SoC-L App Review

SoC is an abbreviation for System on a Chip. Which is an electronic integrated circuit that contains various components designed to work together to achieve a common goal.

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The first part of the term – system – says that we are talking about a complex electronic assembly. And the last part – chip – says that all the components of this system are squeezed together in one integrated circuit.


SoC-L is a unique application that contains data on all Systems on a Chip based on the ARM architecture. And this is the vast majority of mobile systems that are installed in smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, various wearable electronics, smart home elements, and so on today.


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With this application, you can get to know with SoC specifications from absolutely all SoC manufacturers that are available on the market. For each manufacturer, there is a complete list of systems that they produce or produced earlier. More than four-and-half hundred SoCs are presented in the application. Further, for a separate System on a  Chip, all the main characteristics are given, including

  • the number and frequency of central processor cores
  • type of graphics processor
  • the technical process for the production of this SoC
  • parameters of the RAM system
  • mobile networks and wireless communications supported

and other parameters.


The SoC comparator option allows you to select multiple systems for detailed comparison. Choose up to ten SoCs at once for this. The SoC-L application shows a list of the most popular systems on a chip, and this list can be automatically updated regularly. You can view photos of SoCs in the app. The FAVORITES feature allows the user to add their favorite SoCs in one place.

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The application database is updated via Over-The-Air technology. An active internet connection is only required for some features. In general, the application works great offline.


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