11 Free Apps to Add Captions to Videos

Video subtitles are an important tool for people with hearing impairments and for those who want to watch videos in a language they don’t understand. They can also be useful for people who want to watch a video without sound, for example in a noisy place.

You can also try a modern way to make captions for your videos that greatly speeds up the process. Just use these best AI subtitle generators.

Adding subtitles to videos can be a time-consuming process, but there are plenty of mobile apps that can help you do it quickly and easily. Thus, we’ve reviewed these free apps to add captions to videos. They are easy to use and can make your videos accessible to everyone.

Filmora: AI Video Editor, Maker

Filmora is a simple but feature-rich option for those who wants to add captions to videos. You can’t do without it if you are tired of putting up with long and useless editing of videos on outdated platforms. Despite the large number of options, it is not difficult to understand the app.

Choose a clip and import it with a single tap. You can always use popular templates for quick editing. Work with the speed of the video. Improve playback quality and remove shooting defects like localized blackout or red-eye. Choose the format and duration of your video.

Customize your creation with special effects, stickers, and text. Insert any music track or audio recording. You can control every step of the app. Create your Christmas image, and get a creative video greeting. Advertise goods and services in a modern way.

Enable the “Preview” option and make changes if needed. You can share your video on social networks directly from Filmora.

In the run-up to Christmas, catch up to a 50% discount on the Pro version of the app. Spin the wheel of luck and unlock even more incredible templates and effects.


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CapCut – Video Editor

Create, edit, and send videos with the CapCut app. The most popular app with free content and unique special effects for your creativity.

If you’ve always dreamed of publishing your videos on the world’s online platforms, social networks, and blogs, open the mobile video editor and get access to thousands of ready-made templates.

Master the basic options for creating clips: shoot your own video or upload a file from the Internet. Then you’ll have to improve its quality by using different styles, effects, and combinations. You can change the speed, tempo, and duration of the clip. Equip it with a suitable music track.

Use colorful stickers and captions to draw viewers’ attention to important points. If you are an experienced video editor user, you can try more sophisticated options. Enable animation of individual frames, slow down playback at the right moment, or use intelligent stabilization.

Congratulate your friends and subscribers on the upcoming holidays, make a review of Christmas gifts, or run a PR campaign on your website.

The finished videos are easy to save on your electronic device and import to social networks and YouTube.


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Videoleap: AI Video Editor

Videoleap is a bright representative of smart video editors. All important actions with the uploaded video material are performed by artificial intelligence. This facilitates and speeds up the process of creating clips.

In just a few minutes you can edit attractive content for social networks. Here you will find a lot of interesting ideas for videos in the sphere of gamification, advertising and promotion, beauty industry. Use cute templates to create a New Year mood.

Make a wonderful gift to your parents or friends by capturing the important events of the past year on camera. Videos are great for publishing on Instagram and YouTube. They fit the basic requirements of these platforms.

Get ready-made stories without lengthy processing and special hardware. Assemble 1 video from multiple snippets. Get a seamless connection of fragments into a full-fledged video. Add photos and images. Edit the file layer by layer with the addition of effects and filters.

Enter text, and change its location, color, and font size. For professionals, the app has prepared extra options, including animated frames, green screen availability, and changing the format and quality of the clip.

EQ settings and color correction are available to you. If you have difficulties with any tool, you can read step-by-step instructions in each category.


Zeemo: AI Captions & Subtitles

For informational videos, subtitles and text explanations are a must. Zeemo offers a set of tools to help you do this quickly and efficiently. There are many benefits to having text in social media content.

Many users watch videos without sound, and your explanations will be a real lifesaver. Rollers will be useful to subscribers with hearing impairment and neurological diseases. Besides, visual information is digested much better than voice perception.

You can display text on the screen in different ways. There is a voice recognition option in the app. You do not need to change the time and the way text entries appear manually. The program supports working with 16 languages. You can use multiple languages in your videos at once.

Edit subtitles at any time. Change the font size and color. Create a title, italicize highlights, and add comments. Copy the subtitles and organize them as an explanation of the video. The maximum length of 1 clip is 5 hours.

Besides creating aptions, you can use this app as an ordinary video editor. With its help, you can remove unnecessary frames, change the video format, and get a ready-to-publish video.


Blink: Captions & Teleprompter

Blink is a must-have for anyone who creates videos with people talking. This app makes it much easier to create subtitles and translate them into other languages. Make your clips clearer and more effective.

Duplicating the information voiced aloud helps you get into what’s happening and memorize the words better. Active participants of YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok often use this app to promote their clips.

Blink itself highlights and adds subtitles to videos. You can check the text for errors before publishing. The ready text or subtitles will appear on the screen at the right moment. You will only have to choose the style and format of the text.

Translate spoken or written words into another language in real-time. Get 2 versions of subtitles at once, which you can use to describe your video. Artificial intelligence automates subtitling and shares with you actual scenarios for creating videos.

Tell in a few words exactly what you want to make a video about. Get a whole list of suitable options for your activity. You can also generate a suitable title for any video. Turn on noise reduction to greatly improve the playback quality of the recorded video.


Subcap: AI Caption for Video

It’s not just a subtitling app. SubCAP will become a mobile studio for video processing and editing. Increase your video’s chances of success. Attract viewers from other countries who don’t know your language.

