11 Best tape measure apps for Android & iOS

Ideas for decoration of an apartment, changes in the interior or even some construction projects come to our mind all of a sudden. At such moments, it is unlikely that you have a roulette or other measuring instrument at your fingertips.

Perhaps you do not even have anything like this – often roulette and huge rulers have only people who are self-repairing or their hobbies require such tools. Sometimes there are large spaces that are difficult to measure even with a tape measure.

In this case, you will like the applications that will turn your smartphone into a real measuring tape. Want to know the size of your room? Easy! Wonder how big your computer desk or even your notebook is for homework? In a matter of moments, you’ll get information from your smartphone. We’ve found 11 of the best apps for you that turn your smartphone into a roulette.

Tape Measure – Measure with your phone

tape measureNeed a mobile and quickly accessible tool to measure all things around you? Then this application will definitely satisfy all your needs. Developers didn’t limit themselves to roulette alone and added many other features to Tape Measure.

So, in addition to tape, you can use a level – a bubble tool that helps you determine if the part is level. This can be especially useful when you’re hanging pictures, shelves or attaching something to a wall. Even attaching a hook to your clothes requires an even position!

Tape Measure is loved by many designers and professionals in interior design and real estate, as you don’t just measure the area and parameters of objects. You are also able to build a floor plan as quickly and easily as you can.

When you purchase a PRO subscription, the app gives you access to all of its tools. Before purchasing, you can try out all the functions in the trial mode.

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EasyMeasure – Measure with your Camera

easymeasureWhen you want to know the distance to a piece of furniture, your height or the parameters of a sufficiently large piece of furniture, you can use the EasyMeasure app for this purpose.

The app will tell you how far away you are from the objects that are visible through your smartphone camera. You’ll even see the measurement process – the screen will display a 3D grid of space.

This is possible because many modern cameras can automatically detect AR. EasyMeasure will determine the angle you’re holding the phone at, and that will give you a more accurate result.

The use of AR technology is a virtual reality in which everything has certain dimensions and distances. The developers understand that the data cannot be extremely accurate and indicate the measurement error.

Also EasyMeasure can work in different units of measurement – in settings it is possible to choose metric or imperial units. If necessary, you can use the user manual to understand how to get the most accurate results possible with just a smartphone and EasyMeasure camera.

easymeasure2 easymeasure1


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Ruler by NixGame

rulerFrom time to time it is necessary to present several units of measurement at once. If you are weak in math or just used to using only one measurement system, Ruler can help you and convert all the data into the units you need. You can even determine the thread pitch of objects.

Ruler puts your smartphone’s measurement scale – a ruler – on your screen. It measures items accurately and easily – even if you’ve only used a regular ruler before. The length can be measured on both sides of the device, but you have to hold it in place.

All measurements can be made in 4 basic modes – plane, line, level and point. Of course, you can measure objects simply by putting them on the screen, but it is more convenient to bring your smartphone to the object of interest.

By the way, it is also worth noting that Ruler works in 15 languages – unlike other applications that work only in English. Easily start your measurements – just touch the screen and start the process!

ruler2 ruler1


Ruler App – Measure length in inches + centimeters

rulerappThe Ruler App – Measure length will become your personalized ruler on your smartphone screen. The interface is simple and fast, minimalist and feature-rich.

You can choose the measurement system right away – the Ruler App has basic imperial and metric units of measurement. The app is easy to use on both your smartphone and tablet – only the scale and size of the ruler will change.

In case you notice that the changes are inaccurate, you can calibrate the Ruler App. This is done using a standard real-world ruler – point the camera at it and adjust the values so that the dimensions on the screen and in life coincide.

It’s also worth noting that you won’t lose your measurement results – the entire history is stored in the app. It is also possible to copy and paste the data immediately after the measurement into another application – if you need to pass the parameters to someone else.

The Ruler App – Measure length will always be in your pocket and you can easily measure the size of all the items you are interested in. The app is very simple, yet useful and functional.

rulerapp2 rulerapp1


Ruler App – Camera Tape Measure

camera tape measureYou may have already realized that many of the applications presented in this article will use ARCore technology. The augmented reality perfectly defines the surface planes and the application measures their parameters. Measurements are made by taking pictures or simply pointing the camera at a subject – this is how the data will be displayed on your smartphone screen.

You can use the Ruler App as a ruler. If other apps don’t guarantee you accurate data, this service will give you the accuracy you need. This is because the Ruler App requires some “basic” items, the dimensions of which are standard around the world and known to the application. For example, one such item is a credit card, which is available to almost all people.

To measure, you need to place the item you want to measure and the item that is standard for an application in one plane. Adjust the limiters for both things so that it is possible to determine the scale and location.

Measurements are available in several measurement systems – meters, feet, ides, and so on. In addition to the dimensions, it will be possible to calculate the angles as well as the area and perimeter.

camera tape measure1 camera tape measure2


AirMeasure – AR Tape Measure & Ruler

airmeasureHave you ever seen a movie about superheroes or secret agents? Usually they always have glasses or binoculars that represent the space around them in the form of a grid or laser beams.

That’s what the AirMeasure app does – it’s the way you’ll see the world through the eyes of a secret agent. Augmented reality is available even on your smartphone.

