15 Best Tennis Game Apps for iPhone and Android

Tennis historically was a sport for aristocrats and rich people. A hundred years later it became an Olympic sport and now it is one of the loveliest sport in the world. If you are a real fan of tennis, you exactly know who is the first racket of the world now, when will the Davis Cup start, this post is for you.

Whether you are a beginner or just observer, you also will be able to be a part of the world of tennis, become a member of the world’s famous tournaments and get the most prestigious awards!

Of course, I can’t turn you into Rodger Federer, Andrew Murray, or  Caroline Wozniacki, but I can provide you 15 best tennis apps for iPhone and Android.

This collection will present you with the best applications for playing tennis wherever and whenever you want because they will be launched on your iPhone or Android.

It is very convenient and useful, especially if you face the problem of spending time while road trips, traveling by train or in shop centers when your girlfriend tries on another dress in a dressing room.

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Virtua Tennis Challenge

Before you will show all your skills at a stadium in a professional mode you can use a training mode and learn from the professionals in this practice mode by running through drills.

After that, 50 different self-confident players wait for you to compete for the first place in a tournament. You can choose a model you will play, whether it will a single or double challenge, like in real life ( but in the game, your partner is less nervous:)).

Saying ” like in real life” I mean that everything from shots to top spins seems like the real playing. Also, you will be able to make slice shots and lobs and drop shots through different touch gestures.

There are multiple modes you can choose from. For example, SPT World Tour: Pick a customizable character to compete through full seasons of competition around the globe. Earn money by progressing through matches to buy your way into new tournaments.

Each real-world day offers new challenges and competes in 18 famous stadiums. Another cool feature is that you can challenge your friends or family via Game Center. Designed for all iPhone, iPad, Android, and tablets.

Virtua Tennis Challenge1

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TOP SEED Tennis Manager 2022

Have you ever dreamt of becoming the superstar of tennis sports? This game is your unique chance! In fact, it is one of the most popular games on the market. You will be laying as a young tennis start, and you will have to work your way to the top.

Upgrade your player, improve skills, win championships – chase your dreams! As you are making your progress int the game, the rivals get stronger and the competitions get more complicated. Plus, your other task will be the gathering of a great strong team – coach, masseur, psychologist, and doctor.

Thus, this game requires not only the usage of technology but also of strategic skills. And you will also need to gain the support of the sponsors. It is an extremely captivating game that will take the attention of everyone no matter if they like tennis or not!

TOP SEED Tennis Manager 20221

Cross Court Tennis 2

Another cool app for tennis lovers! It is an app where all physics laws are real and due to a high-quality animation, the gameplay becomes very realistic. Every time you or your competitor make slice shots, topspins or backspins, strokes, volleys, smashes, and drop shots, you will see it in detail.

Not only graphics turn this game into a real tournament, but an ability to customize your perfect player, choosing from a variety of clothes, skin, and hair colors. Every workout increases the player’s level of preparation for serious tournaments.

After a few lessons, you will be able to perform in up to 15 different stadiums, competing with more than 45 players.
If you are not a professional, just customize your mode in settings. Choose from: pro, medium, or beginner.

Cross Court Tennis 21

Ultimate Tennis

First of all, I want to say that this app has one of the most beautiful graphics, thrilling gameplay, and a great pack of action.

It is a tweaked version of the familiar finger-swipe tennis gameplay combined with a detailed element that gives you near to unlimited options for improving and customizing your character or characters, the choice is up to you.

Speaking about its features, firstly, you need to create your player with the editor: chose his sex from both men and women and remember that both have a unique playing style. Customize his equipment and skills to the smallest detail.

After that, you will be able to start training and updating your skills, master up to four different special moves to put your competitors out of the match. Also, there are several modes, depended on your level of preparation: such as World Tour, League, and Online. Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and tablets.

Ultimate Tennis1

Stick Tennis

Developers of the”Stick Tennis” bet everything not on having characters looking like real people, but animated characters. It is only up to you, whether you would like to play with this kind of player or ” lively” players. But this app will pleasant wonder you.

It is very easy to understand and play, but difficult to master. With just a simple one-fingered swipe you’ll soon be thumping crosscourt winners, yet at the core of Stick Tennis is a highly sophisticated physics engine that rewards tactical play.

You will be able to earn trophies, doing an everyday challenge, Unlock up to ten famous courts all over the world, and more than seventy players.

Stick Tennis1

Hit Tennis 3 – Swipe & flick the ball

It is a pretty simple tennis game. How does it look? Well, there are no players on a court, only your racket and your opponent’s.

All you need is to swipe or flick your finger to hit the ball. Get scores and win tournaments. By the way, your opponent can be not only a beginner but a real professional, so pay a lot of attention to it.

There are 24 perfect tournaments across 8 locations all around the world, so you can battle your competitors and put them out of the match in order. Available on both iOS devices and Andriod, including tablets.

Hit Tennis 3 - Swipe & flick the ball1

Ketchapp Tennis

Ketchapp Tennis belongs to such kind of apps with minimalistic animated characters. I really don’t know people who don’t like playing this game, if they downloaded it once.

On the one hand, it is absolutely free and doesn’t require any paid subscription or fees but, on the other hand, you will get access to simple control,  more than 65 different characters with their own style, and 25 super courts.
Play with a single player or create a pair game.

