11 Best Timesheet Apps for Android & iOS 2024

Today it’s hard to find a person who knows nothing about timesheets. They are used everywhere, especially at work.

However, a timesheet is also a powerful tool for time management, just like time trackers. By the way, if you are looking for them, make sure you read another article – 17 Best Time Tracking Apps for Android & iOS.

This is why we have found the best timesheet applications for you. Most of them are available for Android and iOS. They are free or at least they have a trial period.

Clockify Time Tracker & Timesheet

Here is one of the best free time tracking and planning applications. It can be used for various purposes. However, it will be better for managers and leaders who work with big projects. 

The app will help 

Let’s take a look at the basic features of Clockify: 

  • An intuitive and simple interface that will ensure you can start working right after the download. 
  •  Add as many timers as you need. You can set a default timer to save your energy. 
  • Add new elements manually or automatically. These options will help you fully customize your timesheet.
  • Get reports easily. You can activate this function at the click of a button and get new information on your teamwork. 
  • The application is cross-platform so you can enjoy it everywhere, including mobile and desktop app, and browsers. 
  • There is an offline mode so you can always have access to your timesheets. You can view them easily but the editing functions will be strictly limited. You can track time as well. When you are back on the Internet, the data will be synced automatically. 
  • Set notifications not to miss the most serious news.
  • The app is free with no ads. The only thing you need to do is to download it. 

Clockify Time Tracker has a very high rating, which is supported by many positive comments by the users. 

Even though the application is packed with a plethora of great functions, its size is 4,5 MB only. 

You can get Clockify on Android, as well as iOS. 

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Here is another good example of a simple and at the same time very efficient application. The app is packed with hundreds of cool functions, which will allow you to obtain control of your time and workflow. 

Not only does it help you to see how you spend your resources but it also allows you to build up a good strategy. 

How do you use it? Here are some nice tips you will like:

  • Start a new project at the click of a button. You can create as many projects as you need for your work. 
  • Enjoy good technical support. You can ask the support team anything and they will be fast to respond. It usually takes a few hours to find out the necessary information.
  • Use a time tracker to get fool control of the process. If you are afraid to forget about something important, make sure you set reminders and notifications. They will work both offline and online. 
  • Log expenses to increase efficiency. You will be able to enter them rapidly. 
  • Download the photos you might need. You can edit and remove them at any time.  
  • View the history of invoices
  • Stay in touch with all the members of your work team. The app will work offline but in this case, you won’t be able to edit the timesheet. 
  • The developer collects the data that is linked to you. In most cases, this data is connected to the device usage. 
  • The app can boast of a great variety of functions but its size remains small – 42 MB. 

The application is free of charge. What is more, there are no irritating ads that can possibly distract you from work. The developers update the app regularly so all the bugs are fixed in time. 

You can get Harvest on Google Play, as well as on App Store. 



This timesheet application is famous for its simplicity and small size. Replicon is a universal tool for project managers, freelancers, and all people who want to control their workflow. 

Replicon is packed with cool features that can make you a perfect project manager and build up a great team.

Now let’s look at them more closely: 

  • Tracking time is the app’s primary function. Time tracker works both online and offline so you will always have full control of the process. You can track as many goals as you need, there are no limitations imposed on you. 
  • You can view your timesheets and edit them at any time. 
  • Set deadlines for each of your targets. If you are afraid to forget about a deadline, make sure you turn on the reminders.
  • If you lack bright images, feel free to attach links and photos. This will help you make the process of work more interesting. 
  • Use Replicon wherever and whenever you want. This service is available for smartphones, computers, and tablets. If you don’t feel like downloading the application, you can use the web version of Replicon. It has all the functions of the app. 
  • Don’t forget to view the history of your timesheets. This will help you analyze how exactly your workflow is going. 
  • You can export data from Replicon to use later. 
  • Replicon supports various languages, including Arabic, French, German, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, and Korean. 

The developer collects some data linked to you. For example, the app tracks your location. 

Please note that Replicon uses GPS in the background mode. This is why your battery power can decrease faster. 

The application is free with no ads. You can get it now on Google Play or App Store. 


