12 Best TOEFL Preparation Apps for Android & iOS

Have you ever been wondering if it’s possible to prepare for your upcoming TOEFL exam on your mobile phone? The answer is yes!

Are you good at computer technologies? If so, then try to pass CISSP exam. Use these apps to prepare for it.

It is well-known that you need to cover lots of sciences and themes to pass a TOEFL exam and it is quite challenging to not get lost in it. The good news is there are lots of TOEFL preparation apps for both Android and iOS that provides you with study materials and essay examples. Most of these apps also include a training section that allows you to experience the atmosphere of a real examination.

Here’s the list of the best apps that category that definitely worth your time. Have a look!

Magoosh: TOEFL Speaking & English Learning

Let’s start with an app called Magoosh: TOEFL Speaking & English Learning. As you can see by the title, this app is developed by a company that is widely known for its educational and training services.

This app is made to ease your studying and inspire you to prepare by making small steps every day. The app starts with a short introduction vid that tells you what TOEFL is and how you’d better plan your studying.

The app also shows you the format of this test and gives you entrance to a huge library of study materials.

In addition to that, the app includes detailed instructions and tutorials on how to write introductions and other parts of an essay. Moreover, the app also includes reading and listening segments and even speaking. There’s also a whole category of hacks and tricks on how to study for TOEFL and even some advice on how you should behave.

Besides, if you prefer to watch study videos there are hundreds of them in different categories. However, some vids are only accessible for premium accounts but you can have free access to them for a week.

In the long run, Magoosh: TOEFL Speaking & English Learning is a useful study app that definitely worth your attention. Try it now, you won’t be disappointed!


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TOEFL® Test Pro

TOEFL Test Pro 2019 is another app that was developed to make you study for your exams using your mobile.

Let’s consider the pros and cons of this app. First of all, this app is a full-on prep service that has everything you might need for your TOEFL.

To be more accurate, this service provides you with flashcards and quizzes that you can use for your training. All of them also have time limits so you can feel yourself on a real board.

Besides, the app tracks and rates your prep level based on your strong points and weaknesses. It also points to all your weaknesses in the individual section so you can see everything you need to redo in one place. Moreover, after every training examination, the app points out the result you might take on TOEFL.

Speaking about the number of questions this service includes, there are more than three thousand cards written by the experts. There are also lots of articles and tutorials available for offline mode so you can even study without an Internet connection.

However, the app works with subscription packs but there are two types of it — for $5 and $7.

To crown it all, is you need a multiuse service for full-on board prep, TOEFL Test Pro 2019 is an accurate app selection for you. Have a look!


TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards

The next app on our list is called TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards. As its name assumes, this app includes a huge library of flashcards that can help you to memorize some vocabulary for TOEFL.

The best thing about this app is the fact that it was made in collaboration with working tutors and experts so the cards you see are not random.

Besides, this app is only made for you to examine your abilities and see your weaknesses and strong points. The themes of the cards are also constantly updating and developers add a few new ones every month.

In addition to that, this app split into sections according to the subject and the type of vocabulary you want to train. You can also search by a particular card or try a random mode.

This service also rates your abilities and changes your training program according to it. In other words, the app analyses your results and makes you redo your mistakes all over again before you’ll know the right answer.

Apart from that, every mistake you make will be details explained to you so you can learn about your faults. The app also saves your history so you can track how you’ve grown.

Furthermore, you can sync your account with several devices and all of them will know your learning history, your goals, and mistakes.

In the long run, if you want to train and test your board arrangement level, TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards is a worthy selection for you. Try it now!


MosaLingua – TOEFL® Test Prep

The MosaLingua app will help you maximize your score on the TOEFL exam. This service emphasizes your attention to advanced vocabulary.

Here you will have access to all the tools to quickly memorize new words. Each is accompanied by a detailed and clear definition and synonyms.

You will see an example sentence in which the selected word is used. Listen to the correct pronunciation recorded by a native speaker.

Among the learning modes, this app offers practice, writing, reading, speaking, and repetition. Moreover, you can add your own words to the app for further learning.


TOEFL Prep & Practice from Magoosh

TOEFL Prep & Practice from Magoosh is another service from the company that is well-known for its educational services for all types of boards.

This particular app includes both study and training sections that will help you to get ready for your TOEFL.

The main thing you need to know about this service its huge library of video tutorials made by the best teachers and tutors.

Apart from videos, there are also lots of other study materials such as articles, books and even audio versions of these books that you can listen to on the go.

For now, there are a few thousand video tutorials that include all the themes and topics that you can get on your examination. Moreover, the app builds individual training schemes for each user according to your goals and mistakes.

What is more, the service also equips you with lifehacks and tips on how to behave on the boards and how to calm down your emotions or panic. Apart from various learning materials the app also has a training sector with more than two thousand vocabulary cards and quizzes you can pass to examine your abilities.

All the quizzes you take in the app have time limits so you can feel the atmosphere of the real-life exam.

In the long run, if you’re planning serious preparation for the TOEFL exam, the TOEFL Prep & Practice from Magoosh app definitely worth your attention. Try it now!


TOEFL vocabulary flashcards – words and practice

TOEFL vocabulary flashcards

TOEFL vocabulary flashcards – words and practice is another educational application that will help you to get ready for your boards.

