7 Best The Price Is Right Games For Android & iOS

Do you tend to guess the prices of objects from the first try? Let’s see how good you’re at it!

There are loads of The Price Is Right games for Android & iOS that lets you experience what it’s like to participate in trivia games dedicated to guessing prices. These games cover hundreds of objects in multiple categories, so there’s something for everyone. In case you’ll get over this kind of game, give it a try to draw and guess games as well.

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We’ve gathered together the 7 best games in that category you may try. Have a look!


The Price is Right

   the price is rightLet’s start with the official The Price is Right mobile game.

As you might expect, this game fully repeated the concept of the show. The mechanics of the game is quite simple — you pick the category of gods and guess the price of 10 products related to it. For now, the game covers 15 categories such as books, toys, PCs, beauty, grocery, sport, furniture, and more. There’s even a category that lets you guess the price of houses and flats.

Each category includes hundreds of products for you to guess, and the new ones are being added all the time. Each win brings you points you may spend on hints and all that. Plus, the game comes with 4 modes, so there’s smth for everyone. The first mode needs to approach the maximum price but not go over it.

Then, there’s a mode where you may choose between 4 different price options. It may sound like the right one, but the answers may only vary in a couple of bucks, and you don’t have room for error. There’s also a mode where you need to guess if the offered price is correct or not. And lastly, there’s a mode where you need to pick the more expensive product out of two.

the price is right 1 the price is right 2 



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Guess the Price Quiz

Guess the Right Price Quiz

Next, we have a quiz game that asks you to guess the price of products.

According to the concept of this game, you need to assume the cost of products appearing on your screen. Herewith, the products are not random — there are over 10 categories of items for you to choose from. The trick here is not all items will be available from the begging — you’ll need to unlock them while playing.

The game covers such categories as furniture, houses, food, clothes, beauty, computers, and more. For now, there are over 150 items to guess in general, and more will be added with the next update. The covers several modes, so you won’t get bored. There’s a classic guess the price mode that aims you to enter the exact cost of the product — it might be the most difficult one of all.

Plus, there’s a mode where you need to assume if the item costs more or less than the offered price. Then, there’s a mode that lets you arrange the numbers to assume the cost. And the last mode lets you pick one of four options offered. The game has an offline mode, so you can play it anytime anywhere.

Guess the Right Price Quiz 1Guess the Right Price Quiz 2


Guess Price

Guess Price

It’s a puzzle game dedicated to guessing the prices.

Although the concept of the game is pretty simple, there are several modes that won’t let you get bored. At first, you will need to choose which item is more expensive. Sounds simple, but you may need to choose between two expensive-looking cars or yachts. Then, there’s a mode that gives you three price options and three objects, and you need to match them to one another.

Beyond that, there’s a mode that aims to pick three items under a specific price. Sooth to say, this mode is probably the easiest one of all. Then, we have the most difficult mode where you need to guess the price without any hints. All you have is a scale with a maximum limit, but it’s not that helpful.

And finally, there’s a mode that gives you the amount of money you should spend by picking their items from the list. The game has an offline mode, so you can play it at any time needed. The only disadvantage about this game is that it doesn’t come with too many levels, so you’ll finish it quickly. There are no in-app purchases or ads, which is nice.

Guess Price 1Guess Price 2


Guess the Right Price

Guess the Right Price

This is one of the most popular assume the price games on the market.

It’s a multiplayer game, so you get t to compete with other players from around the globe. The game covers plenty of categories such as art, sports, books, food, jewelry, electronics, furniture, beauty, cars, vintage, and that. The mechanics of this app is a bit different from the others, so let’s get through it. At the beginning of each level, each player gets the amount of money for guessing the items.

Each level comes with 10 items for you to guess and a maximum cash limit you can’t overcome. The rules are simple — there’s an object displayed in the center of the field, and you need to enter the price value for it. All players offer their prizes and the one that gets closer to the real price — wins.

In case you’ll get into the exact price of the object, you get a double bonus and more coins than usual. Herewith, you need to consider that not all pieces of art you need to guess are real — some might be fakes. Then, the contestant that wins or cash to the end of the round — wins.

Guess the Right Price 1 Guess the Right Price 2



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Price Ranger

price ranger

This game challenges you to guess the price of real objects sold by the biggest online retailers.

Apart from the previous ones, this game only comes with two modes, but don’t consider it as a disadvantage. There will be an object to guess the price of and a price range that will slowly move back and forth. Your aim here is to press the button when the price of an object will be within the range.

As for the modes, there’s an endless one and the list one. The endless mode needs you to guess as many prices in a row as you can. The closer you get to the correct price — the more bonus points you’ll get. These bonus points could prevent the range from shrinking on the next rounds.

The list mode needs you to assume the price of products included in one list. The products are usually related to one category like food, furniture, art, fashion, sport, electronics, and all that. In case you don’t want to guess the products from a particular category you may disable them in the settings. The game is fully free with no ads, so no concerns about that.

Price Ranger 1 Price Ranger 2 


Guess The Price

Guess The Price

Here’s another quiz game dedicated to the price of goods.

It’s a fun 3D game where you need to guess the price of objects. The game is still in early access, so there’s only one mode available, but it’s still fun to play. The rules are quite simple — there are three bins with prizes and several objects to guess the cost of. Herewith, you can’t move to the next level until you’re marching all the objects with prizes.

Fair to say, it’s pretty simple to pass the levels cause the game doesn’t ask you to guess the exact price. For instance, you have an iPhone, a ball, and a bin of coke as your objects. Then, there are three bins with $900, $30, and $3. It’s quite obvious where to place each object, so you’ll quickly cope with all the levels.

Herewith, there are plenty of levels to go through, so it will take some time to pass the entire game. As for the categories, the app covers these types of goods as electronics, food, drinks, sport, fashion, beauty, furniture, and more. The UI is intuitive and all the objects are realistically drawn so no worries about that.

Guess The Price 1 Guess The Price 2


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Price Madness Quiz

Price Madness Quiz

And lastly, we have a Price Madness game where you have to guess the real prices of products.

It’s a multiplayer game that lets you compete against worldwide users and your friends to find out who is the best in guessing the prices. The game covers hundreds of products in several categories — entertainment, techs, sports, fashions, furniture, and toys. Your goal here is to pick the price of the object before all the other users will.

Herewith, this game contains precise prizes, and it may be hard to guess the right one. In case you’ll overprice the object your answer will be disabled so keep that in mind. Plus, you don’t get to pick the category — the wheel will decide it for you. In case the spin will stop on the crown category — you’ll get to choose.

The game shows you actual products you can buy online and if you like something — just tap on the “I want it” icon after choosing the price. Additionally, you may save the products to your in-game wishlist if needed.There’s also a built-in chat to communicate with opponents and friends.

Price Madness Quiz 1 Price Madness Quiz 2



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