Toggl Track

Are you looking for a tool that will be simple and powerful at the same time? If yes, Toggl Track will be a perfect decision!

This application was created for those people who often get lost in their time. They forget about important calls and meetings, they can even skip some of their plans. 

Toggl Track is famous for its simple interface. You don’t need any instruction to start using the app. Just download it and start tracking your time at once. 

Let’s take a look at the best features of Toggl Track:

  1. You can cover all of the devices you are using, including your smartphone, computer, and others. They will be synchronized automatically. Once you synchronize between your devices, the data will be updated on all of them when you have the connection to the Internet. 
  2. Enjoy time-saving features! Study your daily reports to see how exactly you spend your time. The app will give you a detailed report, highlighting the most important moments. You can request a special graph that will show you the data in a clear and simple way. 
  3. Integrate the app with your phone calendar. This will help you to see the timeline of your working day. In this case, you will be able to analyze your workflow and improve it later. 
  4. If you don’t like to use the keyboard, feel free to try Siri to control the work. Toggl Track is fully compatible with Siri, you can start to enjoy this function at the click of a button. 
  5. If you don’t like to rely on automatic mode, you can always switch to the manual one. In this case, you will be able to work with the settings yourself
  6. Toggl Track perfectly works offline. Of course, in this case, the range of functions will be limited. When you go back to the Internet, the data will be updated automatically. 

The app works very well in terms of technical support. The developer is fast to respond. 

Toggl Track has a very high rating. In Google Play, it is rated 4.5 out of 5, and in App Store, it is 4.9 out of 5. 

What is more, Toggl Track is fully free of charge with all of its functions. And the will be no ads! 


Timesheet – Time Tracker

Most people are worried about their workflow. The most popular problem is that it’s very hard to obtain control of their own time. 

If you feel you have the same problem, you should try Timesheet IO. This one the best time trackers. What is more, it is universal. The app will be a perfect solution for competitive and active teams, as well as for freelancers. 

What is more, this time tracker is a pretty simple tool. There are detailed instructions, which can help you understand all the functions. However, we can guarantee you won’t need it, as the interface is intuitive. 

Timesheet IO is packed with cool functions you will like:

  • Create projects and divide them into separate tasks. This will help you create a good strategy to achieve your goals. 
  • Once you finish your next working session, make sure you view the statistics on the time you spent on your goal. The app will display the data in various ways. It can be shown as text or graphs, such as pie charts or bars. This is a powerful tool for analyzing your workflow. 
  • The app is fully compatible with other services and applications. For example, you can easily export the data to Excel and other Microsoft services. 
  • Timesheet IO has a beautiful dark mode. Try it, not only does it change the style of the app but it also saves your phone battery power so it can last longer. 
  • The application works offline. Most of the functions will work no matter if you have access to the Internet or not. When you are online again, the data will be updated automatically. 
  • Timesheet IO supports universal links, so you can add as many details to your projects as you need. This technology will save you time and energy. 
  • If your phone doesn’t have enough memory, it’s not a problem. In this case, you can just synchronize the app with any Cloud service
  • To start using the app, you don’t need to make any special steps. You don’t even need to create an account.

There are some things you need to know about the privacy policy of the developer. Timesheet IO requires location permission and therefore, it collects this data. The developers also have access to contact info. All the data, except location, will be linked to you. 

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Timesheet IO is very small, even though there are many functions. Its size is about 45 MB only. 

The developers are constantly updating the application. However, if you face any bugs, feel free to contact technical support. They are usually fast to respond. 

The app is free of charge with no ads. This detail is highly appreciated and loved by the users. This is why Timesheet IO is rated 5 out of 5 on App Store. 

You can get the application on Google Play and App Store and obtain full control of your time. 



This is not a typical timesheet application but its functions are similar to the apps listed here, so we decided to include Hubstaff in the article. 

Hubstaff will be a great tool for the managers who are in charge of big teams. If you have a huge staff, you probably have problems trying to organize all of them. 

