks like real trading apps you would use. You can pick companies for investments and watch your virtual earnings grow (or not). The coolest thing is, there’s a good chance for you to actually lose the money. Why is it a good thing? Well, it adds up to the realism and encourages you to make smarter decisions.

Above that, the game’s stock market includes real companies, which makes gameplay even cooler. You can pick from 6 categories of businesses to open and start making strategic decisions to grow your empire. You’ll be able to hire staff and increase profits by making wise decisions.

The game even lets you invest in crypto if needed. Of course, you can get yourself some luxury goodies aka vehicles, jets, yachts, and enormous houses.


Cash Frenzy

Cash Frenzy

Let’s start with a game that lets you test your slot-playing skills.

This game lets you fully experience and excitement of gambling without any real risk. As you enter the game, you get a generous bonus of 3 million virtual coins to spend on all of your fave slot machines. And that’s not the end—you’ll keep getting free coins for simply plain another 15 minutes. There’s also a turbo coin reward for 3 hours of playing.

Thus, even if you have zero exp with slot machines, you’ll get to try, again and again, using free coins. Of course, you’ll also get a daily bonus and even more for completing daily tasks. Plus, you may get extra free spins by playing built-in mini-games. As for the machines, the game covers a wide compilation of slot games from Vegas.

There are over 100 games for you to choose from, and all are equally fun and unique. To be more precise, there are bingo games, a wicked blast, a classic fortune train, rising medusa, and more. Besides, there are plenty of special quests that let you win extra chips and spins. The app comes with a multiplayer mode, so you get to play against real people across the globe.

Cash Frenzy 1
Cash Frenzy 2

Huuuge Casino Slots 

huuuge casino

It’s an online fortune-testing game that lets you make fake money.

This game tries its best to provide you with the most lifelike exp possible. It lets you play countless slots, play against people in leagues, join clubs, and more. The game covers over 100 slot machines that recreate the ones you can find in real-life casinos in Vegas. All the slots are unique—from classic to modern ones.

Beyond that, the game comes with a set of four slots that lets you win the greatest jackpot of all at once. As for the clubs, these are the places where you can play games of chance with your mates or other users. You may rather join a pre-made club or start your own one with mates. Once you’ll start winning, you’ll get t to compete with top players worldwide.

As all such games o, this one gives you an entering bonus of free coins (so that you could start playing). Herewith, there are lots of opportunities to get extra coins in this app. You can do it by entering it daily, playing for 30 mins, and more. Don’t forget to participate in daily challenges and events to win free reels and other fun stuff.

huuuge casino 1
huuuge casino 2

Jackpot Crush

Jackpot Crush

Here’s another game of chance that lets you play safely without real money involved.

This game comes with a wide range of the most popular slot machines of all time—from classic to modern ones. The new machines are being added regularly, so you’ll always have smth new to try. There are such games as a lucky wheel and even a scratch-off lottery if needed.

As you start playing, the game will welcome you with a bonus in the form of 15 mill free coins (which is more than the majority of such games give). In case you’ll ever run out of coins (or just want more), just press a luck switch to win more. You’ll also get to collect the coins every 15 mins, so you can play for hours non-stop. Of course, there are also daily and hourly perks.

The app comes with a multiplayer mode, so you can compete with other players worldwide. You may also form a club with your mates or compete with them if needed. Plus, the game covers some daily challenges that may bring you extra bonuses and free spins. The game is free, but you can buy a VIP acc if required.

Jackpot Crush 1
Jackpot Crush 2

Full House Casino

Full House Casino

Next, we have a gambling game where you can get an exciting experience without spending real money.

This game comes with a wide collection of slot machines. There are over 100 options of both slot and table games you can play to win win-game money. To be more precise, there are such games as bingo, Texas Holder, and even Mahjong, so there’s smth for everyone. All the slot machines recreate real ones but with unique designs.

Along with that, the game covers some original slots that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The new styles and options are being added regularly, so you won’t get bored. As always, you start at the lowest level and rank yourself up to the VIP. Every round you pass brings you some extra bonuses or payment discounts.

Besides, there are lots of ways for you to get free spins and cos in this game. You can participate in daily or weekly tours to fight for the best reward. Plus, you’ll get coins for entering the game every day and seeing some time playing. There are also special events where you can win exclusive bonuses.

Full House Casino 1
Full House Casino 2

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Fast Fortune 

fast fortune

It’s an Android casino game that doesn’t require any real money.

In the first place, this game is not as big as the previous ones. It only covers 35 slots for you to play with. Plus, there are some other free bonus games you may unlock with time. Seems like not enough, right? Well, the developers add new slots every month, so you’ll always have something new to try.

