Soccer Agent: Football Game App Review

In Soccer Agent: Football Game you have to play the role of a soccer agent. Lead the soccer team and test your management skills or help a lagging team succeed! As a football manager, you manage all aspects of your club’s activities, including training planning, club facility development, transfers, team matching, player numbers, and tactical formations.

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In Soccer Agent: Football Game you have to play the role of a soccer agent. The user must understand the transfer window and gain promising players. The player’s goal is to become a rich and famous agent.

In Soccer Agent: Football Game, the agent needs to find young footballers for his agency. All important parameters are reflected in the transfer window. Moreover, for a promising development of events, you can promote your wards to other clubs.

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For convenience, you can make soccer deals from your players. With the money received, you can buy expensive items that show your financial condition.

As for the interface, it is made convenient and practical. To understand which is easy.

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Overall, Soccer Agent: Football Game is a great opportunity to try yourself as a coach and succeed. Moreover, playing Soccer Agent: Football Game is a pleasure as there are no ads in the application.


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