Let’s look at the best features of the app to see how it can help you improve your efficiency: 

  • Once you download the application, you need to tap the start button and choose the project you want to work with. The application will monitor what is going on at the office. To perform such a function, Hubstaff requires access to the location. 
  • The interface of the application is simple and intuitive. This smart feature will save you precious time. 
  • You can watch the information about your crew at any time. You will be able to see where they are at the moment and which goal they are working on. 
  • Forget about disrupted deadlines and buddy punching. If something goes wrong in the office, you will be the first to know about it. 
  • If you are afraid to forget about something important, Hubstaff can send you reminders and notifications. To activate this function, go to settings. 
  • Hubstaff is a truly universal tool. You can use it on your mobile phone, in your browser, or on your computer (including Linux, Windows, ChromeOS, and macOS). 
  • Perfect synchronization. If you use Hubstaff on multiple devices, the data will be updated automatically so you don’t need to perform any backups. 
  • To start using the service, you need to log in to your account or create it if you don’t have one. 
  • Hubstaff is 100% secure. The developers claim that they use special encryption technology to protect your data. 

What you need to know is that your battery life will be decreased. The reason for this is the usage of GPS in the background. Unfortunately, there is no way to reject access to your location. 

Hubstaff is free of charge. Both Android and iOS users can enjoy its wide range of functions. 


Timely Automatic Time Tracking

If you want to track time and save your energy, Timely will be a good decision. It has all the features of a typical timesheet application – accurate time trackers, flexible timesheets, automatic functions to update your data. 

Timely will work everywhere. You can use it on your smartphone, computer, or right in the browser. 

The app is full of cool functions: 

  • You can track time and budget. Create as many trackers as you want. To analyze the result, check the reports. This powerful tool will help you to find out when you waste your time and money on irrelevant things. 
  • To follow the plan, create schedules. You can edit them at any time. This data can be imported to other services, such as Excel. 
  • To see the process of achieving a huge goal, try dashboards. They will be efficient if you work in a big team. A dashboard is a perfect tool for collaborative work.
  • Privacy is a priority for developers. Even though they track data from GPS, your contact info, and some identifiers, they claim that this information won’t be given to a third party. 
  • The app is compatible with many services, such as Jira, Microsoft products, GitHub, Google Docs, Harvest, Asana, and many others. 

The app has two modes. You can use it for free but the range of functions will be strictly limited. However, if you hesitate to buy a subscription, you can go for a 14-day trial. In this period of time, you will get access to all of the features, including the premium ones. 

A monthly subscription will cost you 6.99$. If you want to enjoy the premium functions of the app, one month will cost you 13.99$. 

Even though there are many cool features, the size of Timely is 34.5 MB only. 

Please note that the application can be a bit buggy if you use it on Android. What is more, the app tracks your location, so your battery life will be a bit shorter. This refers to both Android and iOS devices. 

You can get Timely on Google Play and App Store and try this service for free. 


Time Doctor

If you feel that you can’t control your time at work or your team is working hard but you keep disrupting schedules, Time Doctor will be the best solution. 

What is more, the app has a pretty simple interface so you can use it even if you are not a professional manager. 

Here are the basic features of the application:

  • Time Doctor works as a simple time tracker for teams. You can track one task or multiple numbers of projects. Time Doctor will help you track the time spent on each of the tasks. 
  • Set targets to have a clear vision of what you need to do. 
  • Divide your tasks and goals into groups to obtain full control of your workflow.
  • Time Doctor will be especially effective at work. The best way to use it is to manage a competitive and ambitious team. However, you can use the app to track your private goals. 
  • The application has three screens to make the process of time tracking simple and interesting. The first screen is aimed at monitoring goals and tracking time. The second screen was created for viewing history. This will be especially good for the teams because you will see who made the changes and who was responsible for the tasks. The third screen shows statistics. This is a very powerful tool to analyze how your work is going. 
  • The app can represent the statistical data, providing you with pie charts and bars. This function will help you to analyze big amounts of data. 
  • Make sure you try Activity Timer. It will measure how long each of the tasks takes. The timer will keep working even if the app is closed. 

To start using Time Doctor, you need to give the application permission to access the Internet and use the storage. 

The app is available on Google Play only. It is free with ads. 



This is another good application aimed at tracking your timing, controlling your workflow, and managing a big team. The only difference is that the app is cloud-based. 

You can be sure that every member of your team will be 100% efficient with this simple and powerful tool. 

