7 Legal Subtitles Apps for Android & iOS

The best way to learn another language is to watch movies in the original language. Sometimes it is very difficult to do, especially at the basic level of language learning. Subtitles will help you. It will be easier for you to understand the dialogues with them. You will be able to write out new words and learn them.

Download legal subtitles apps for effective language learning. Legal subtitles apps can also help you create subtitles for your social videos. This will allow you to expand your audience. People from different countries will be able to understand your videos.

There is a lost of the best legal subtitles app for Android and iOS. Try them all or choose only one.

Add Subtitles – Automatic

This app will allow you to legally create subtitles on your social videos. It uses modern automatic voice recognition technology. It can work with video of unlimited length. Select a subtitle language. The app recognizes the original text and qualitatively translates it into other languages.

Subtitles ideally coincide in time with speech. You can create a double subtitle track. Use two languages to expand your audience. You can edit the subtitle text after the app recognizes them. Find mistakes and correct them. The app will give you ideas on which videos to shoot. Save the video to the gallery and share it on your social networks.

Add Subtitles - Automatic Add Subtitles - Automatic Add Subtitles - Automatic

This app has an excellent subtitle editor. You can choose a font and size. Set the subtitles to your liking. The app has intuitive navigation. You can download the ready-done file with subtitles. The app will paste them into the video. You can translate subtitles into other languages directly in the app.

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Get Subtitles

This app allows you to find multi-language subtitles for all your favorite movies and TV shows. Download subtitled files and add them to movies. This app automatically searches for subtitled files on your smartphone. Files work on phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. It is easy to watch movies with subtitles.

The app scans movie files to find the correct subtitles. It inserts subtitles into a movie without time delays. The app has a fast and smart subtitle engine. It has more than 170 different languages. You can start the video player directly through this app.

Get Subtitles Get Subtitles Get Subtitles

If you have any problems, you can always write to technical support. This app has helped over 1 million people find movie subtitles. You can select the internal memory of the phone or the SD card to save subtitles. You will no longer have difficulty watching movies in other languages.


Subtitles Viewer!

This subtitle app syncs with a smart TV. You can easily watch your favorite movies in the original with subtitles. This app is great for anyone who has a home cinema. This app is also suitable for the deaf community. The app has more than 100 languages. You can find subtitles for almost any movie.

Subtitles Viewer! Subtitles Viewer! Subtitles Viewer!

The app has a nice design. You will like the black interface. The navigation of the app is intuitive. It scans the movie file and finds the correct subtitles. Scanning doesn’t take much time. Subtitles are downloaded from a huge database. You can add your subtitles to the app to increase the database of the community.

Subtitles for Movies & TV Series

If you are studying a foreign language, this app will help you do it more efficiently. Download subtitles for your favorite movies, talk shows, and TV shows. You will quickly learn the language and improve listening. The app has a large collection of subtitles for media files. Look for subtitles for specific files.

Subtitles for Movies & TV Series Subtitles for Movies & TV Series Subtitles for Movies & TV Series

Enter the name of the movie and the app will find all matches. Insert subtitles into the movie and enjoy watching. You can also share subtitles with your friends right from the app. The app scans your device to search for media files. Don’t be afraid of your personal information. The app has been downloaded over 500 thousand times.


MixCaptions: Video Subtitles

If you are a blogger then you need this app. It will allow you to increase your views. Add subtitles to your video so that foreigners can watch it. You can add subtitles to videos for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Just one click of a button and the app will automatically create subtitles. The process of creating subtitles is very fast.

Many people watch videos without sound. Most social networks also automatically play video without sound. Add subtitles to interest viewers. Subtitles will allow your viewers to be interested and come back for new videos. Many bloggers use this app as the final step in video processing.

MixCaptions: Video Subtitles MixCaptions: Video Subtitles MixCaptions: Video Subtitles

The app can add subtitles even in 10-minute videos. Edit the text of subtitles for more accuracy. Select a place for subtitles. There are 3 options: at the bottom, in the middle, and at the top. The app supports 23 languages. Select a personalized font, color, and text size. You can also add funny pictures to the video.

Subbr Free: Subtitle Editor

This app will allow you to convert and edit subtitles. Download it and you will no longer need a computer to add subtitles to the video. The app automatically fixes errors in the subtitles. Just one click and the app will add subtitles. You can watch any movie with subtitles.

Subbr Free: Subtitle Editor Subbr Free: Subtitle Editor Subbr Free: Subtitle Editor

This app is great for language learners. You can find subtitles for any series. The design of the app is simple. The interface is modern and intuitive. It has been downloaded over 100 thousand times. Developers continue to add innovations to the app and update it.


Easy Subtitles

Some videos don’t have built-in subtitles. You can fix this problem. Download this app and you will get access to thousands of files with subtitles. It supports several file formats. This makes the app convenient for bloggers and language learners. You can edit the subtitle text directly in the app.

Easy Subtitles Easy Subtitles

Choose a font and text size. You can use this app to create subtitles on your YouTube video. The app has a smart voice recognition program. You can search for subtitles for movies and also create new ones. You will easily learn how to use this app. It has an intuitive interface. The app has been downloaded over 500 thousand times.


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