17 Best Time Tracking Apps for Android & iOS

No concentration. Procrastination. Distraction. This can lead to low productivity and efficiency at your work or overall time organization of your plans. The result is you haven’t done much of planned or you feel extremely wear off at the end of the day or a week. The problems lay in wrong time management.

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Check how much of your time used for useful activities and how much time you simply waste for procrastination. Below you will find useful and mostly free time tracking apps for Android and iOS. Choose one for yourself and tidy up your time.


At the moment, Harvest is the most popular time tracking app on the market. First of all, this app is an excellent option for teams, so it is very convenient for collaborative work. The reason for that is its user-friendly interface which is easy to handle, it doesn’t contain any extra details which only waste the time and energy of users.

Everyone on your team can install and use as many instances of Harvest as they like, including the desktop app, mobile app, and browser extension. What is even better, Harvest can function offline as well, so not a single task will go missing.

For controlling your team, you will need to create one administrative account, and then all the other accounts of your team members will connect to it and the information will be sent automatically. If you want, you can also install the automatic reminders for your team to submit the timesheets on time.




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Smarter Time

Smarter Time is created to track our productivity and time spent on different actions. This highly advanced intuitive app will calculate and analyze the time you are spending on phone talks, sleep, reading books, sports activities, or work.

The result will be shown in hours and minutes in different graphs and charts. In the end, you will see a summary of the time you have spent on beneficial activities, and when you were wasting your precious minutes.

You will be able to use your time wisely avoiding procrastination, arranging your day time to get a better result at the end of the day. You will be able to get rid of stress and anxiety related to unfinished but planned activities. Be productive with the Smarter Time app. It’s free for Android devices.

smarter time smarter time



TMetric is another productive time tracking app but t works best together with the web version. If you have the full version of TMetric on your PC you can download the app, synchronize your accounts, and control the schedule from the phone as well. The app will best suit the freelancers and small businesses.

When you use TMetric to track your time, you can account for every minute of the day by logging not only the time you work but also your breaks. The timeline is displayed as a line, where the working time is marked by the red color, and the gaps are marked by the white.



App Store

Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker

Boost your productivity with the next app up on our list. Many users have found that app useful and beneficial thus rated it with almost 5 stars. Wonder why? Because it’s so easy and useful that you won’t be bothered by trying to track your daily routine.

Create different projects and activities on your list. Then simply press the  “start” button any time you began to do something. The app will count time for you.

There are different kinds of available reports in the app with different duration. Thus check out how much time you spent reading a novel during last month and how much was spent in front of the television.

You will be kind of shocked seeing such graphs. Subsequently, you may make new life-changing decisions regarding your schedule and time portioning.

Boosted time tracker Boosted time tracker


Time Tracker – Timesheet

Here is another advantageous time tracker for work objectives. Do you work on multiple projects and do different tasks that are required time calculations? Timesheet time tracker is a well known highly popular app with a built-in time recorder. It works easily, Press the “play” button to record time in a task.

It will be highlighted in red. Don’t forget to stop or pause the recording. After all, you can find daily, weekly, monthly reports.

In addition, there is an importing feature that allows extracting your reports into MS Word or Excel to use it in further analysis. Also, the app is free in general but you will find some offers for premium subscriptions and in-app purchases.

timesheet timesheet


ATracker – Daily Task and Time Tracking

Not less popular than previous apps ATracker will help you count your time spent on different deals. Without much effort, you will record each minute of your time. Whether you read, swim, jog, do home chores, or eating out with friends. Just tap on a task and it will start count time automatically.

Tapping on another task will stop the previous one. It can be concluded that the app is time-saving itself. That is a sufficient point for those who are keen on saving time and being punctual in each activity. Time flies as we all know. SO may need to pay more attention to it.

In the app, you will find a complete timesheet with activities and statistic charts. Moreover, such reports are presented in nice colors, and comprehensive pie charts. You even can share them with friends via social media.

atracker atracker


App Store


If you need a time tracking app for business purposes, project management, and organizing the work in the corporations, then Hubstaff is what you are looking for. It is too elaborate to have it for personal use, but for the teamwork, it is simply flawless.

Hubstaff gives you the ability to see at which part of the project each team member is currently working on. Thanks to Hubstaff’s geofencing time clock feature, you’ll be able to create job sites, so your crew can automatically clock in and clock out as they arrive and leave.

What is more, in the Hubstaff you will find the optional randomized screenshots and activity levels for the improvement of productivity. In general, the app allows you to be in full control of the projects that you have, especially what concerns the timeline.





Jiffy – Time tracker

Log your working time into Juffy Time Tracker to have an organized work schedule. Fortunately, this app is available for both platform iOS and Android. Most of the function is for free but there are a few additional and advanced with the price 8.99$

Check the main features of the app and what you can get from it:

  • Generated timesheets.
  • Vivid intuitive design.
  • A different setting for an employee and a freelancer.
  • Easily to log time into an entry
  • Summary of time spent on each project.

It’s essential to monitor the time you spend on work and leisure. For good productivity, it’s essential to avoid procrastination and dedicated an exact amount of time for work. Then to have a deserved time for the rest and for time with friends or family. Jiffy is capable to help you to do such an uneasy job.

