7 Free Memory Cleaners for Mac


Nowadays it is difficult to overestimate the influence of computers on our lives. Now almost every family has at least one Mac, which is used for work, school, or just entertainment. But for all its tasks, you need fast work and free space on the device itself. But what if the memory space is full? … Read more

7 Best Terminal Emulator Apps For Mac

Terminal for Mac is an awesome program that meets all requirements and does a great job. Yet, there are also excellent analogs that are even superior to the original and have extra useful functions. Here we have reviewed the best Terminal emulator apps for Mac. Try them all or choose the one that perfectly fits … Read more

11 Best Free Resume Maker Apps

best free resume maker apps

Some say that resumes are dead and social media is all that matters. But practice shows that recruiters still look through resumes, and pick candidates according to them. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best free resume-maker apps that let you make a CV in a few minutes. These apps let you use … Read more