7 iPhone Apps to Catch Someone Snooping on Your Phone

It is important for some people to keep complete privacy and not allow others to peek into their phones. With the help of the apps that will be described below, this is easy to do. Have fun reading our list of the best iPhone apps to catch someone snooping on your phone!

And in addition to it, we also recommend you to download an anti-spy app, so you are totally protected from all the perils.


The function of protecting your phone from potential spies and thieves works while using the front camera. The app will take a picture of the person who tried to take and unlock your phone.

Download the app and turn it on to begin the mission of securing your personal information that is stored in your phone. From now on, it is not so easy to get your device without permission.

As soon as the app recognizes that you are not in the photo, but a stranger, it will immediately sound an alarm. Yes, this is a real signaling system, which not only your car has now.

The thief will get scared and leave the phone, and then you can see who it was and take corresponding measures.


  • It is an easy-to-use app with a modern design.
  • The service saves the history of attempts to look into the phone.
  • There is an audio alert.


  • It is possible to sometimes encounter bugs in the app.

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WTMP – Who Touched My Phone +

This service will be a good choice for those who care about the security of their phone.

It is easy to catch possible thieves of the device. Just allow the app to use the front camera. This is necessary to find out whether the owner of the phone wants to take it or a completely different person.

As soon as the service does not identify you using the camera, it will immediately stop an attempt of stealing or unlocking the phone.

The app will take photos of intruders, which you can then check out without any problems. It promises to be fun to find out that instead of villains, your device was tried to be stolen by your siblings or friends just to play a prank.

In addition, the service provides an alerting function. This will make the protection of your phone more effective.


  • The app saves photos of intruders.
  • The service provides a signaling system.


  • You have to turn on the app every time before you lock your phone.
WTMP - Who Touched My Phone +1


This app is very useful to provide your device with a proper level of defense against unwelcome attention from possible spies and thieves.

A stern guard is waiting for you on the main page of the service. Get acquainted, now this is your security officer who will closely monitor the safety of your phone. For you, it is a loyal friend, but for everyone else, it is a real warrior.

The front camera recognizes that it is not you who is looking at the phone. This, of course, will warn the guard (by the way, it is not a bad idea to give him a name). He will immediately remember the intruder so that he can report it to you later.

If a stranger not only peeks into the screen of the device but also takes it in hand, then let this person be ready for a sound attack. You will hear the alarm and will be able to save your phone from theft or hacking promptly.


  • The developers have added an interesting guard character to the app.
  • There is a feature for responding to the phone moving in space.
  • There is an alarm function.


  • There are errors in taking photos from the front camera.

Don’t touch phone – Anti-theft

This is a simple app with a lot of features that will be useful if you want to do everything possible to prevent criminals from stealing your device.

The service has a built-in motion sensor, which is why as soon as intruders want to grab your phone, the alarm will deafen the thieves and warn you that someone has decided to take your property.

There are also special features that will reveal the attacker if he or she decided to remove your device from charging, turned off the headphones, or touched the phone in your pocket or your bag. The alarm system will notify you of this.

You can always see how it happened and what the thief looked like because the app is monitoring with a front-facing camera.


  • There are different modes of protection for your phone.
  • It is possible to view saved photos of intruders who were going to steal the device.


  • The alarm will not work if the phone is in silent mode.
Don't touch phone - Anti theft1

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This is an app that, of course, has the necessary functions to secure your phone from theft and disclosure of your data. However, it also has a modern and minimalistic design.

While you are busy with something else, you need to protect your device from strangers. Just put the phone on the table and do not touch it.

If someone decides to try their luck and peek into the screen, or, even scarier, move your phone, they will be attacked by an alarm.

Moreover, you can activate special modes. They allow the program to be more vigilant when your phone is in your pocket. Or if an attacker tries to do something with the charger or headphones.

In addition, with the help of FaceID, it will be possible for the app to recognize the faces of thieves. More exactly, not to recognize them.

After all, the phone has one true owner – you, and only your photo can be accepted as a sufficient key to unlocking the phone.


  • Minimalistic design – nothing superfluous, only the most necessary.
  • There are several phone protection modes.


  • After running for a long time, the app can start to freeze.

Security Alarm – AntiTheft

This service will allow you not to worry about the safety of your device. As long as the app is running, it will be completely protected.

With the help of the front camera, the app will react to strangers who are close to your phone.

Moreover, if these brave people had enough audacity to take your phone in their hands or just move it on the table, they will be deafened by the alarm.

You will have time to grab the device from the hands of intruders and even if they run away before the police arrive at the scene of the crime, you still have photos of these people.

The owner of the phone can disable the alarm because only he or she knows the secret deactivation code.


  • If you purchase a subscription, it will be available for you to have additional security features.
  • There are different modes of protection for the device.
  • The app provides a special code for deactivating the signaling system.


  • Most of the important features are available only by subscription.
Security Alarm - AntiTheft1

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Anti Theft Alarm Motion Alert

This is another service that allows you to keep your phone safe from someone else’s kleptomaniac desire.

Install the app on your phone and activate the alarm. Now, if a poor thief decides to steal “your precious”, the devastating power of the sound signal will fall on him or her. The thief “will not pass”!

The app also has various options for protecting the device. As in the services described above, here you can also use the function of special modes.

An attacker will not be able to remove your phone from charging or turn off the headphones without consequences.


  • Disabling the alarm is possible only with the help of a special code.
  • Your phone will react to other people’s touch.


  • Sometimes the app may freeze while unlocking.
Anti Theft Alarm Motion Alert1
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