8 Best Videos to MP3 Converter Apps for Android & iOS

Sick of online converting services? Then keep reading this article!

There are plenty of videos to MP3 converter apps for Android & iOS that will cope with all the video and audio formats you may need. These apps don’t have any time limits, so you can convert the vids of any length and not worry about the web connection loss. However, this app won’t work with online vids — there’s a whole category of YouTube to MP3 converters for that.

We’ve gathered together the 8 best apps in that category you may try. Take a look!

Mp3 Converter

mp3 conventer

Let’s start with a standard MP3 converter that will cover a wide variety of audio formats.

The main goal of this app is to let you turn video files into audio ones easy as pie. The mechanics are quite simple — you pick a vid and a format you wanna convert it to, and the app will cope with the rest. In case you wanna go a bit deeper you may also adjust the sample rate and a timed range, but it’s totally optional.

Along with the audio format, this app also covers all the most-used video types, so you won’t have trouble with that. The converter works fast, so you won’t have to wait long. Of course, the longer the original vid is, the more time conversation will take, but it won’t be too long anyway.

As for the UI, it’s very intuitive, so you’ll quickly figure out how everything works here. The design is quite basic, but it doesn’t look old-school which is nice. Once the process is finished, the app will save the result at your gallery, so you can listen to it at any time. Besides, you get to share the result with your mates via email or any other messenger if needed.

mp3 conventer 1 mp3 conventer 2


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MP3 Video Converter

mp3 video conventer

Next, we have one of the most popular converters on the market.

Why is this app so popular? Well, we can’t say it for sure, but the guess is — it’s functional and minimalistic at the same time. Openly speaking, for those of you who appreciate the design aspect of apps this one may even seem boring. But does the visual part really matter for this kind of apps? Probably not, but it’s a question of taste.

As for usability, this app covers all the essential features you may need from it. The main tool of this app is the converter that gets you to turn videos into audios with a couple of taps. Herewith, the app covers a wide range of video and audio formats so the chances the needed type is not included is very low.

Beyond that, the app also covers extended adjustments tools such a bitrate, meta info, and more. For instance, you’ll get to fill in the title of the file, add a description, pick an artist, and all that. The converting process takes a couple of secs, and you can pick the place to save the file in.

mp3 video conventer 1 mp3 video conventer 2


Video to Mp3

Video to Mp3

This is a classic converter app that will convert any vid into audio.

This app is incredibly easy to use — you just need to pick a vid from your gallery along with the format you wanna turn it into. It needs to be said, the app covers all the most used formats of both vids and audios so no concerns about that. Beyond that, you may also customize the bitrate, the sample rate, and more.

Another nice thing about this app is the fact that it lets you crop the original vid (which helps a lot if you just need to convert a small part of it). It’s getting done easily — just pick the start and end position and that’s it. The converting process doesn’t take long, and you’ll get to preview the audio before saving it.

By the way, you may not only pick the folder to save the result in but share it as well. Herewith, the app lets you send the file via any social network, messenger, or email. You may even import the file to a cloud service if needed. The app also covers some paid tools, but you can easily cope without them.

Video to Mp3 1 Video to Mp3 2


Video to MP3 Converter

vid to mp3

Need a simple converting instrument? You can’t go wrong with this one.

It’s an ultimate converting and merging instrument that lets you turn vids into audios, trim them, and even make your own ringtones. Well, first things first, right? You’re here for the converter so let’s talk about it first. The good thing is — the app covers all the most used formats of vids and audios so you on’ have troubles with that.

Plus, the app lets you process up to 15 vids at one time without losing the converting speed. You may also edit the meta tag with the title, album, genre, and so on. Besides, there’s a trimmer that lets you not convert the whole vid — only a part of it. However, you may also covert the vid and trip the resulting audio — it’s up to you.

As for the quality, the app doesn’t affect it in any way, which is nice. As it was mentioned, the app also covers a ringtone maker, so you can save the audio as a call sound. You may also merge vids and audios and save the result as a whole new file. The app doesn’t have any paid tools, so your money is safe with it.

vid to mp3 1 vid to mp3 1


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Here’s quite a unique kind of app — it’s a converter and music player at the same time. How these things may be connected? Let’s find out!

The main feature of this app is the converter that lets you turn video files into MP3 ones. Herewith, it needs to be said that apart from its sister apps, this one only supports MP3 format so keep that in mind. Other than that, it’s quite a standard converter that copes with the process quickly and doesn’t affect the quality of the sound.

The UI is simple as well — just pick the vid from your gallery and edit the metadata such as a title, an artist, an album, and all that. Once the process is done, you may rather save the vid or share it with your pals via SM or messengers. You may also open the resulting file with other apps right away.

Moving on to a music player. The thing is, the app will save all the converted tracks in a built-in gallery, and you’ll get to play them at any time (just like you would with any third-party player). Herewith, this player runs offline, and you get to rename the songs as you want at any time.

MyMP3 1 MyMP3 2


Video converter to mp3

vid converter to mp3

It’s a fast converter app that can cope with all your needs.

What this app does is basically turns your phone into an offline video converter that turns any vid into audio. Apart from its name, the app doesn’t let you convert vids that are not on your device so keep that in mind. The good thing is the app doesn’t low down the quality of the sound and the converting process doesn’t take long.

Of course, it will take a while to cope with an hour-long vid, but that’s quite predictable. Beyond that, the app lets you trim the vid which is quite handy — you just need to place the start and endpoint. There’s also a ringtone maker that lets you cut the audios, edit them, and set them as a ringtone.

You may also edit the audio tag — the title, the genre, the album, and so on. Once the process is done, you may rather save the file or send it to your pals via messengers or any SM. Besides, the app is free, and it won’t charge you for any tool.

vid converter to mp3 1 vid converter to mp3 2


Media Converter

Media Converter

As you may guess by the name, it’s a media converter that can cope with all video and audio formats.

This app has three kinds of tools — extractor, converter, and compressor. At the first glance, the app may seem overloaded and hard to understand, but it’s actually quite intuitive. The first one extracts (obviously) audio from the vid and saves it as a whole new file. By using this tool you’ll get a file in MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC, and other similar formats.

Then, there’s a conversion tool with such output formats as an MP3, MOV, MKV, and all that. In other words, you’ll just get a video or an audio file in the other format. And we’ve also got a compression tool that is intended for cropping the vid and turning it into clips. Herewith, none of these tools affect the nice quality.

The app also opens zip and rar archives right away, so you won’t need an extra app for that. Additionally, there’s a universal video player that covers all the possible formats and lets you preview any vid. You may also share the outcome files at your SM or send them to anyone you need. The app is fully free with no paid content so no worries about that.

Media Converter 1 Media Converter 2


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Video To MP3 Converter

vid to mp3 converter

And lastly, we have a fully-featured converting app with a built-in editor.

This app can cope with converting any vid to any audio, so you won’t have problems with formats. Plus, you may select a time frame on vids to not convert them entirely — sounds like an unneeded tool, but it’s a life savior when it comes to longer vids. You may also adjust the bitrate, frequency, and other metrics like that.

Plus, you can customize the tag by adding a title, a genre, an artist, and so on. You may even add fading effects to audio if needed. There’s also a ringtone maker that lets you trim audios and set them as notification or alarm sounds.

This app provides you with HQ output so no concerns about the quality of the sound. As for the editing tool, it lets you add a slow-motion effect and merge vids and audios as well. There’s also a one-tap audio player in case you’ll need to preview the file. The UI is super easy and thee all the features are free.

vid to mp3 converter 1 vid to mp3 converter 2


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