Another appreciative feature is the ability to use your iPhone as a motion controller and Play on your Apple TV or your iPad as a TV screen. Available on both iPhone and iPad, Andriod, and a tablet.

Ketchapp Tennis1

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Tennis Clash:Sports Stars Game

This is an exciting sports game that allows players to engage in fast-paced tennis matches against other players from around the world.

You can like a stunning 3D graphics, realistic sound effects, and intuitive controls that make playing tennis on your phone an enjoyable and immersive experience. Just like you do it in real life!

Tennis Clash also provides a variety of tennis courts to play on, from classic clay courts to modern hard courts, giving players the chance to experience different types of playing surfaces.

What is more, you can also choose from a diverse range of tennis stars, each with their unique playing style and strengths.

Upgrade and unlock new skills and equipment, and progress through the ranks to become the ultimate tennis champion. In addition, the game offers a range of daily challenges, quests, and achievements to keep players engaged and motivated.


  • Exciting gameplay.
  • Stunning 3D graphics.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Diverse range of players and courts.
  • Daily challenges and quests.


  • In-app purchases required for certain features.
  • Occasional connectivity issues.
Tennis Clash:Sports Stars Game1

Tennis Champion

To get the best experience on mobile the best way is to download a game with swipe control. In this case, you will enjoy every shot you make on a court. And HD 3D graphics will help you to see every smash, backspin, volley and that kind of thing.

You can play against your friends, challenging them via Game Center, or play with real users all over the world. Participation in different tournaments will provide you an opportunity to show all your skills to your competitors and put them out of a match.

And another important feature- there is a split-screen multiplayer: one is for you, another for your opponent.

Tennis Champion 3D - Online Sp1

Tiny Tennis

 It is a legendary application By Fat Fish Games Ltd. You exactly have to know him by such an application as Tiny Goalie, Tiny Touchdown, Tiny Rugby, and Tiny Sticker.

So the playing principle is very simple – choose from one of 9 different tennis courts and slide your finger to move your tiny player to hit tennis balls, you need to avoid flying red water bottles to get scores.

One useful tip will help you to boost more scores: try to collect multiplier badges. As long as you keep the ball and your scores will be doubled and tripled. After you fail, you will be awarded one of 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard). The results you can share on Twitter.

Tiny Tennis1

Stickman Tennis

You definitely know who is Djinnworks GmbH. Yes! It is the developer of such games as Stickman Volleyball, Stickman Football, Stickman  Basketball, Stickman  Soccer player, and that kind of thing that has more than 1.5 million downloads.

As for the game’s graphics, it is unbelievable! And you can play top spins, slices, lobs and smashes, play cross, longline or inside-out and choose between automatic and manual running.

As for the game’s features, first of all, you can customize a player in your way, improve him, buy accessories, push him to the limit by playing against the best players in the world. By the way, the game offers you to compete with more than 100 players from beginners to pros.

What is more, there are training court with ball machine to improve your skills before a match, 10 different courts: hard courts, clay, grass and  4 difficulty levels for longterm motivation: easy, medium, hard, pro.

Stickman Tennis - Career1

Tennis Club Story

This game will be probably appreciated by the female audience, because of its style and gameplay. You are going to play for 8-bit extremely cute characters in the cartoon-like locations. Moreover, Tennis Club Story will be a good app for those who are tired of classic tennis games and want to try something new.

Here you can play not only traditional tennis but tennis with special additional and extra barriers. There are lots of mini-games that you can play just for fun. Or, if you want, you can always take a part in the Grand Championship and compete with the nest players for the prize.

Tennis Club Story1

Tennis Champs Season 3

For you, fans of 8-bit retro-style games here is an excellent tennis game app. Indeed, the fact that the graphics are made in retro style doesn’t diminish the functionality of this game at all, even on the opposite – the whole process seems more fun and exciting, mainly, because of the number of details that each location has.

In this game, you are going to play against more than 200 opponents, and you can also play with another person in the real-time mode. In order to hit the ball, you need to swipe on the screen. By the way, the type of competition 2×2 is available here as well. As a bonus, there are new challenges every day. If you complete them, you get extra points.

Tennis Champs Returns1

3D Tennis

This app claims to be “the only tennis game app where all the animation is based on real-world physics”. Well, you can check that yourself by installing this app. In order to hit the ball, you need to swipe your finger on the screen.

Generally, the graphics look pretty decent, however, if you are into smaller details, it won’t impress you much.

The gameplay is quick and works well. It is a nice game to play if you need to pass your time in waiting or something, but if you want a real competitive spirit and drama with a beautiful story, this is not the app for you.

3D Tennis1

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Australian Open Game

Obviously, this is a game app dedicated to one of the most famous tennis championships – the Australian Open. This is pretty much classical game where you first have to choose your player from all the suggested ones – basically, you are going to choose from the real world sportsmen (and women) of all nationalities and compete with others.

Moreover, the structure of this game is that you can unlock better and better players as long as you are progressing in the game. The difficulty will be increasing gradually. Overall controls are easy and intuitive so it will be fun and easy for you to play this game especially during the tournaments. 

Australian Open Game

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