11 Free Virtual Staging Apps for Home Design

Virtual staging is a great way to see what your room will look like with new furniture or decor. It can also be a great tool for selling a home, as it will help potential buyers visualize how they would live in a new home.

If you are renovating you home, then you should definitely try these best AI home design apps.

In this article, we’ve reviewed free virtual staging apps for home design that you can use to bring your home renovation projects to life. All of these apps are easy to use and allow you to create realistic images of your rooms.

Stager AI Home Virtual Staging

A powerful tool for room planning and decorating. Stager Al Home Virtual Staging is powered by artificial intelligence, making the design process fun and engaging.

Take a picture of a room that needs improvements. After uploading the image, you will be able to use any tools from the control panel. To do this, all you need to do is generate a list of available options. There are various categories, from installing and tearing down walls to buying an antique vase.

Make multiple projects in the same space, and send finished models to friends and family. Digital room layouts can be modified and added to an unlimited number of times. Choose the most successful option and realize it in your apartment or house.

Save your work at any time and continue the process from the right place. You can not only create the house of your dreams, but also significantly improve the quality of photos. Change the color of the sky and the position of the clouds to a promotional brochure.

Take a real photo of the lawn and make the grass lush and colorful. To use extra features, you will need to take out a premium subscription. This is ideal for professional architects and designers.

The app works for free, so you don’t have to spend money on design. Enjoy productive work at home.


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Houzz – Home Design & Remodel

Houzz has been functioning since 2016 and has earned the trust of more than 10 million users. Here you can admire the interiors of family castles, imposing estates, and stylish homes of world celebrities.

If you are in the process of building or planning a house, the app will become a treasure trove of ideas and styles. Many sections contain more than 25 million photos of real rooms. You can take a virtual tour of each of them. Choose your favorite style and enjoy the work of the best designers.

Use the filter system for easy search. Specify the style, room type, and city. Mark your budget limit to be able to estimate every item in the room. Choose from a ready-made list of options that catch your eye. Learn more about the origins and length of the renovation.

Create a personal gallery by storing all the photos that appeal to you in a convenient location. You can compile by style and budget, and add your notes and comments. Houzz helps users search for contacts of the country’s most famous architects.

Ask a question of interest to the author of the project. You can leave a request or contact some of them directly. You will also have access to a database of renovation professionals from your city who have excellent reputations and high reviews.


Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D gives you access to a 3D model of any room. Now you will be able to visually assess whether your desires in the design of the room coincide with the result. Avoid unnecessary financial investments by having a high-quality project at your fingertips.

Build large houses from scratch, working out every stage of construction. Choose a suitable plot of land and start building your ideal home. Decide on the number of floors. If you buy Gold Plus status, the number of floors will be limited only by the functionality of the device.

Artificial intelligence allows you to build walls, and change their thickness and height with a single touch. You need to specify the location of the doors and the number of rooms. The project should meet the needs of all the occupants, so take care of the bathrooms and utility rooms.

Focus your attention on designing and decorating the rooms. The app will make complex details and drawings automatically. In the thematic community, users from different countries share their thoughts and get advice and comments.

This is a great chance to get the opinion of professionals and make your project even better. Use a wide palette to achieve the perfect wallpaper or ceiling paint color. Complete the look of your home with stylish accessories: candeliers with candles, an electric fireplace, and chic drapes.

Use VR to walk around your home and see even the most remote corners.


Room Planner: Home Interior 3D

Room Planner will make it easy for you to find tools and materials for your renovation. If you are in the mood for remodeling but do not know where to start, install this app. Build a digital 3D model of your house, apartment, or room.

Remove old furniture, wallpaper, and appliances with a single tap. A limitless choice of colors, accessories, and furniture from the most popular brands will open up before you. Choose the style that best suits the way you want to work with this room.

Add colors and functional furniture. Make the room cozy with small decorations and artwork. Use the tips so you don’t miss any step in the construction and renovation process.

You can always choose any element from the catalog and find its analog in current stores. It will be easier for you to navigate through a million different products and services.

You can start working on an existing layout or create a new one in a few seconds. Having a digital version of the layout will make it easier for you to calculate the amount of materials needed.

The app is notable for its realism and high-quality visualization. Here you can view the object from different sides, and change its color and size. With a Pro subscription, you will get even more possibilities.


Smart Home Design | Floor Plan

Smart Home Design presents a modern approach to interior design. The app functions based on artificial intelligence, which allows you to leave behind complex programs for professionals.

Everyone can try their hand at creating a stylish room or a whole house for free. The construction of a 3D model will allow you to admire your creation from the inside. Based on the app, you will be able to design the room you would like to see in your home.

The program is also often used by real estate agents and designers who need a visualization of what’s going on. Show clients a digital version of their home. Work out the details and make changes without delay.

Allow future residents to familiarize themselves with the finished home using virtual reality. This will help to adjust the plan in time and gain customer support. The app is designed not to limit you in choosing the color scheme, materials, and details for decoration.

Use the measurements option to find out the exact date of liters of paint, rolls of wallpaper, or measure a piece of furniture. Open the catalog, set up filters, and dive into the variety of options available. You can take a photo from any angle and scale.


Home Designer – Architecture

Learn the secrets of successful architects with Home Design – Architecture. Use this app to design a complete 3D project of your house or apartment. Get the opportunity to experiment with cosmetic renovations. Choose furniture that fits perfectly into the interior.

