9 Best Photo Morphing Apps for Android & iOS

Do you enjoy making creative photo edits? This article has you covered!

There are lots of photo morphing apps for Android & iOS that enable you to merge together two pics or more. The majority of these apps are dedicated to animal morphing but there are some that can cope with other stuff as well.

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Here’s the list of the 9 best apps in that category you should try. Take a look!

Pic Morph – Morph Faces

Pic Morph

Let’s start with еру Pic Morphapp. This is an app that lets you make cool blending animations without much effort.

This app facilitates you to capture the pic-blending transition between two pics and save it as GIF or a vid. Thereby, the app covers a wide range of pics you can compound your selfies with. There are such categories as portraits, child pics, horror pics, and animalistic images. All the pics are HQ so no worries about that.

However, you need to consider that you can not add two pics for a mix— you may only pick the base layer one. The app also uses smart techs that will help you to select the right photos that match by size, so they would layer on each other perfectly.

Plus, the app will also warn you in case your face is not fully visible in the pic so it won’t be able to morph it. Once the pics are chosen ad the blend is done you get to save it as a GIf or a vid. The app does have quite a lot of ads that you can not remove so keep that in mind.

Pic Morph 1 Pic Morph 2


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Face Morph

Face Morph

Face Morph is an app that empowers you to mix your portraits with stunning animals.

The app runs on smart techs that automatically recognize your face for further layering. Therewith, you should only choose the pics where your face is fully visible or the transformation just won’t happen. Plus, the pics better be taken with good lighting cause the bad one may also affect the quality of the morph.

The app has a huge compilation of pics you can mingle your selfies with — there are not only images of animals but also famous drawings and more. In case you don’t like any of the pics you may add your own ones. All you have to do is to select the shots and the app will do the rest.

Then, you may save the captured layering process as a vid or a GIF. As for the disadvantages of the app, you won’t get to regulate the pic turning speed or the amount of transitioning shots. At that, there are lots of ads you can’t get rid of.

Face Morph 1 Face Morph 2


Pic Morph Wild Mix

Pic Morph Wild Mix

Pic Morph Wild Mix is another app that facilitates you to modify your image and add an animalistic vibe to it.

Apart from most of its sister apps, this one can deal with more than just a pic blend. This app may add an animalistic texture to your lips, make your eyes look wild, ad add some other nature-inspired patterns to your skin. The app also covers various animal-inspired backgrounds you can add to your shots.

As for the morpher, it’s slightly different from all the other apps on our list. The trick is — you don’t get to pick two shots and compound them together. Your goal here is to add a pic and select the animalistic texture you want to apply to it. The app treats such textures as tiger skin, snakeskin, feathers, and more.

The morphing tool in this app is highly customizable as well. You get to select a textured rush and paint all the areas you want. In case you’ve accidentally done some extra painting, you can easily erase it. Once you’re done you get to adjust the depth of the texture and control the blend strength.

Pic Morph Wild Mix 1 Pic Morph Wild Mix 2


Animal Face Maker App

Animal face

As you may guess by the title, Animal Face Maker is a blending app that will blend your shots with other ones.

In case you’ve ever aspired to see how an animal pic would layer on your own — this is a one-stop app for you. Apart from its sister apps, this one doesn’t blend two shots together so you won’t get an animal pic as a result. Instead, this app has a compilation of pet faces that look like masks and you may apply them to your selfies.

The only thing you need to consider using this app is that you better select the selfies where your profile is completely visible and you look straight at the cam. Otherwise, the mask may not look good on you. The app treats such masks as a lion face, various bird faces, a cat face, and more.

In case the mask doesn’t look as expected you may use an eraser to get rid of all the extra parts. You may also zoom and twist the layers to match your pic perfectly. Plus, you can combine different options to make your selfies look as creative as possible. You also add get to outstanding animalistic elements such as snake eyes, claws, fangs, and so on.

Animal face 1 Animal face 2


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Face Swap & Morph Animation Maker

Face swap morph

Face Swap & Morph is a morpher app that facilitates you to transpose your pics.

