9 Best Split Screen Racing Games for Android & iOS

Gear up for some high-octane competition with your friends, right in the palm of your hand! Tired of single-player racing games? This list unveils the top 9 split-screen racing games for Android and iOS, perfect for fueling friendly rivalries and shared victories.

From adrenaline-pumping street races to wacky kart adventures, find the ideal title to ignite your mobile gaming sessions. Whether you’re seasoned veterans or just starting your racing journey together, get ready to battle it out, outmaneuver your opponent, and become the ultimate mobile racing champion!

Delve into high-speed action with our list of free multiplayer racing games, offering endless entertainment and competitive fun on your mobile device.

2 Player Car Race Games. Demolition derby car

Calling all adrenaline junkies and competitive friends! 2 Player Car Race Games throws you into a whirlwind of split-screen racing mayhem. While boasting features suitable for younger audiences, the game’s core lies in its chaotic multiplayer demolition derby action.

Race across diverse tracks, from bustling city streets to futuristic landscapes, in a variety of vehicles like sleek sports cars, monster trucks, and even police cruisers.

The true fun lies in the power-ups scattered throughout the tracks. Unleash explosive attacks to cripple your opponent, utilize freeze rays to slow them down, or strategically grab defensive boosts like shields and repair kits.

But the madness doesn’t stop there. Customize your ride with various skins and wheels, and upgrade your car’s performance to outrun and outlast your rivals. The single-player mode offers practice and familiarization, but the heart of the game lies in the head-to-head battles against friends.

While the graphics might not be top-notch, the game prioritizes fast-paced, demolition derby fun. With its simple controls, diverse tracks, and power-up mayhem, 2 Player Car Race Games is a perfect choice for casual gamers and young children looking for a split-screen racing adventure. Just remember, playing nice is optional!


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Two Player Car Racing 3D Speed

Two Player Car Racing 3D Speed brings the thrill of competitive racing to a single device, perfect for on-the-go challenges with friends. This Android and iOS game boasts features designed specifically for split-screen gameplay, offering a unique way to experience the excitement of racing.

One of the game’s highlights is the ability to race against a friend on the same device. This eliminates the need for multiple devices or an internet connection, making it ideal for casual fun or quick bursts of competitive spirit.

The 3D graphics and quality car designs add to the immersive experience, bringing the racing action to life.

In terms of track variety, Two Player Car Racing 3D Speed offers three distinct two-player maps, ensuring that each race feels fresh and exciting.

The inclusion of a nitro feature further intensifies the competition, allowing players to unleash bursts of speed and gain an edge over their opponent. Additionally, the handbrake feature adds another layer of control and strategic maneuvering to the races.

While the game description mentions offline functionality, it’s important to note that user reviews suggest the presence of ads. It’s advisable to manage expectations and be prepared for potential interruptions during gameplay.

Two Player Car Racing 3D Speed presents a compelling option for friends seeking a casual and accessible split-screen racing experience on their mobile devices. With its combination of simple controls, exciting features, and offline functionality, the game offers an enjoyable way to challenge friends and experience the thrill of the race.


2 Player Racing 3D

Calling all racing enthusiasts and couch co-op companions! 2 Player Racing 3D throws down the gauntlet for split-screen thrills on your Android or iOS device.

This game shines in its core functionality: competitive racing with a friend on a single screen. Gone are the days of needing multiple devices or controllers; simply grab a buddy and get ready to rumble.

While the single-player mode offers a decent challenge with four tracks, the true heart of the game lies in the two-player experience.

With ten diverse tracks to conquer, you’ll find yourself strategically maneuvering and battling for bragging rights. The ability to test drive various cars before committing to a purchase adds another layer of strategic depth.

For a casual gaming experience with a strong focus on local multiplayer, 2 Player Racing 3D delivers a solid package. However, those seeking a deep single-player experience or extensive customization options might want to look elsewhere.


Train racing 3D 2 player

Train Racing 3D 2 Player throws players into the shoes of a train conductor, tasked with navigating intricate tracks and competing against friends. While it offers a taste of train simulation and multiplayer competition, the experience falls short in a few key areas.

On the positive side, the game boasts realistic environments and tracks, creating a sense of immersion. The simple controls make it easy to pick up and play, and the multiplayer mode adds a layer of excitement for racing enthusiasts.

However, the gameplay feels repetitive, focusing solely on reaching stations and avoiding obstacles. The advertised features like picking up passengers and earning rewards seem absent, limiting the overall depth.

Furthermore, user reviews mention issues with excessive ads and limited train customization options. The graphics, while decent, might not impress players accustomed to high-end mobile games.

Train Racing 3D 2 Player has the potential to be an enjoyable casual experience, especially for fans of train simulators and lighthearted competition. However, its repetitive gameplay, lack of advertised features, and monetization strategy might deter players seeking a more engaging and immersive experience.


RC Multi Racing – 2 player

Calling all competitive friends and racing enthusiasts! RC Multi Racing throws down the gauntlet for exhilarating head-to-head battles on a single device.

This mobile game ditches the traditional solo experience for a unique two-player split-screen or top-down view, allowing you to strategize and outmaneuver your opponent in real-time.

Choose from diverse racing series like drift racing, Formula 1, and monster trucks, each offering distinct handling and challenges. As you race across varied tracks, keep an eye out for strategically placed obstacles and exciting power-ups like speed boosts and rocket launchers to spice things up.