Layouts of individual rooms, entire floors, and even houses are available to you. Planning and design work takes little time and is simplified to the point where anyone can do it. The app supports the import of projects created earlier on other services.

You are free in your choice: create several separate rooms with strong partitions or make a spacious studio on the whole floor. Try to solve the problem of a small room for several people. Once the construction and remodeling phase is over, move on to the most interesting part.

Interior design includes cosmetic repairs, and selecting furniture and accessories in the same style. 1000+ diverse options in the app’s catalog. Change the color, remove and rearrange them at your discretion.

The finished project can be saved to share with colleagues, customers, or family. You can also take a photo of any part of the house at the desired angle. Home Design – Architecture is perfect for both hobby and professional use.


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Kitchen Design: 3D Planner

Kitchen Design will help you save your family budget and get the kitchen of your dreams. With this app, you will be able to create a project for the kitchen taking into account all wishes.

Now all the dimensions will be as accurate as possible, and you will avoid worrying about the realization of the project. Look at the 3D models to see how the vintage kitchen fits in with the modern kitchen items. Evaluate what style you want to create your new kitchen in.

Open a library of pictures of real kitchens to get a closer look at current designs. In one app, you can cover everything from the color and height of the walls to the size of the countertop and refrigerator niche. Determine the place for the table and arrange the right chairs.

Evaluate the ease of cooking and moving around the room with the furniture you choose. Personalize your kitchen with decorative details. Every detail is calculated and factored into the overall design.

30 minutes of use is free for every new member. You can switch between 2D and 3D models instantly. If something goes wrong, you can always undo the previous action and go back to the original version. If you need to get the final result as quickly as possible, activate the Suggest function.


AI Redesign – Home Design

This is one of the most convenient and effective apps for renovation and design planning. Al Redesign helps you to beautify your house, apartment, or office space. Change the look of the room according to fashion trends and your budget.

A variety of styles are collected in one place: modern, Art Deco, classic, and loft. Combine styles to create new trends. Choose the room you want to decorate today. You may need to remodel first to maximize your living space and move your bathroom to take the place of a closet.

You won’t have to deal with the complicated issues that real architects and designers deal with. No tedious calculations and measurements. Redesign is all about simplicity and a wide range of tools, furniture, and stylish accessories.

Enjoy watching an ordinary room transformed by your creative process. To get a project for any room or office, just take 1 photo. Rearrange furniture, and change wallpaper and flooring in seconds. You will move any furniture with ease.

Always dreamed of a grand piano? Then its time has come. Want to decorate your living room with a decorative fireplace? Choose from hundreds of different models and colors. The app contains free content, but some accessories must be purchased for real money.


Planner 5D: Home Design, Decor

Planner 5D has become one of the biggest projects of the company of the same name. The digital simulation of the repair and design process is created in such a way that everyone can try out their abilities in this field.

You don’t need to have a special education and many years of experience to succeed. You have access to projects of residential premises, cafes, and office centers.

Create a blooming garden in the backyard. Create a recreation area with a swimming pool and a place for barbecues. The first step is to create a project. You can prepare it yourself or choose one of the proposed options.

You have access to a library with many thousands of pictures and reports from the richest and most famous homes. Here you can admire the incredible combination of styles and borrow an idea for yourself.

Next, you will have to decide on the number of floors, rooms, and their location. Think about every meter of the bedroom, kitchen, and new bath. The bedroom will be cozy thanks to the enclosed lighting and soft drapes. The kitchen will be equipped with the most modern appliances.

To get a full-scale picture of your work, go into view mode and take a virtual walk around the property.


Homestyler – Room Realize design

Homestyler will replace several interior design software programs. The app allows you to enjoy the aesthetic look of the premises. Take on the role of an experienced designer who helps clients find their style. Design entire floors in houses.

Create apartments you want to live in. Or upload a photo of a real room and transform it beyond recognition. Arrange furniture to properly zone even a small apartment. Start with the layout and work your way up.

Match the furniture to the color of the floors, and create lighting that is suitable for a cozy evening with your family and a noisy party with friends. You can change the color of the walls and make stretch ceilings, just by clicking on the desired element in the catalog.

The finishing touch is cosmetic repair and the choice of decorations for the room. It can be stylish sconces, soft rugs, and cute accessories.

Create a 3D model of the finished floor or room to see the result from different angles. If you are creating a digital project for your home, you can easily find a similar accessory or piece of furniture in real store catalogs.

Just click on the item and check its availability and price in various stores and online platforms. On the platform, there are major competitions every week in which you can take part for free.


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Interio: House, home design 3D

A simulation game for the development of taste and design skills. Interio offers you to turn into a professional designer, whose job is to design houses and their arrangement. Here you will have to create projects from scratch and repair old mansions.

Your clients are wealthy people who have their preferences. For this, you will need modern tools and a wide range of materials and furniture. The further you advance in the game, the more new tools you will find in the gift boxes.

Turn on your imagination and try to make each room functional and stylish at the same time. Let the house you have created become a masterpiece and a reason for pride. The simulator allows you to not limit yourself in the means.

All the suggested furniture and interior items are always available. This app is much more than just a game. Here you can create an optimal project for yourself. Improve your living conditions with Interio. Show your friends what you have achieved in a short period.

No payment is required to access the content. Check your internet connection for stability before playing. Let your creativity know no limits.

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