7 Best VHS apps for Android & iOS

Fashion is cyclical, as we all know, and trends often return after a while. The era of videotapes and video cameras has already passed by – it is hard to find a person who would buy a retro camera in our time.

However, the effects, that automatically appeared during shooting and photography, are stylish and beautiful enough that modern fashionists like. Despite the fact that such retro cameras are not relevant now, you can still get the effect of old photos. If you like Polaroid photos you may check our review on 9 Best Polaroid Frame Apps for Android & iOS.

We are not talking about that you just put a black and white effect on a photo or video. We are talking about special applications that turn a video or photo taken with a modern smartphone into real retro frames!

Some applications offer you to immerse yourself in that past atmosphere by transforming a video into a VHS footage that closely mimics VHS tapes. We’ve found 7 of the best iOS & Android apps for you to imitate VHS tapes in your newest smartphone.

RAD VHS Camcorder

rad vhs camcorderA lot of celebrities use retro filters in their videos, social media publications, and so on. RAD VHS Camcorder is an application that will help you feel closer to popular people, as you will use the same effects as they do. Want to repeat a picture of Justin Bieber or Kylie Jenner? Then you’ll need a special utility.

The RAD VHS Camcorder application has many different functions to help you process your pictures. These features include VHS-style shooting, changing the date displayed on a photo or video, editing a finished video, or shooting with filters applied immediately.

You can add some elements specific to your old shooting – like the date in the corner of the image, music, or something else. For those people who will be actively using the RAD VHS Camcorder in processing, it is possible to buy a paid subscription.

rad vhs camcorder1 rad vhs camcorder2


Vaporgram: Vaporwave, VHS & Glitch Photo Editor

vaporgramVHS is one of the effects often used in steamwave style. If you want to make your photos more aesthetic, you can easily use the Vaporgram app for this purpose.

It has a huge number of tools to customize and change your snapshots, and the interface is easy to understand from the first use. The user interface is inspired by the design of old computers, so you’ll feel this style even during the editing.

In addition to the VHS effect, there are other effects in Vaporgram – RGB, Glitch, 3D, and others. Also, you will be able to turn your photos into real Polaroid photos, which are becoming popular again.

Vaporgram combines an antique camera with different photo effects, as well as different elements and stickers that express the atmosphere of the pictures.

Customize the entire image to the smallest detail – even the thickness of the lines added to the photo. Use retro stickers for more style.

vaporgram1 vaporgram2


1967: Vintage Camera + Photo Editor

19671967 is one of the recommended applications on the App Store, which is presented as one of the best in the category “Photo editing”. Here you can get photos from analog cameras, as well as edit existing photos from your collection.

No more wasting time printing photos or tormenting yourself in the photo lab – everything will be done with your smartphone in one application.

There are a huge number of different filters in the 1967 app, each of them having its own variations. You can change the color scheme yourself or enhance the VHS effect. All possible effects are divided into 2 categories – paid and free.

The premium collection has the ability to make automatic correction of color and light while expanding the catalog of existing features. If you want to take a photo on an old camera without using it in reality, 1967 will help you.

19671 19672


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VHS Cam – Retro 80s Camcorder

vhs camcorder retro 80sThe VHS effect is considered one of the best effects for the video that has ever been used. The effect automatically immerses you in the atmosphere you had in the ’80s, and you can look just like you did when you were a child (either as a young person or just feel like you’re in the past).

VHS Cam is an application that does a great job of emulating a real camera from the past, and that’s why users download it.

Here you can start shooting videos with this effect right away – and then send them to your friends right away. It can be both a practical joke (look, I found an old camera!) and stylish and interesting content.

You can use your smartphone as an old camera because you can zoom in and out, as well as shoot in the realism style. The free version of VHS Cam has a time limit – it will automatically shoot if you buy a subscription.

vhs camcorder retro 80s1 vhs camcorder retro 80s2


VHS Cam – Retro Camcorder FX

vhs camThis application has an incredibly simple interface that you will learn as soon as you start shooting. Your iPhone will turn into a vintage camera that records everything that happens around you.

If you decide to buy a VHS Cam subscription, you’ll get a year of free access to a huge number of effects, as well as the full functionality of the app.

With the VHS Cam app, you can either shoot videos or overlay effects on what you’ve already shot. Since most retro cameras have a date displaying the time and date of shooting, it is also presented here. You can change it as you wish, as well as remove it from the image completely.

For taking pictures in the dark, your smartphone will automatically turn on the flashlight, which will also add excitement to the picture. Change the date, change filters while you’re shooting and overlay sound effects and music to get great material.

vhs cam1 vhs cam2


1984 Cam – VHS Camcorder

19841984 Cam is a special application that offers users different VHS-style video effects. Your shoot will look like a recording from an old videotape you found somewhere in the attic.

The 1984 Cam will help bring back that forgotten atmosphere of shooting in the 80s when the camcorder was a real piece of art. In order to get the atmospheric video, you will need to select it from the gallery and record it in advance.

With 1984 Cam, you’ll be able to record VHS-style video right away, and the app will pick the best effect for you. You’ll also be able to change it yourself by adding something new. As with all older cameras, you’ll be able to zoom in and out and everything happens exactly as it used to.

In 1984 Cam, the RGB modes are presented separately. You’ll be able to focus, zoom in, and shoot the whole landscape around you, sending your friends stylish and atmospheric videos. Become a real modern fashion director!

19841 19842


FIMO – Analog Camera

fimoIf you are in love with the style and beauty of photos taken with old cameras, now you can recreate them yourself.

The FIMO application has several different effects that allow you to turn a modern quality photo into a real retro card, which will contain all the features of a real photo. Dust, scratches, flickering, light leakage and more to match pictures from the past – it’s all yours now.

All in all, FIMO has 7 different presets that follow the styles of different old film cameras. The photos you get as a result will look like real photo rolls and videos that were taken decades ago.

It is worth noting that FIMO has no advertising, and all filters are used for free. The effects you apply will really help your shot look very stylish.

fimo1 fimo2


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Few people remain really committed to old technology. In the 1980s, many people admired videos and photos taken with old cameras. Even with modern technology, you will be able to experience the atmosphere of the past or create something stylish that is fundamentally different from today’s photos.

With the help of such effects, you will be able to diversify the photos and videos that you post to social networks, as well as to make something interesting. Styling to the past is always relevant, the main thing is a good idea and your good mood. We hope that you were able to find a handy application for VHS shooting with our article.

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