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Through the Ages — the official adaptation of the eponymous strategy under the genre of the board game, which has no analogs for the richness of the actions and the sharpness of the gameplay. This game is noted (by some critics) as the best in the genre at all times and has one of the biggest game stories in the genre as a whole. Hundreds of maps that will help you build a powerful Empire and civilization, with which you will be able to defeat your friends in multiplayer mode.

I do not know how long the developers worked on this game, but it feels like they’ve done a tremendous job putting such a complex, multi-component game into digital devices, creating a user-friendly interface for both the tablet screen and the smartphone.

The first thing we encounter in the game is training, which is done with a great deal of humor. The author of the game is leading it. We choose him as the leader of the era, and he gradually introduces us to the elements of the game, giving us a chance to try out different possibilities without loading the brain with the whole set of rules of Through the Ages.

The game thoroughly tells about all the details: about the food, which is intended to hire workers, about the mines and resources that go to the construction and improvement of buildings, the need for scientific progress and cultural development. During the training, you are offered to perform not only the simplest steps but even asked to do a number of steps to increase the maximum strength and win the war.

The buying and activating of cards, the hiring and sending of workers — all actions in the game are clear and intuitive. You can click on the buttons in the menu or simply drag and drop workers on the building, adding new mines or laboratories.

You will begin with a small tribe, which will gradually develop, passing through the ages. Build farms, mines, extract minerals and grow food. Over time, your tribe will become a huge, powerful kingdom with developed military, economic, religious and other spheres. Experiment with a variety of options for the development of civilization, but spend your resources wisely. Fight in battles with your computer or attract your friends.

Manage resources competently, come up with strategies and continue to play until you achieve a victory or you will not understand unequivocally that the game is over. The game includes several modes, such as playing against the computer, online local mode and playing against characters from around the world. Learn tactics, come up with your own strategy for winning and stick to it throughout your development.

Also, there are two rule modes: tabletop and digital. Tabletop completely coincides with the desktop version of the game, and in digital, some processes are simplified. For example, in the fight for the colony players bet only once, the winner is the one who made the most, and it is impossible to kill it. There is an “achievements” section, which is updated with awards when you perform one of the tasks. But without them, the game is very exciting!

Features of the game

● One of the greatest board games of all time.
● Hundreds of maps to create a powerful civilization.
● Explore many ways to win.
● Carefully manage your resources.
● Study the rules of the game with a fun and attractive tutorial.
● Compete with friends on the Internet.
● Defeat smart computer opponents with your skills.
● Play with the original rules of the board game or a streamlined digital version.
● Enjoy single-player challenges that require different strategies.

In fact, we got an excellent digital version of the Through the Ages board game. Such a large and ambitious project exceeded all expectations. Note that this is a complex strategic board civilization for those who like crisis board games, where the party may last for 40-60 minutes on the tablet. For advanced players — Must Try!

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