9 Free Silly Face Apps for Android & iOS

Are you the type of person who enjoys laughing at yourself? Then keep reading this article!

There are lots of free silly face apps for Android and iOS that can cordially modify your face in a humorous way. These apps empower you to warp your face as you want. bloat it, stretch it, and make all other deformation your soul desires. Some of these apps even work with vids and can turn your voice funny as well.

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Here’s the list of 9 best apps that category that worth your time. Have a look!

Face Warp – Funny Photo Editor

Face Wrap

Let’s start with an app called Face Warp. This is an app that empowers you to make lots of fun stuff with your selfies.

The main aim of this app is to show you how cool it is to make fun of yourself. That’s why it grants you to do the craziest stuff with your pics. Frankly speaking, the app only has one instrument — the face warp — but it can cope with everything you can imagine.

Herewith, there are several brush types you can use to deformation your appearance — the warp brush itself, then pinch one, the bloat one, and the pixel one. Those brushes can spin some parts of your face, make the other ones smaller or bigger, distort something, and so on.

Furthermore, you can settle the size of each brush and view how the pic looked before you used it. You can also use an auto mode that warps your pic in a random way. And you can zoom the pic for detailed deformation. Besides, there is no face recognition tech in this app so you can not only use it with selfies.

Face Wrap1 Face Wrap2


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Banuba – Live Face Filters & Funny Video Effects


Banuba is an app that has a huge compilation of various live face masks that you can try.

The app covers multiple masks of all the themes you can imagine. There are beauty masks, celebs ones, animal ones, and so on. Plus, there are dozens of masks that make your face look incredibly funny. The amount of mask is constantly renewing so you’ll never run out of material.

On top of that, you not only get to take pics with silly faces but you can also record short vids. There are also lots of masks that randomly warp your face by making you look absolutely hilarious. Therewith, some of the masks come with voice changing options and can make you sound like you’re a child or a cartoon character.

Furthermore, some masks have a couple of options within them and you’ll need to tap on the screen to view them all. All the masks are nicely made, and they look great on faces — no smudges and creepy looks. You can also save the masks you like to your faves to reach them quickly the next time.

Banuba1 Banuba2


Facelab – Face Editor & Beauty


Facelab is an app that can cope with all types of selfie modifications you can imagine.

This app is not fully dedicated to the joke effects and stuff so there are also instruments that can make your pics outstanding. These instruments can reshape and resize your nose, eyes, lips, and your whole face in general. Plus, there are some basic tools for brightness correction and all that.

The rick here is — you can use all the same reshaping instruments to make yourself look absolutely hilarious. Once you’ll deal with that you can add some spice to your pics. In fact, you can use various stickers as accents and even try the 3D pick filter. The app is free and there are no instruments that require payment with cash.

Herewith, the app also has a compilation of face masks you can try. For example, there’s a mask that will show you how you’ll look in old age. And there’s another mask that turns you into a baby. All the masks look quite nice and don’t low down the quality of the app.

Facelab 1 Facelab 2


Funny Face Effects

funny face effectsAs its name suggests, Funny Face Effects is an app that will make you look silly on selfies.

This app is fully dedicated to the funny face modifications and it’s one of the best in its genre (no surprise it has more than 10 million downloads). The app covers various funny effects such as face warps, arms stretch, ad lots of other hilarious distorts.

More by token, the app can not only work with pics — it can actually turn your pics into gifs. This is how it works — you make the warps on any parts of your body you want and the app animates these parts. It looks very funny and you can post it directly at your insta if you want.

Herewith, the app empowers you to warp thee pics from your camera roll or take new ones with its own built-in cam. There are also some makes that make you look fat or makes your eyes extremely big. In case you want to settle any of the instruments you’ve used you can use the eraser brush for that.

funny face effects 1 funny face effects2


Crazy Helium Funny Face Editor

Crazy HeliumCrazy Helium is an app that covers tons of instruments that can deformation your face in a funny way.

