9 Free Box Puzzle Games for Android & iOS

Have a feeling that there’s no puzzle that excites you anymore? Getting tired of solving the same types of riddles? This article has you covered!

There’re lots of free box puzzle games for Android & iOS that will challenge your brain in a whole new way. These games cover countless tricky puzzle boxes that will test your logical and brain skills.

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Here’s the list of the 9 best free apps in that category you should try. Take a look!

Open Puzzle Box

Open Puzzle Box

Let’s start with the Open Puzzle Box app. This is a puzzle game that will hold your internet for a long time.

The rules of this game are quite simple but yet entertaining. Your goal here is to solve the mysteries of locked boxes and open them up. To cope with that, you will need to solve various puzzles. The puzzles may seem easy at first, but they’ll quickly get more and more challenging.

Herewith, the game covers dozens of levels and this number keeps growing with each update s you’ll never run out of gaming material. Plus, all the griddles you’ll meet in the game are different and require different ways of solving. There’re also several difficulty levels available and you get to pick the one that matches your abilities.

As for the UI, it’s quite intuitive and the game also has simple controls. The design of the game is eye-pleasing as well — it’s drawn in 3D and all the boxes share the same indie aesthetic. Besides, the game has a nice soundtrack that adds up to the overall atmosphere. The game also has no ads which is always nice.

Open Puzzle Box 1 Open Puzzle Box 2


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MechCube: Escape


MechCube is the game is box puzzle game that will challenge your logical skills.

Due to the plot of this game, your character finds himself inside the place named ‘The Cube’ (as you may guess, the name comes from its shape). Your goal here is to escape the Cube but it is not that simple as you may think. There’re lots of rooms with puzzle contraptions you need to solve.

Solving the griddle is the only way for you to move to the next room. Herewith, each puzzle panel is a unique ride with different logical tasks, tests, and all that. Thus, you will need all your brain skills and lateral thinking to complete the levels. You will also need to avoid multiple deadly traps that come on your way.

Plus, you’ll need to collect various artifacts and search for hidden objects. The app has a built-in hints system that will help you move on from the complicated puzzles. Once each level is successfully passed, you will be rewarded with comic-book-style endings. And when you’ll finish the whole game all the endings will be united in one story.

MechCube 1 MechCube 2




MechBox is an entertaining riddle that will test your patience and make you think outside the box.

As you may guess by the name of the game, its plot is built around the mechanical box. And the main (and only) purpose of this box is to protect what is hidden inside of it. Herewith, it’s made of multiple protecting layers that you will get to overcome. Each layer comes with a unique griddle as its security system and once you solve the griddle — you can move to the next level.

It needs to be said, the whole game is on a pretty high difficulty level so keep that in mind. Plus, you won’t see two of the same riddles here — all of them are individually made and require an individual solving way. There are also no basic puzzles here (such as match-3 ones) so you’ll need to use your lateral thinking.

Along with that, the game has no time limits so you can take your time figuring out the salvation for each puzzle. Besides, the game runs offline so you can play wherever you are. Plus, there’s an easter egg system that will help if you’ll get stuck on some levels.

MechBox 1 MechBox 2


The Jackbox

The JackboxThe Jackbox is a tricky riddle game that will boost your brainpower. Your man goal in this game is to solve various riddle boxes before they pop. The thing is, the clown is hiding something inside the boxes and protects it with mechanical puzzles and all that. And you need to solve the riddles to open up the boxes and learn all his secrets.

Once you’ll do that you’ll be able to unlock the big secret about the mysterious circus and its crew. Herewith, you’ll need to open more than 60 boxes to complete the game. All the puzzles are quite hard and you’ll need all your logic skills to solve them. Plus, all the riddles are different types and you’ll need to figure out new ways of solving them each time.

However, the game has a prompt system that will help you pass some extremely complicated levels. As for the graphics, it’s on the high level as well. All the boxes are drawn in details and everything keeps up with an overall atmosphere. Besides, the game has an authentic soundtrack that will help catch the right feeling.

The Jackbox 1 The Jackbox 2


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The Birdcage 2

The Birdcage

The Birdcage 2 is a spectacular next-level puzzle game that covers everything you may need.