Along with morphing your images this app also facilitates you to capture the blending process and save it as a GIF or a vid. Thereby, you can choose whatever pics you want — the only rule is their sizes should match. Plus, you should pick the portraits where your face is entirely visible to get nice results.

The good news is the app actually helps you to pick the right pics according to their size and offers you to crop them if needed. In case you don’t like how the outcoming morph shows up you can modify the blending process by zooming the layered pic and dragging it as needed. The trick here is to layer an animal’s eyes on yours.

In addition, there are usually 4 pics in-between the blend and you can’t accommodate this number. You also can not regulate the merging speed or the transition effect. Once your morph is ready you could save it in several formats or share it right from the app.

face swap 1 face swap 2


Face Morph: Animal Face

face morph animalFace Morph is another pics blender that will add a wild animalistic vibe to your pics.

The central goal of this app is to let you merge your pics with pet ones and quickly cope up with stunning morphs. This app has a wide compilation of HQ pet images you can compound with your selfies — from cats to cheetahs, tigers, wolves, and more. At that, the app adds new animal pics quite frequently which is nice.

Thereby, you get to customize the layering process by erasing bits of layered pic, flipping them, and moving as you want. Plus, you may zoom the pics and mirror them. The best trick here is to place an animal image to match with a person’s eyes. You also need to remember to pick the shots where your face is fully visible.

The app also covers such modes as part morph, split tool, and more. These modes enable you to regulate the intercity of the blend and erase some parts of it. Once the transformation is done you may decorate the shot with captures and add color correcting filters such as noir ones.

face morph animal 1 face morph animal 2


Animal face

Animal face safari

The next app also lets you mingle your images with an animal one.

This app includes a wide compilation of various pet pics you can transpose into. There are cats, dogs, lions, wolves, and even giraffes. All you need to do here is to pick a shot of your own and then an animal you would like to morph into.

Therewith, you may rater pick a shot from your gallery, take a new one, or even upload it from your SM. The rest of the morphing process happens automatically and you can’t really do much else here.

In case you’re willing to get the best possible results to make sure to select the pics that fully show your face and have decent lighting. Thus, your face will be identified correctly. You can’t regulate the blending depth or erase some components of the blend. Once it is done, you may save the pic or share it right from the app.

Animal face safari 1 Animal face safari 2


Morphy – Face Morph GIF

MorphyMorphy is an app that authorizes you to capture stunning time-lapse transitions between two pics.

The main goal of this app is to not only let you morph two pics together but capture a time-lapse of the blending process. Wherein, you can make all kinds of morphing — a person and an animal, morphing into a celeb, or just the transition between your child’s shots.

Plus, you may add as many images as you want and the app will make the merging automatically. You also get to switch the order of the pics and the face points for blending. It has to be mentioned, you get to connect and align all the pics in line as your like.

As for the celebs and pets, the app has a massive compilation of HQ shots you may use for your morphs. Plus, the new images are being joined quite regularly so there’re always new combos you can try. Once all the pics are selected and aligned, you get to view the layering transition and save it as a GIF or a vid. You may also share it straight from the app.

Morphy 1 Morphy 2


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Beauty Face Plus


And lastly, Beauty Face Plus is a blending app that will transpose your shots with pet ones.

The app treats four classes of pic mix— the regular one, the part one, and split one. Plus, there are over 50 images you can layer on your own — from cats and dogs to lions, monkeys, and even birds. The app renews its collection quite recently so if you’re a big fan of such edits you’ll always have something new to try.

In case you’ll go for the part face mix you’ll get to decide the area the animal mask will be placed on. Herewith, you get to flip the mask, mirror it, and erase all the unneeded parts. You’ll also get to adjust the blending strength and soften the edges if needed. And if you don’t want to go for a full face mix you can just try on animal eyes.

The app also covers a classic face blend that fully turns your selfie into an animalistic pic. Herewith, it’s better for your shot to include your whole face with good lighting. This tool also lets you capture the transition process and save it as GIF or a vid.

InstaFace 1 InstaFace 2


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