Generate and translate subtitles in seconds. Similarly, you can translate the credits at the end of the clip. The vast majority of videos on social media and blogs have not only a voiceover but also a text description in the form of subtitles.

This allows you to watch the video with the sound off and increases the percentage of perception of information. The app comes with a voice recognition system, so subtitles appear on the screen automatically.

The program is devoid of the disadvantages of untimely and incomplete transcribing of voice from the video. You can edit the finished subtitles: correct errors, add comments, and change the text style. You can move subtitles to any place and change their shape: row, column, on the sides of the video.

With SubCAP, advertising will become more effective. You will get feedback from customers and subscribers. Publish captioned stories on Instagram. Create video lessons in foreign languages with instant translation on YouTube.

Upload clips to Snapchat and Facebook. The maximum video length for transcribing is minutes. All video sizes are suitable for transcribing.


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Kaptioned: Automatic Subtitles

Kaptioned compares favorably to the captioning apps you’re used to. This app covers all types of captioning work. It is powered by artificial intelligence and has successfully replaced several paid platforms.

Upload your video to the app and start transcribing subtitles. This is an automatic process that takes minimal time. Once the voice is translated into text, you can start editing. Make a convenient subtitle size and decide on the format and layout. Choose a successful color and writing style.

Subtitles are an important component of every video. More than half of YouTube and social media videos play without sound. To convey important information to subscribers and viewers, you need to duplicate it in text.

In addition to subtitles, you can create captions and titles in any size. Click the button to export your finished subtitles in .srt format. Use the foreign language translation function. Subtitles in two languages can appear on the screen at the same time.

Expand your target audience by capturing viewers from other countries. Having subtitles will help keep the interest of hearing-impaired users. Use subtitled videos on any online platform and increase the number of views several times over.


AutoCap: captions & subtitles

Use AutoCap’s automatic subtitle and end credits creator for authoring videos. This app allows you to quickly and accurately recognize the voice on the video. The obtained data is analyzed by artificial intelligence and turned into verbatim subtitles.

With this app, creating professional videos will require much less time and participation. You can leave the subtitles as they are or edit the text. Remove filler words and interjections. Paraphrase colloquial speech to get a beautiful and coherent monologue or dialog.

Create subtitles and titles for any footage. This will help to attract viewers’ attention and make it easier to understand what is happening on the screen. You can extract subtitles from video and audio files up to 5 minutes long.

To increase the allowed duration to 10 minutes, you need to become the app’s subscriber. It’s worth subscribing if you want to use the app without ads, remove the watermark, and translate text into another language.

If you upload a non-Android video, you may have problems with saving and importing the finished file.

AutoCap can help you prepare content for TikTok and Instagram. You can upload video reviews and clips to YouTube. Get videos with automatically created subtitles in MP4 format.


MixCaptions Add Text, Subtitle

MixCaptions makes your videos more informative and memorable. This effect is easily achieved by using subtitles. Text explanations are especially important for video tutorials and reviews. Use automatic subtitle highlighting or do it manually.

Transcribing takes place within minutes. You can then merge the text of the video or do some editing. Viewers often watch videos on social media without sound, so convey your message with sound and text.

This app is suitable for highlighting subtitles from different file formats. Most Facebook and Instagram users prefer video format of content. That’s why it is so important to explain every word spoken in subtitles.

Once your video is fully ready to be published, run it in the app. Automatic transcribing allows you to get the job done clearly and without spelling errors. Add instant translation in any of the 12 specified languages.

The free version supports subtitle extraction from videos up to 5 minutes long. 10 minutes of work is available to users who have purchased a subscription. For business subscription members, the maximum duration is 30 minutes. Next, you need to specify a place for subtitles to appear.

You can change the appearance of the text by selecting its style, size, and color in the settings.


VidSub: Video Subtitle Creator

VidSub is a video editor designed to extract subtitles from a video and integrate them into a file in the desired format. Run the video so that artificial intelligence can recognize the voice.

Go to the gallery and select the file you want. Next, it will automatically generate subtitles. You will only have to check if the words are spelled correctly and edit them if necessary.

You can export ready-made titles or subtitles to your video in .srt format. This will help you speed up the process of creating a description for your video on social networks.

Ready subtitles can be added to the desired video in a ticker format. The built-in player allows you to play up to 10 most popular formats.

Format subtitles in the desired force. In the editor, you can change the place where they appear, line them up in a column, or add them from several sides at once. Font size and color can be selected manually.

You can customize adding subtitles to match the voice on the video, and you can also specify text with some time lag.


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CapBot: AI Captions for Videos

CapBot analyzes the voice in uploaded video files and creates a text accompaniment based on the sound. A useful option for publishing informational content.

A lot of users watch videos with sound turned off. Thanks to high-quality subtitles, you will be able to interest many more viewers. Artificial intelligence quickly transcribes videos and creates subtitles.

Later they can be used as a description of the video on online platforms and social networks. Or add them to the initial video so that the text does not interfere with viewing. The app allows you to get an accurate transcription of the clip. All work is automatic and does not require your participation.

Yet, you can edit the finished subtitles to make the text more readable. Specifications of the app: the ability to save files in 4K quality, maximum number of frames per minute is 60. Insert captions in a way that follows the voice word for word. No need for endless rewinding and joining files manually.

Grab a video from the gallery, use your phone’s camera to do it, or import a file from any social network directly. Add titles and sections, and choose your font color and format. With CapBot your videos will get 80% more viewers.

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