In the first place, this app includes about two thousand cards in different categories such as vocabulary and reading. You can even make your own cards and your personal prep technique.

It needs to be said, these are not just some random cards in this app, all of them were made by the experts. Besides, the library of cards gets weekly updates so you won’t miss anything important.

In addition to that, this app split into segments based on the theme and after going through all the sections you can be sure you’ll do great on your TOEFL. Besides, the app rates your results and even predicts the score you can possibly get on the exam.

The service also works with your mistakes and strong points so the question you have problems with will appear several times before you understand it. That way you can basically learn from your mistakes.

Apart from that, when you make an error the app will give you a detailed description so you will learn on your faults.

In the long run, TOEFL vocabulary flashcards – words and practice is a nice app that will make you learn in training. Try it now!


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TOEFL iBT Preparation by Eslhub

As its name supposes, TOEFL iBT Preparation by Eslhub is another platform made to ease and improve your TOEFL prep.

The main thing that makes this app stand out is the fact that it includes thousands of different words that you can study for free. What is more, there are various types of preparation techniques that you can test out to not get bored with studying.

To be more accurate, you can try regular tests, vocabulary cards, and vocabulary tests.

There’s also a quiz that imitates the real TOEFL exam including time limits so you can fully experience the atmosphere. In addition to that, every mistake you make will be marked and you will get a detailed explanation of the answer.

The service also saves your results in your personal history and sends you graphs with your scores and progress. Moreover, the app changes the tests and cards you get in a random mode according to your strong points and mistakes.

In addition to that, the app provides you with lots of educational articles, video lessons and even short advises the will pop up on your screen from time to time. There will also be short exercises that you can quickly read on the go.

In the long run, the TOEFL iBT Preparation by Eslhub app is a beneficial education service that definitely worth your attention. Try it now!


TestGlider: TOEFL prep

The TestGlider app is perfect for TOEFL preparation. The main advantage of this service is the ability to know your results and progress instantly.

AI-grader analyzes your answers in just 2 minutes. Get study tips by taking a general test on all sections. You can also choose tests on narrow topics.

Sign up for extra realistic tests for free, for which you will receive grades.


Reading – TOEFL

Reading - TOEFL2

This app is designed for users who are preparing for a language exam and are looking for a high TOEFL score in the Reading part. The app is completely free and includes a large pool of questions, practice tests.

With Reading – TOEFL ® Preparation Tests, the user’s vocabulary margin will increase markedly, which will increase the chance to pass the exam for a higher score.

The big advantage of the app is offline access to tasks. The user can continue his preparation for the exam anywhere and anytime. Once the test is complete, the score count is displayed.

In this section of the exam, the correct answers are already predetermined, so the final score is put up without the participation of a person.

Thanks to this app, the user will be ready for all tasks of the reading section: checking vocabulary, inserting sentences, summarizing, and so on. Reading – TOEFL ® Preparation Tests has a user-friendly design and optimized for various devices.


TOEFL Exam Preparation by Youth4work

This app will help you improve your English reading and grammar skills. These skills will help you to pass the TOEFL.

You will have access to practice tests that include questions from all sections of English language learning. You can also choose sections on narrow topics to sharpen your skills in grammar or reading.

View progress reports. Connect with other users in the forum, where you can exchange tips for exam preparation.


TOEFL Practice Test, TOEFL Preparation

TOEFL Practice Test2

TOEFL Practice Test, TOEFL Preparation is an app that is designed to prepare for TOEFL exams. You do not need to know the language at a high level to use the app.

It has different levels of training: initial, intermediate, advanced and higher levels.

The app allows you to comprehensively prepare for the exam: reading, auditing, speech and writing. All these preparatory tests will help users in the future get a high score on the TOEFL iBT exam.

To prepare for the reading part, the app has a large selection of trial tests, answers to them and detailed explanations. To successfully pass the audit, audio tracks with scenes and also answers with analysis are presented.

Various videos will help users improve their conversational skills. For the written part, users will be offered a large set of the most common idioms and phrases.

The advantage of the app is the presence of an academic English dictionary. It is built into test tasks and allows you to translate any word during the test and in a web browser. The app interface is simple, bright and understandable. There are many illustrations in the app that help you navigate the app faster.


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Allen TOEFL2

Allen TOEFL is a full-featured application developed to boost English skills and properly prepare for the TOEFL exam.

The app includes a unique methodology combining grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, and reading exercises.

Due to this tool, you will gain access to the following topics: Basic English, Advanced English, Travel English, Business English, English Grammar, etc.

Plus, the developer provides regular updates of new courses and useful materials.

You can pass an unlimited amount of TOEFL tests and keep track of your performance. Users can also check the past TOEFL questions. Lastly, you will get a detailed description of all the right answers.

If you want, you can always retake the entire test several times or you can also take missed questions once again. Additionally, tap on the favorite button to check the questions later.

Moving on, the app enables users to select the subjects they want to study. This means that they can choose a particular number of questions selected from the subject areas, a combination of the subjects, or individual subjects.

We have to warn you that this application comes with a 3-day free trial, but you can also purchase the paid version at a quite accessible price.

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