The ability to switch between top-down and split-screen views caters to different preferences. The top-down view grants a strategic overview of the entire track, while the split-screen mode delivers a more immersive, car-centric experience.

Beyond local multiplayer, RC Multi Racing boasts a new online mode, letting you challenge friends and rivals across the globe.

With its diverse content, intuitive controls, and multiple gameplay options, RC Multi Racing packs a punch of competitive fun for anyone seeking a thrilling mobile racing experience. So, fire up your engines, grab a friend, and get ready to dominate the race track!


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SUP Multiplayer Racing Games

SUP Multiplayer Racing throws you into a world of adrenaline-pumping, real-time races against players worldwide. Buckle up and prepare to test your driving skills on stunning tracks as you battle for asphalt domination.

The core of SUP lies in its exciting multiplayer experience. Compete against up to 3 opponents, pushing your car to the limit with strategic boosts, jumps, and drifts to claim victory. Taunt your rivals with playful emojis and wager gems to raise the stakes.

Unleash your inner car enthusiast with a vast collection of vehicles, from muscle cars and monster trucks to rally racers and hot rods. Personalize your rides with a variety of skins, making them truly your own. As you progress, you can upgrade your cars’ brakes, turbo, and tires, fine-tuning them for peak performance.

Unleash your creativity with the unique level editor. Design your own custom tracks, challenging yourself and others with intricate layouts and daring jumps. Share your creations with the community and earn recognition through upvotes and additional gems.

Prove your racing prowess by climbing the leaderboards and competing in special challenges. Earn achievements, share replays of your most epic races, and challenge your friends to see who reigns supreme on the asphalt. With daily events and new content updates, SUP keeps the competition fresh and exciting.

Master the art of using your opponents’ slipstream for speed boosts, and employ strategic stunts and drifts to collect nitro.

Don’t be afraid to get a little aggressive – a well-timed bump can send your rivals off track, giving you the edge you need to win. Remember, nitro is your most valuable asset, so use it wisely for that extra burst of power when needed.

SUP Multiplayer Racing offers a compelling combination of competitive thrills, customization options, and creative freedom, making it a captivating choice for mobile racing enthusiasts seeking fast-paced fun with friends.


Boom Karts Multiplayer Racing

Boom Karts throws you into the heart of real-time online kart racing mayhem. Gear up for adrenaline-pumping competition against players worldwide, or create custom races to challenge your friends.

This free-to-play mobile game offers a variety of tracks, powerups, and customization options to keep you hooked. Drift and boost your way to victory, leaving opponents in the dust. Unlock unique karts, personalize your avatar, and form racing teams to dominate the leaderboards.

Beyond the competitive spirit, Boom Karts caters to solo players as well. A challenging adventure mode offers a test of your skills, while time trials let you hone your racing prowess. With its blend of fast-paced action, social features, and individual challenges, Boom Karts is a compelling choice for mobile racing enthusiasts.


Drive Ahead! – Fun Car Battles

Strap in for side-splitting crashes and chaotic competition in Drive Ahead! – Fun Car Battles. This unique mobile game throws you into a wacky world of vehicular combat, offering a treasure trove of content for solo players and social butterflies alike.

Challenge friends or face off against online gladiators in a variety of battle modes. From quick-fire duels to team clashes and even 8-player mayhem, the game caters to every kind of competitive spirit. But Drive Ahead! isn’t just about brute force.

Master the physics of your pixelated car, strategically maneuvering to knock your opponents’ helmets off while avoiding hazards like rogue penguins (yes, you read that right!).

With over 300 outrageous vehicles to collect, from monster trucks to ghost pirate ships, the game lets you unleash your inner gearhead.

Customize your ride, team up with friends in crews, and conquer increasingly challenging arenas. Daily quests, weekly boss fights, and a vibrant social community keep the action fresh and the laughs coming.

Whether you crave casual fun or competitive glory, Drive Ahead! delivers an experience that’s both hilarious and surprisingly deep. So, buckle up, grab your helmet, and prepare to become a legend in the arena of car-nage!


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Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars

Dirt Trackin’ Sprint Cars throws you into the heart of high-octane dirt racing, offering an experience brimming with variety and challenge. Buckle up and get ready to sling mud as you race across 20 meticulously crafted tracks, each with its own unique layout and test of skill.

Choose from four distinct car classes, each offering a different driving experience. Whether you prefer the raw power of 410 Winged Sprints or the nimbleness of Midgets, there’s a perfect fit for your racing style.

Test your mettle against AI opponents in single-player mode, hone your skills in hot laps, or dive into the grueling career mode. This extensive journey takes you across the US and even to Australia, demanding consistent victories to progress through various racing series.

Dirt Trackin’ Sprint Cars isn’t just about competition. It boasts an impressive level of immersion. Witness the dynamic time of day system, watch your car accumulate dirt realistically, and even strategically call yellow flags during races.

Beyond the solo experience, the game shines in its robust online multiplayer. Compete against over 120 players in thrilling race events, starting with time trials and progressing through heats to the coveted A-Main. Climb the global leaderboards and carve your name among the dirt racing elite.

With extensive customization options, intuitive controls, and a plethora of content, Dirt Trackin’ Sprint Cars delivers an exceptional dirt racing experience for mobile players. So, fire up your engines, embrace the challenge, and get ready to leave your mark on the dirt track!

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