Jiffy – Time tracker Jiffy – Time tracker


App Store


You might be surprised what does this app that is actually an accounting software doing here? Well, many who never truly explore FreshBooks doesn’t know that it has the built-in time tracker as well. This is the best time tracker apps that are built-in into accounting software and if you want to have it this way – this is definitely the best choice for you.

And don’t think that is the time-tracking is a sub-function here it’s going to be low quality! On the contrary, it includes the ability to add the details to tracked sessions.

The collaborative team use in the time tracking section is possible as well. Summarizing all the points, if you’re looking for an accounting and time tracking software for your business, pay attention to FreshBooks.



App Store

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Swipetimes – Time Tracker

Here is the one more time tracking app in our list. With a touch of a button, it will track your activities to help you to recognize how much time u use for fruitful deads and when you are just a time-waster. Swipetimes will automatically count the time you spend on each project of your work.

Wifi configuration can help with it. Pinch in and out will be enough for this app. Though you can manually add time at the end of the day. Add some notes for later better understanding.

The final result will appear in statistics generated by the app according to your logged time. Moreover, you can export those reports into, for instance, Excel format. Integration with Google Calendar will help you to organize your work in general.

Swipetimes Swipetimes



Simple and well organized time tracker aTime logger is available for Android by far. However, it’s so nicely developed so the iOS version may appear soon. With this app, you can track your time with one tap on activity. You can add as many of them as you want. Leisure time and work time.

If from the next month you starting something new add it as well. There are different icons for each activity that helps distinguish them by a glance. FOnt used in the app is big and pleasurable for the eyes.

The timetable is split by days that simplify the perception of the app`s interface. Have a look at the pie chart that shows statistics of your time usage. Estimate your time, management, and enhance your productivity.

aTime Logger aTime Logger



This app will help you to rescue your time. It’s not a joke. XXI century is a time of internet and electronic devices. Do we actually know how much of our time is dedicated to those time eaters?

Of course, we do useful stuff there, work or study. But sometimes we simply procrastinate in our smartphones. So, install the Rescue Time app and learn more about your time consumption.

The app will monitor and track how much time you usually spend using your device. It will show you how many minutes or hours were spent in a particular application like Facebook.

After all, you can set your goals or time limits. Rescue Time will notify you about accomplished goals and failed ones. Available for both Android and iOS devices the app can block websites chosen by you.

rescue time rescue time


App Store

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro Timer & To Do List

You must hear about Pomodoro Technique that helps to stay focused, increase productivity, avoid fatigue, and have your time well organized. 25 minutes are dedicated to each activity, whether its work or entertainment. Scientifically proven technique says that we can stay focused on one task only for 25 minutes regarding our brain features.

With this in mind, Focus To-Do lets you set a task to accomplish. Get ready. Press the start and concentrate on your task without being distracted for anything else. After 25 minutes the app will give you a signal that you must stop, otherwise, your productivity will fall.

Besides, the app does common time tracking functions counting your time spent on different activities and creating reports for you. Luckily it’s available for both Android and iOS.

Focus To-Do Focus To-Do


App Store

FocusTimer Pro: Habit Changer

Along with all common features peculiar to average time tracker, Focus Timer Pro will count your time being placed with a screen down. This will be enough for time tracking.

Isn’t it fascinating? Probably these unique functions make this app isn’t free. As well as not that expensive. Estimated with 2.99$ the app is available on both the Android Market and Apple store.

The app will help you to focus on one task. The app`s alarm will notify you and will create charts on your activity. This app will be a real godsend for students, freelancers, and those who want to be concentrated on one task.

It will also record the time you spend on the internet. SO you will defiantly know how many hours from planned you really had spent on studying and how many on procrastination.

FocusTimer Pro FocusTimer Pro

 App Store


If you are into the time management and visualizing and, or, if you have some problems with it, you should take a look at the HourStack app. It is different from the other time tracking apps that you may find on the market. The size of the block of the tasks will be proportioned to the amount of time that you are supposed to work on it.

Therefore, HourStack is the only time tracking app that lays out the schedule in this fashion. For example, you can allocate blocks of time on your calendar for tasks you intend to work on later in the week. Such a way of visualization provides better planning and decision making since you can see clearly how difficult or time consuming each task is.



App Store


One of the best examples of the time tracking ones and the very classy one is Timeneye. It works fine both for the solo sprints and small teams. It also includes invoicing and accounting features. The time layout that Timeneye creates is really similar to HourStack and Timely.

Organization of your works and the categorizing the tasks will be much easier with timely. You can create clients, projects, and tasks. Another cool feature is that you can divide the project into the phases, and share it among all the team members, so everyone can be in control of their own part.




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Timely is a good tool for busy workers and freelancers whose work consists of projects, tasks, and meetings. It will help them to have control over time and money related to working hours. The result is reduced productivity and efficiency.

It has a few main features:

  • Calendar with daily tasks with full details.
  • Detailed entries include the project name, task, tags, and logged hours.
  • Location tracker to help to count time spent in one area.

Hours that have to be estimated in real money always will be automatically tracked in this app. In the end, you will have a summary of all your work.

Timely Timely


App Store

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