7 Best Terminal Emulator Apps For Mac

Terminal for Mac is an awesome program that meets all requirements and does a great job. Yet, there are also excellent analogs that are even superior to the original and have extra useful functions.

Here we have reviewed the best Terminal emulator apps for Mac. Try them all or choose the one that perfectly fits all your needs.

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ZOC is a program with a unique terminal emulator that has a good interface and clear settings. No wonder the app is so popular because it is a reliable tool that performs all its functions.

You’ll be able to access hosts with many symbols here. Use the app to connect your devices to the internet, to your laptop.

ZOC includes a lot of useful features. There is a scripting language with many commands and you will be able to track the commands that you execute. Thus, it will be easy to find all the accounts. Moreover, you will be able to send all the necessary SCP, FTPS, and many other files.

It is worth mentioning that ZOC is an excellent substitute for many software. Enter certain text into the system, and use the scroll buffer. Take full advantage of the app, move window tabs around, and color-code some elements depending on the host.

Besides, there is a handy keyboard for typing in a comfortable way. Learn the system and figure out what button is responsible for what. Connect entries to your phonebook, tracking scripts, and scroll through custom buttons.

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MacTerm is a program for various configuration variations with a terminal emulator. This app has a wide range of features. If you are looking for a similar app, MacTerm will satisfy you.

You will have access to the keyboard, a lot of extra commands, Unicode, and much more. The app has the clearest possible controls that new users will understand.

Besides, you will be able to use the program for your own purposes while learning new things about shortcuts, search strings, and graphs. Watch and learn the structure of floating windows.

Have full access to extraneous apps with MacTerm for Mac. Receive notifications from the app immediately to your smartphone. Master the settings system and various dispatchers. The app is one of the best among its few competitors for provisioning.

PowerTerm InterConnect

PowerTerm InterConnect is a powerful software for extending legacy systems. Have you been looking for such an app with Ericom terminal emulation? If so, install PowerTerm InterConnect, it certainly won’t disappoint.

This program is one of the best among the few analogs that you can easily install on your computer with a small memory reserve. You will be able to use all the features of the app and replace the built-in terminal.

There is a single emulator and access to a variety of hosts. Besides, use the developed functions of dragging and dropping the keyboard. Set your choice of color on the buttons, and adjust the font.

There are a lot of tools for working with text in addition to the above. Save pages properly, and write interesting scripts. Enjoy the PowerTerm InterConnect experience.


iTerm is the latest terminal emulator with all the features for comfortable use. This app is suitable both for professionals and beginners. Here you can actively work with all tabs and preset commands.

Use the special buttons for a faster pace of work. Thus, by downloading iTerm you can take advantage of a large arsenal of interesting features. The app is suitable for all computers, replacing the usual Terminal. You can divide tabs in an easy way, move them in a convenient way, and use the necessary panels.

Besides, you will have the opportunity to configure the keyboard completely, convenient for you. Edit text by copying and pasting your selections. What’s more, save files and upload them to disk so you don’t lose what’s important. Make the necessary reports in extra adjuncts like Vim and Emacs, it’s very handy.

iTerm can run in the background. Be sure to turn on notifications so that you see all missed messages and calls in time. It’s worth noting that you’ll be able to securely store your tails and use the tab search bar without any problems.

Create your account to use and come up with a secure password. All smiley characters are supported by the system, use them unlimitedly. Download the app, open files, create projects and look at all the features, of which there are tons.

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Kitty is a program that allows you to use a laptop terminal emulator. The program works smoothly and does not lag, a special video card saves from processor overload.

Together with such a wonderful program, you will be able to share sessions and window locations. You can quickly launch the necessary extraneous apps, as well as deal with documents.

If you’re good with a keyboard, Kitty is for you. Carry out all the actions by pressing certain buttons or by clicking a computer mouse. The control system is simple, so every new user has no problem figuring out how it works.

The app supports all the features of the terminal. It is easy to format text, choose fonts, underline the inscriptions in different colors to your liking, etc. Keep an eye on rendering.

It’s worth noting that when you work in the program, you will be able to open an extra tab in the window. Install Kitty and enjoy using it.


The amazing MacWise app will give you the ability to use the best Mac Terminal emulator through a computer that has the Internet. This kind of emulator supports all modern requests.

With MacWise you can achieve interesting texts by design, editing the font, and underlining words in different colors. Moreover, the program includes contact tracking through the phone book, as well as connecting to the app at once from many devices. Use page scrolling to see all the data you need.

It’s worth noting that MacWise remembers the last 50 pages you’ve scrolled through, which you can easily return to as needed. The app is endowed with a lot of features, for example, you will be able to use many windows and switch between hosts at once.

If you wish, you will be able to make the windows transparent in the settings for comfortable use of the emulator. By the way, the system in the app is perfectly optimized, this allows you to download large files and learn more information.

Familiarize yourself with keyboard keys and print so that you don’t have trouble switching anything. Download MacWise and recommend it to your friends.

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Byobu is a text manager with the best terminal emulator. The app has a convenient keyboard connection and good settings with many features that you can enable or disable.

Using the program, you will be able to log in to several apps at the same time, connecting to a session. It is worth noting that Byobu can work in the background, which makes it very easy to switch from one running window to another.

The program was originally created to improve the functionality of the distribution. At the moment Byobu gives you all the features you need for linking accounts, setting notifications, and so on.

The interface here is as clear as possible, set up your profile and get to work. Don’t forget to set up system alerts for GNU. This Byobu app is made for quality software. Take full advantage and enjoy the process.

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