All the machines recreate the real ones you can find in Vegas. The other thing that should be mentioned here is the design—all the slot machines are beautifully drawn, so it’s a pleasure to play. The game is also very pleasing when it comes to free chips and spins. You’ll get a welcoming bonus of 100 million coins that let you start playing without any effort.

Then, you’ll get extra coins for spending some time at the game, also with a daily bonus as well. The game comes with some daily challenges you may participate in to get bonuses. The game contains ads, and there’s a paid pack for a VIP account. The game runs both online and offline, which is pretty unusual.

fast fortune 1
fast fortune 2

Jackpot Mania

Jackpot Mania

Moving on to the game that lets you make fake money in the casino.

This game lets you enjoy all the most well-known slot machines recreated by real-life ones. All the machines you get to try in this game you can also find in the best casinos in Vegas. There are such machines as Tiger Eclipse, and more. Besides, there are also exclusive slots with all the popular characters and stars.

The new slots are featured every month, so you won’t run out of options. Some of the machines run offline, so you can play at any time. As for the in-game currency, you’ll get 100 million chips of welcoming bonus for installing the game. Plus, you’ll get extra bonus coins every time you rank up your level.

The game also offers plenty of tournaments and challenges you may join to win extra rewards. Apart from coins, you may also win some power-ups that may double your wins or give some free spins. You may also get bonuses for completing weekly tasks and playing built-in mini-games. The game is free, but you can buy a VIP status.

Jackpot Mania 1
Jackpot Mania 2

Casino Frenzy

Casino Frenzy

It’s a free-play casino that lets you enjoy famous slots without risking any real money.

The app comes with a wide compilation of popular casino machines that provide you with the most lifelike experience. Plus, it covers video poker, and lots of exclusively themed slots dedicated to the wide west, jungles, Egypt, and all that. All the games have bright designs, and new ones are added regularly.

Beyond that, all the slots featured by this app are supported by multiplayer mode. You’ll get to compete with users from all over the globe, or a group of friends if needed. Speaking of friends, you may get 50K of free coins or invite your mates to play (don’t forget to sync with FB for it). You’ll also get a generous welcoming bonus for installing the game.

Besides, you’ll get some coins or spend an hour playing and entering the game every day. There are also some mini-games that let you get extra bonuses. As always, you start as an amateur player, but you may rank up to VIP. That’s right—there’s no need to pay for VIP status in this game, you may get it by accumulating points.

Casino Frenzy 1
Casino Frenzy 2

Lucky Win Casino

lucky win casino

This game is here to give you an extra realistic gambling exp, but with in-game coins.

If you’re a fan of poker, blackjack, and slots—you’ll fully enjoy this game. It covers plenty of famous gambling games that you can find in the best casinos around the globe. All the slots come with bright and unique themes, so you won’t get bored here. The new slots are being added regularly, so you could diversify your exp.

The best thing about this app is that it gives you the ability to pal non-stop, even if you’re not good at slots yet. The thing is, you get 650K of chips or simply install the game, and that’s just the beginning. Then, you’ll get 100K chips every day, and that’s without some extra bonuses you may get by entering challenges and tournaments.

The game comes with a multiplayer mode, so you may test your skills by competing with worldwide players. As you play, your rank will grow, and you’ll be able to contest with top players. In case you won’t want to play against random people, you may also compete with a group of mates.

lucky win casino 1
lucky win casino 2

Grand Casino

grand casino

That’s another app that lets you win in-game money by playing bingo and slots.

This app already covers over 100 gambling games and more are added regularly. Lots of slots covered by this app recreate the real appliances you may find in Vegas casinos, Plus, there are plenty of slots dedicated to widespread game shows like the Wheel of Fortune, and all that.

Of course, there are also Bingo games along with video poker in case you’re in the mood for diversity. Once you’ve downloaded the game, you’ll get 10k of free chips as a welcome gift. Yeah, it’s way less than the majority of such games offer, but that’s all we have. However, there are lots of ways for you to earn more chips here.

You’ll get hourly and daily perks, and you can easily win more by participating in daily events. Plus, you may get some chips for inviting your pals to play. The game covers a multiplayer mode, so you get to compete with real people. It’s fully free, but there are plenty of ads that can be quite irritating.

grand casino 1
grand casino 2

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It feels like almost everyone has played a game called “2048” at least once, the essence of which is to get a value equal to 2048 for the smallest number of tile shifts. Well, this is in a way an analog of this game, invented by the amateur programmer.

The essence of the game is that you move the 10-cent coin in six different directions. Moving two of the same values produces a higher value. The largest value is 2 euros. If you have reached this value, then at the cost of great effort you can create the same coin of 2 euros, which, when combined, will give 5 euros.

So, can you get better than others and reach a €500 bill, or even reach gold bars? Thanks to this game, you can significantly strengthen your logical thinking, as well as really spend time with benefits. Download this app and take your mind for a long time.

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