9 Best Split-Screen Horror Games for Android & iOS

Craving a spine-chilling adventure you can share with a companion? Look no further than the world of mobile gaming! We’ve ventured into the chilling depths of the App Store and Google Play to unearth 9 terrifying split-screen horror experiences that are perfect for double the scares.

From heart-pounding puzzle solvers to eerie co-op adventures, these games will have you and your partner working together (or maybe just screaming at each other) as you face down unsettling foes and unravel nightmarish mysteries.

So, grab your phone, dim the lights, and prepare for an unforgettable (and possibly sleepless) night of split-screen terror!

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Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer

Eyes: Horror & Coop Multiplayer throws you into a chilling mansion filled with dread and the constant threat of monstrous pursuers. While the single-player experience offers its own brand of terror, the true heart of the game lies in its cooperative mode.

Team up with a friend and navigate the labyrinthine mansion, solving puzzles and evading horrifying creatures.

The addition of another player not only bolsters your courage but also opens up strategic possibilities. Work together to lure the monster away, share resources, and utilize the unique abilities of different characters to overcome challenges.

The atmosphere is masterfully crafted, with flickering lights, unsettling sound design, and jump scares that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The variety of environments, from abandoned hospitals to desolate schools, adds to the game’s replayability.

While the core gameplay loop revolves around exploration and evasion, the “Eye runes” mechanic adds a unique twist. These runes allow you to see through the monster’s eyes, offering a glimpse into its movements and intentions.

This strategic element adds depth and encourages teamwork, as players can communicate their findings and plan their escape accordingly.

Eyes: Horror & Coop Multiplayer delivers a solid horror experience, especially for those seeking thrills with a friend. With its diverse environments, tense atmosphere, and engaging co-op mechanics, the game provides a satisfyingly spooky adventure. Just remember, in the face of the unknown, courage is best shared.


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Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight Mobile brings the heart-pounding thrill of the original 4v1 horror game to your fingertips. Players can choose to stalk and sacrifice as a terrifying Killer or band together as Survivors, desperately seeking escape. This asymmetrical experience offers unique challenges and adrenaline-pumping moments for both sides.

The mobile port retains the core gameplay, faithfully translating the iconic characters, diverse maps, and strategic depth. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, Dead by Daylight Mobile offers a deep and engaging experience.

Customization reigns supreme, allowing players to personalize their favorite Killers and Survivors with unique perks and unlockables. Mastering these nuances and adapting your strategies in real-time is key to outsmarting your opponents and securing victory.

Dead by Daylight Mobile seamlessly condenses the console and PC experience into a mobile-friendly format. Intuitive controls and optimized visuals ensure smooth gameplay on the go, making those intense chases and heart-stopping escapes even more thrilling.

If you crave an asymmetrical horror experience packed with strategic depth, chilling atmosphere, and constant thrills, Dead by Daylight Mobile delivers a potent dose of terror right in your pocket. Just be prepared to scream, both in fear and in celebration.


Asylum77 – Multiplayer Horror

Asylum 77 throws you into the heart of a terrifying abandoned asylum, playable in both single-player and online multiplayer modes. This Android and iOS game offers a unique blend of hide-and-seek and survival horror, sure to send shivers down your spine.

The asylum itself is a character, filled with chilling environments, unsettling sound effects, and a constant sense of dread. Whether playing alone or with friends, the game effectively builds tension, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Team up with friends (up to four survivors) or go it alone as you navigate the asylum’s labyrinthine halls. Work together to locate keys, unlock hidden passages, and ultimately escape the clutches of the asylum’s deranged inhabitants.

Three distinct enemies, each with their own terrifying presence, stalk the asylum. From a menacing butcher to a creepy granny and her equally unsettling daughter, you’ll need all your wits and teamwork to outsmart and evade them.

While the core gameplay revolves around hide-and-seek and escape, Asylum 77 offers additional features like an in-game chat system to communicate with your teammates and strategize your escape.

Whether you’re a seasoned horror game veteran or a newcomer seeking thrills, Asylum 77 promises an immersive and frightening experience. With its atmospheric setting, intense chases, and diverse cast of enemies, this game is sure to provide a good dose of scares.


Mimicry: Online Horror Action

Mimicry: Online Horror Action stands out as a mobile asymmetrical horror game, offering an 8v1 format where survivors face a monstrous entity. This unique blend of hide-and-seek and action fosters both cooperation and tension among players.

Choosing between playing as a survivor or the monster adds replay value, while character customization enhances the experience for survivors. The inclusion of voice chat deepens the social and strategic aspects, allowing for better coordination among survivors.

However, user reviews suggest the game currently offers limited content with only two game modes and a few maps. Expanding the content variety with additional modes and environments could improve long-term engagement.

Additionally, while survivor customization exists, the lack of customization options for the monster might be a missed opportunity.

Mimicry: Online Horror Action has the potential to be a thrilling and engaging horror experience on mobile. Its unique concept, diverse roles, and social features offer a promising foundation.

However, addressing the limited content and potentially adding monster customization could significantly enhance the overall experience.


Horrorfield Multiplayer horror

Horrorfield offers a chilling multiplayer experience, drawing inspiration from classic slasher films like Friday the 13th. Players choose between two sides: survivors seeking escape from a haunted lair, or the psycho killer stalking their prey.