The coolest thing about this app is that you can not only take pics with it — you can record the funniest short vids ever. There are multiple masks that war your face or make you look like a movie character. Of course, there are some cute masks as well, but we’re not here for that, right?

Some of the masks can even make you sound like a completely different person. As its name supposes, lots of masks make you sound as if you’ve inhaled helium. Plus, there are masks that imitate the voice of Pennywise and other famous characters. Herewith, some masks can work on to or more faces so you can have fun with your buddies.

Furthermore, you can pick a song from the app’s compilation and lip-sync along with it on a video. Once the vid is recorded you can speed up or slow done your voice. You can even mix layer masks on each other to get the outstanding effects.

Crazy Helium 1 Crazy Helium 2


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Face Changer

face changerFace Changer is an app which’s main aim is to make you laugh on yourself. The app has a huge compilation of interesting masks and stickers you can try. The first funny tool that went viral these days is face swap. It empowers you to practically switch faces with your friend or any other person you wan.

Frankly speaking, you can not only swap faces with people — it can be animals, animated heroes, and whatever else your heart desires. Next, there’s a morph face instrument that empowers you to reshape your face. This tool actually gives you absolute freedom of action. Thus, you can make your face look skinny, fat, make your eye or nose gigantic, or make yourself look like a monster.

On top of that, the app has tons of individual face parts you can put on your face. It might sound creepy but it’s actually just stickers — and there are more than 600 of them. These parts can be some crazy-looking werewolf eyes, leprechaun ears, scars, and so on. There are also dozens of accessories like glasses, beards, and more.

face changer 1 face changer 2


YouCam Fun – Snap Live Selfie Filters

YouCam Fun

YouCam Fun is an app that can make you look hilarious on pics.

This app has a massive collection of masks and stickers you can put on your pics to make them look funny. Let’s start with the masks, shall we? So there are tons of masks you can try on your face in live mode. Therewith, you can not only take pics but also record short vids with the masks on.

All the masks come in themed sets — the animal face ones, the warp funny ones, the beautiful ones, the horror ones, and more. There are also masks that can work on more than two faces so you can try them with your mates. Plus, some masks come with sound effects that make you sound unusual (in most cases you will sound like you’ve inhaled helium).

As for the stickers, there are hundreds of them and some are even motioned. The stickers can be face parts of some magical creatures, accessories, quotes, drawings, and much more. Besides, there are new thematic ones are being added each holiday.

YouCam Fun 1 YouCam Fun 2


Photo Warp

photo warpAs you can guess by the title, Photo Warp is an app that makes funny deformations with your face on pics. Although the app can make you laugh so hard it doesn’t have that many instruments. All you can do here is to tap on your pic and then drag your finger around as you want. Therewith, you can stretch some parts of your face, spin them around, bloat or make them smaller.

You can also zoom your pic for more detailed deformations. Thereby, you can easily undo any warps you’ve made and even erase particular parts of it. Besides, the app also has basic correcting instruments that can make your pic look brighter. The app doesn’t have a face recognition tool so you can not only use it with selfies.

Plus, the app can even make gifs out of your shots. This is how it works — you make any warp you want with your face. Then the app animates this part, and boom — you got your gif. You can also post indirectly on your insta if you want.

photo warp 1 photo warp 2


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Funny Video Maker – JokeFaces


And lastly, JokeFaces is a fun app that empowers you to make hilarious vids.

The effect the app gives you vent viral recently so it’s a must one to try. What this app does is it swaps any face on the video with your face. It looks incredibly funny with all kinds of music clips and movie scenes cause the audio remains the same.

It needs to be said, there are no restrictions for putting your face on the vids — it can be anyone even your cat. The app has a compilation of thematic vis you can rise as a base for those. These vids can be birthday and wedding cards, or even a declaration of love. However, there are lots of other vids that will make you laugh so hard.

You can also save the shots of the vids if you want. In case you don’t really need the sound of th vid you can save it as a gif. Plus, all the outcomes have a high quality so no worries about that. You can also share the vids anywhere directly from the app.

JokeFaces 1 JokeFaces 2


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