In the first place, the game has a catching plot and a backstory written in details so you’ll feel like a part of an authentic universe. According to the game’s plot, you play for a young witch that is just graduated from the school of magic. Therewith, she’s craving to learn some more advanced magic, so she takes a journey to find a powerful wizard she heard so much of.

As you may already guess, this won’t be an easy journey. You’ll get to face various obstacles and dangerous situations that require fast thinking and reflexes. And to overcome all these obstacles and find a legendary wizard you’ll need to solve countless puzzles and mysteries.

The majority of the riddles are box puzzles and cages that need opening to get some valuable objects. The puzzles get more and more challenging from level to level and the objects hidden inside of boxes and cages get more important for the plot. Herewith, the game has intuitive controls and cool cinematic graphics you’ll definitely be impressed by.

The Birdcage 1 The Birdcage 2


MechBox 2

MechBox hardestMechBox 2 is a sequel to a well-known box puzzle game that rises the difficulty level even more.

Along with the original MechBox game, this one also aims you to solve mysterious puzzle boxes to uncover the secrets they hide. Thus, you’ll need to pass through dozens of layers protecting the “big secret” box solving various puzzles and mysteries. The graphics of the game is beyond great so no worries about that.

Herewith, the game’s plotline takes place in the post-apocalyptic world and you practically hold the fate of humanity in your hands (no pressure though). It needs to be said, each protective layer you uncover comes with a new design and new type of puzzles so your brain will be busty the whole time while playing.

Plus, the levels start to get more and more complicated as you move through the game so keep that in mind. The app also has a prompt system that will help you out in case you get stuck on something. At that, the levels have no time limits so you can play at your pace. Thereby, you get to reach the game without being connected to the web which is nice.

MechBox hardest 1 MechBox hardest 2


Heart Box

Heart Box

Heart Box is a box puzzle game that will keep your brain occupied for a long.

By this game’s plot, you get to play for the robot named Robby. And Robby has one issue that makes his life harder than he would like it to be. The thing is when a professor created Robby he gave him quite weak battery power. And as a result, Robby has to constantly recharge himself to keep participating in the professor’s experiments.

So as you may guess, your goal here is to help Robby to get rid of the power battery. To do so, you will need to take him through countless rooms filled with tricky puzzles and all that. And when you’ll go through all the rooms — the robot will be set free. The thing is, the game covers over 180 levels by now so it will take a long while to complete them all.

Plus, each level comes with new unique riddles and obstacles you will need to overcome. Each level you pass rewards you with achievements and objects that may be useful in the future. You may also get different skins for your robot and pick one of 4 possible modes.

Heart Box 1 Heart Box 2


Metal Box! Hard Logic

metal boxMetal Box is a logical game filled with addictive puzzle boxes you’ll need to solve.

Your aim in the game is pretty basic — there’re lots of boxes with unknown objects inside that you want to get. So you need to find a way to open each box by solving various riddles. The game consists of dozens of levels and various puzzle types to train your brain and attention.

The coolest thing is, the game gets weekly updates that add new levels and puzzles for you to solve. All the tasks you’ll face in the game are different and require a new creative solving way. Plus, the levels will get more and more complicated and tricky with time so get ready to show everything you’re capable of.

Herewith, the game has a built-in easter egg system that will help you in case you get stuck at some point. As for the visual of the game, it has HQ 3D graphics and intuitive controls so no worries about that. The game also has no ads so there’s nothing to distract you from playing.

metal box 1 metal box 2


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What’s inside the box?

What's inside the box

What’s inside the box? It’s a question that you’ll get to answer playing the last game on our list.

Frankly speaking, it won’t be easy to answer the question right away. You’ll actually need to pass all the levels to get to the final reveal. For now, the game covers 100 levels so it will take a while to complete them all. Once you get to the new level you see the same wooden box that is locked.

As you may guess, your goal is to find a way to open the box but it’s not that simple. All boxes comes with a unique security mechanism and the only way to overcome it is to solve the puzzle. Herewith, all the riddles in this game are unique, and they’re not repeating so you’ll brain will always be busy.

Plus, the game runs on increasing difficulty algorithms so the levels will get more and more challenging with time. The good news is, the game has a built-in prompt system that will help you to move forward if needed. However, you only get two hints for each level, and sometimes it may not be enough.

What's inside the box 1 What's inside the box 2


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