Survivors must work together, utilizing unique character abilities like the doctor’s healing or the engineer’s crafting prowess. They explore the environment, strategically hiding, repairing generators, and ultimately escaping.

The atmosphere is tense, demanding stealth and quick thinking to avoid the killer’s relentless pursuit.

Playing as the killer is a thrilling exercise in calculated aggression. Each psycho boasts unique skills, like the butcher’s generator sabotage or the ghost’s ability to phase through walls.

The goal is to hunt down survivors, using their screams and footsteps as clues. The thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of a successful hunt are sure to entice horror fans.

While the core gameplay is engaging, the lack of recent updates might leave some players wanting more. Additionally, some users report encountering bots and technical issues.

Horrorfield provides a solid foundation for a thrilling hide-and-seek horror experience. With its diverse characters, strategic gameplay, and tense atmosphere, it offers a unique mobile horror experience for both cooperative and solo players. However, potential players should be aware of the reported issues before diving in.


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The Ghost – Multiplayer Horror

The Ghost offers a unique brand of mobile horror, inviting players to team up or terrify in a chilling split-screen experience. Across two distinct scenarios – a desolate hospital and an eerie school – players can choose between being survivors or the haunting entity itself.

As survivors, cooperation is key. You’ll need to navigate the hauntingly rendered environments, solve puzzles, and work together to escape.

The atmosphere is thick with suspense, as unsettling sounds and flickering lights heighten the tension. But beware, the ghost is ever-present, lurking in the shadows and using its spectral abilities to hinder your progress.

Taking on the role of the ghost flips the script, offering a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse. You’ll use your ghostly powers to possess objects, create illusions, and strategically block escape routes, reveling in the fear you instill in the survivors.

With its intuitive controls and diverse gameplay options, “The Ghost” caters to both casual and hardcore horror fans. Whether you crave the adrenaline rush of escaping a haunted location or the satisfaction of outsmarting your fellow players, this mobile title promises a chillingly good time.


Paranormal: Multiplayer Horror

Calling all horror enthusiasts and puzzle aficionados! Paranormal: Multiplayer Horror throws you into a chilling workplace turned supernatural battleground. This Android and iOS game offers a unique blend of cooperative survival horror and brain-bending riddles, perfect for spooktacular nights with friends.

Step into the shoes of office workers trapped after dark. As the lights flicker and an ominous entity emerges, teamwork becomes crucial. Collaborate with up to three friends to solve puzzles, navigate the haunted environment, and ultimately escape the clutches of the ghostly menace.

Paranormal: Multiplayer Horror boasts an immersive first-person perspective, heightening the tension as you explore the eerie office. The single-player mode allows you to confront your fears solo, while the online multiplayer mode fosters camaraderie and shared screams as you work together towards survival.

While the game description mentions “complex riddles,” their difficulty level remains unclear. Additionally, the graphics and sound design are not explicitly mentioned, leaving some aspects of the horror experience open to speculation.

Paranormal: Multiplayer Horror presents an intriguing concept for horror fans seeking a cooperative scare. If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure with friends and can navigate the unknown with a steady hand, this game might be worth checking out.

Just remember, the office might never feel quite the same after your encounter with the paranormal.


Noclip : Backrooms Multiplayer

Noclip: Backrooms Multiplayer throws you and up to three friends into the unsettling depths of the Backrooms, a labyrinthine world of fluorescent lights, yellowing wallpaper, and lurking horrors.

This co-op horror experience thrives on atmosphere and teamwork, offering a unique blend of exploration, stealth, and puzzle-solving.

Traverse diverse levels, each with its own unsettling charm, while staying vigilant for the dangers that lurk. The game emphasizes quiet cooperation; a stray footstep or loud voice can attract unwanted attention. Utilize proximity voice chat to strategize escapes, share resources, and keep the fear at bay.

When the inevitable encounter occurs, rely on quick thinking and silent movement to evade the threats. Puzzles add another layer of challenge, requiring collaboration to decipher and overcome.

Whether you’re a seasoned horror veteran or a newcomer seeking thrills with friends, Noclip: Backrooms Multiplayer promises an unforgettable descent into cooperative dread.


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Never Scream: Evil Horror Game

Never Scream: Keep Silence promises a spine-tingling horror experience, but does it deliver? Let’s delve into the unsettling atmosphere and see if this mobile game lives up to the hype.

The game boasts chilling environments like a creepy house and a dark forest, setting the stage for potential scares. However, details about the atmosphere’s effectiveness are scarce.

The “don’t scream” aspect adds an interesting twist to the horror genre, potentially forcing players to rely on wit and stealth instead of brute force.

While the description mentions “futuristic graphics” and “high-resolution visuals,” the lack of screenshots or gameplay footage makes it difficult to assess the game’s visual quality.

The emphasis on features like “easy controls” and “low size” raises questions about the depth and complexity of the gameplay experience.

Never Scream has the potential to be a unique and suspenseful horror experience. However, the lack of concrete details about the atmosphere, visuals, and gameplay makes it challenging to determine if it lives up to its claims.

If you’re looking for a mobile horror game with a fresh mechanic and are willing to take a chance, Never Scream might be worth checking out. Just remember, silence is key.

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