The smartphone in your pocket becomes a virtual ruler. Want to know what size your desk is? Are you looking for a new sofa to fit in your apartment? Just “shoot” into space with AirMeasure.

When you launch the application you’ll see the space provided by the virtual reality. All that remains is to point the cursor at the subject of interest. AirMeasure will work on your smartphone as long as your device supports AR technology.

Now you’ll never be in a situation without a roulette or ruler! By the way, if you’ve used ARCore before, it’s worth knowing that AirMeasure is its beta version.

airmeasure2 airmeasure1


Moasure – the smart tape measure

moasureSome applications are easy to use even for professionals. Moasure is one of those services – even the builders have positive feedback. The app can be seen as a serious tool for measuring buildings, distances and more – you can use a roulette that is up to 300 metres long.

To start measuring, you need to start moving from one side of the building to the other, for example, or you need to take measurements right next to you. Moasure works precisely within the range of 10 to 300 metres.

Note that the application not only has a tape measure in its arsenal, but also a protractor and a goniometer. You won’t need to take pictures, take your own measurements or use a laser pointer.

Moasure can measure space even if there are obstacles in the way and also if the surface is uneven and curved. All readings are marked and can be sent by post or SMS. You can count on the amazing accuracy of the measurements.

Moasure’s errors range from 1 to 3%, and for angles less than 1 degree. If the accuracy of the measurements drops, the application will give you a beep. The only disadvantage is that it is not available on all devices.

moasure2 moasure1


AR Plan 3D Ruler – Camera to Plan

ar plan 3d rulerAre you planning some kind of relocation plan or real renovation in your apartment? Looking for a suitable house and walking around a lot of objects, but can’t remember them all? Then try AR Plan 3D Ruler next time.

This application is a real innovation in the world of measurement services. Instead of a tape measure, you use a virtual ruler to make all the necessary measurements to create a 3D room plan.

So what’s so innovative about AR Plan 3D Ruler? First of all, of course, the application measures the perimeter and floor area, so you get a room plan. As a result of these measurements, you get a classic plan of the rooms – a view of them from above.

Secondly, AR Plan 3D Ruler measures the height of walls, as well as memorizes the location and size of windows and doors. Besides the classical 2D plan in the form of a projection of a view from above, the lateral plan or a scan of walls is accessible to you.

The measurements are saved, and you can easily send ready-made room plans by e-mail. AR Plan 3D Ruler lets you determine if and how comfortable this space is for you.

ar plan 3d ruler2 ar plan 3d ruler1


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CamToPlan – AR tape measure

camtoplanAre you having trouble using a laser meter? Getting used to the traditional way of measuring and don’t want to change anything? To avoid carrying the ruler with you, you can put it in your smartphone. CamToPlan can be used for both professional and personal use – you can measure everything – length, distance, surface area.

All of the measurements you make will be immediately added to the file. You can export them to PNG, PDF or DXF format in just a few seconds. Measurements are made using ARKit technology and use all the sensors on your smartphone – such as an accelerometer, for example.

The application analyzes the image from the phone’s camera and gives details of the image parameters. CamToPlan also determines the angle at which you hold your smartphone. Measurement is available both horizontally and vertically, and there is no need to clean the furniture for use in the room.

Maximum accuracy is ensured by your approach to the object, although the developers warn that there is no guarantee of accuracy. All these features are available to you in the Premium version, while the standard version has limited functionality. Try CamToPlan and you may want to purchase a subscription.

camtoplan2 camtoplan1


Tape Measure Camera Ruler AR

tape measure camera ruler arDid you ever think that you would be able to know exactly the distance to each object that is in your field of vision? Do you want to surprise your friends by telling them how high the nearby buildings are or how wide the wall is? Tape Measure Camera can provide you with all this data by superimposing dimensions and distances on 3D images.

If you’re a builder, architect or real estate agent, you’ll be able to use the app without having to carry the tape measure with you at all times. Quick measurements will not slow down your workflow, while providing all the necessary metrics.

Of course, if you’re using Tape Measure Camera for accurate calculations and drawings, it’s still best to use a true ruler – the service may have an error. Sure, you can choose the right measurement system, but there are a few nuances to the job.

In the free version you have limited measurements, as well as a small amount of advertising – so if you are irritated by advertising banners, we recommend you to buy the Pro version. There you will be able to measure the area, the distance to the camera, as well as will be disabled ads.

tape measure camera ruler ar2 tape measure camera ruler ar1


AR Ruler App

The AR Ruler App is a program that uses augmented reality technology to measure various objects using your smartphone camera.

It allows you to calculate linear dimensions in centimeters, meters, millimeters, or inches.

It is also possible to calculate angles on 3D planes, area, perimeter, volume, and height of objects.

AR Ruler can also be used as a rangefinder to estimate distances from the mobile device camera to a specific point on a plane.

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Of course, we can’t say that all these applications will give you accurate dimensional data – to the nearest millimeter. No, you should keep in mind that all the data are estimates and will not replace the real tools.

If you need to know the exact figures – for example, for a professional job – it’s best to use the standard measurement method. And such applications will simply make your life easier and also be useful in your daily life and shopping.

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