First of all, let us tell you how to use Apploye. To get access to all the features, you will need an account. To sign up, you will need an email address or a phone number. The app won’t ask you for private information, you can even use a fake name. To find your password, you need to visit the official website of Apploye and register there. 

Secondly, let’s look at the features of Apploye. They will increase your team’s productivity and help you achieve impressive results:

  1. Time Trackers are pretty simple. You can control it manually. When you need to start a new task, push the start button. When the work is over, tap the finish button. 
  2. If you work in a big team, you will need dashboards and online timesheets. This instrument will help your team members concentrate their efforts and energy to solve problems. 
  3. Create schedules and plans. You can export and send this data later. When you create a new task and appoint a person responsible for it. 
  4. It’s also important to monitor the progress. Apploye can make and send screenshots, locate your workers via GPS, and send you detailed reports. You can export them or send them via email and messengers. 

The app has a very high rating. It is rated 5 out of 5 on Google Play. Please note that the service requires access to your phone location. By the way, GPS can reduce your battery life.

You can get Apploye for free and start using it at once on Google Play.


Task Management: MeisterTask

Do you have problems with time management? If yes, MeisterTask will be a great way to solve such problems. 

The developer tried to create an application, which would be a powerful tool for big teams, good service with an intuitive interface. And we can say it was successful! 

MeisterTask can function everywhere. You can download the application and use it later on your mobile phone or tablet. If you tend to use a computer, download the desktop version. Or maybe you don’t like the thought of downloading anything on your device, feel free to go for the web version. 

Now let’s look at the advantages and main functions of MeisterTask:

  • It gives you the opportunity to store your projects’ data safely and organize it logically. Create dashboards to clearly see the workflow and main difficulties. Use mindmaps for efficient collaborative work in teams.
  • To keep your works in order, divide them into separate tasks and add them to groups. You can make an unlimited number of tasks for free.  
  • MeisterTask is similar to Kanban. This is a minimalistic way of managing your work. It is often used in big IT companies, such as Microsoft, Oracle, and JetBrains. 
  • To help your workers remember their duties, use checklists. To highlight something important and keep order, make your checklist predefined. 
  • If you are often absent from the office but need to control the process, try notifications. If something happens, you will be informed at once. 
  • To collaborate with each other, like and leave comments on other tasks. This is a powerful and simple tool for rapid and effective communication. 
  • Track time to analyze efficiency. MeisterTask has a special built-in widget, which will help you track time automatically. 

These were the basic functions, they are available right after the download. If you want more, Pro Plan is a good option. It contains the following functions:

  1. Recurring tasks. If you have some actions that need to be repeated, this function is a must. It will save you time and energy. In this case, you won’t have to create a new task every time it repeats. 
  2. Detailed reports. To manage the work efficiently, you can’t do without analyzing your work. We recommend that you view the statistics every day to see when you waste time doing irrelevant things. 
  3. Customize your workplace. You can try a beautiful dark mode and add your photos as background images. 
  4. To save your time, try automatic workflows. You won’t have to edit them manually. 

To start using the service, you need to create a free MeisterTask account. If you want to enjoy all the premium features for free, you can try them for 7 days. 

Unfortunately, MeisterTask is available for iOS users only. 


Here is another scheduling application. Its main feature is that it is a very lightweight tool. However, the number of features it can provide you with is fully impressive.

What can you use the app for? Here are the basic features of Everhour:

  • Its main function is to be a time tracker for teams. It will be especially effective if you work as a project manager.
  • The app is easily compatible with other services and resources. For instance, you can sync it with Trello, Jira, GitHub, and Asana. 
  • You can create as many tasks and timesheets as you need for your projects. Everhour will be the best decision for teams. 
  • To use the app, you need to have an Everhour account and log in. You need to do it after you download the app. You will log in to your account automatically later.

Please notice that this application is a beta version. If you don’t like the bugs (however, the developers are trying to fix them), feel free to try the website of Everhour. You need to use the same login and password to access your account. 

Unfortunately, the developer says nothing about its privacy policy. So we can’t guarantee that your data won’t be given to a third party.

The size of Everhour is very small for a time tracking app – it is 25 MB only. 

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