10 VPN Apps For Android With Free Plans 2023 (Limits Shown)

Nowadays, the market for VPN apps is so big that it seems impossible to navigate. That’s what this article is here for!

There are plenty of VPN apps for Android with free plans that let you access any geo-blocked content regardless of your location. These apps provide you with a fast and stable VPN connection while taking care of your online privacy. Plus, all these apps come with solid free plans, so you can save your money here.

We’ve gathered together the 10 best apps in that category you may try. Have a look!


Proton VPN

Let’s start with one of the most favored VPN apps.

Sooth to say, the free version of this app is so good, there are practically no reasons to pay for a pro one. The free plan covers all the needs of an average user, such as unlimited bandwidth and a no log-ins policy. Thus, you get unlimited VPN sessions while staying perfectly safe online.

As for the servers, the app covers over 1,4K options around the globe, but all of them are only available for pro subs. In case you’re saving your money, you’ll only get to pick from 3 servers, but all of them are equally great. Honestly, in most cases, you won’t even feel the need to use some other servers.

Besides, the app lets you access almost any global website, including the entertaining ones like Netflix, Hulu, and stuff. The same goes for retailing platforms, so no worries here. The free version lets you link up to 10 devices, so feel free to share with all your mates. You’ll even get to use an ad-blocker if needed.

Proton VPN 1 Proton VPN 2 


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Tomato VPN

Next, we have a VPN that all gamers will love.

First of all, the app comes with a totally usable free version. It works fast and stable, doesn’t limit you in any way, and protects your privacy online – what else would you ask for? The app will hide your IP address ad encrypt the web traffic to keep you all the way safe. Plus, it comes with a tool that turns public Wi-Fi into a private network.

The app also covers a private browser that you can turn with one tap. As for the servers, you’ll get plenty of options in over 60 places around the globe, so the coverage is nice as well. You’ll get to access any website or app no matter where you actually are. Herewith, the app won’t only limit the speed of your device – it will make it even faster.

As for the gamers, the app covers a ping booster that will reduce network latency and let you change the game host. You’ll also get to set extra password protection if needed. It was already mentioned that the app is free, but you’ll still have to watch ads from time to time.

Tomato VPN 2 Tomato VPN 1


Norton Secure 

Norton Secure

This app is a must-have for those who want to get security on the internet.

Of course, the main feature of this app is a VPN tool, but it gives you solid protecting instruments as well. You’ll get to change your virtual location with one tap by choosing one of the global servers. The app covers plenty of options, so there’s smth for everyone. All the servers scale to the number of users, so you won’t have any performance problems.

The app comes with a no log-ins policy, and it doesn’t keep the history of your sessions as well. Besides, there’s a split tunneling tool that provides you with the most secure traffic possible. Your online activity will be hidden from ads and all that. There’s also a kill switch that will automatically disconnect you from the web if there are any issues with the VPN connection.

Moe to that, the app will keep you safe while connecting to public Wi-Fi by making your data unreadable. The app runs on sub packs, but there’s a free trial that lets you decide if it is worth the money. You’ll still need to give credit card details to get a trial, though.

Norton Secure 1 Norton Secure 2 




If you’ve ever searched for a VPN tool, you’ve probably come across this one. There are two reasons for that: firstly, the app has a major audience, and secondly – it is widely promoted by the influencers.

Herewith, the app totally worth the hype: it has an intuitive UI, and provides you with high speed, and powerful security tools. Plus, the app covers over 3K servers in 60 locations around the world, so the coverage is great here. You’ll also get an unlimited number of sessions at once, so you can use it along with your fam and friends.

The app gives you access to all your fave geo-blocked websites and apps, no matter where you are. It is compatible with tablets and laptops, so you can stay safe with any device. The app comes with a cipher, so you can stay safe while surfing the web.

You may also add an app’s widget to your home screen to access it in the fastest way. A paid sub-pack starts from $2 a month, but you can get a free trial (after giving your card details). There are also lots of discount codes online, so you can get a major discount as well.

Surfshark VPN 1 Surfshark VPN 2 


Turbo VPN 

Turbo VPN

As you may guess by the name, this app is known for its speed booster tools.

The app provides you with an unlimited proxy with high speed and stable performance. It covers hundreds of servers around the globe, so no worries about that coverage. You’ll get to load all your fave sites, and apps, and improve your gaming exp right away.

There are no limits on the time of the sessions and the number of devices for one account. Plus, the app comes with a chipper that will take care of your online privacy. Your IP will remain hidden from hackers and ads, and you’ll get to set public Wi-Fi protection if needed.

Beyond that, there’s a speed booster that lets you enjoy vids, live sports, and games without lags and delays. The app even has its own free library you can access at any time. It runs on sub packs, but the free version is totally usable as well.

Turbo VPN 1 Turbo VPN 2 


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Here’s another popular VPN app that will keep an eye on your privacy.

The app comes with an intuitive UI, so even if you’ve never used a VPN before, you’ll be able to cope within. It has a one-tap connection button that you can turn into a widget if needed. The app covers plenty of servers that will be automatically picked to avoid any web traffic jams.

The app covers all the popular entertaining websites such as Netflix, and all the most-used online stores, so no worries here. As for the speed, there seems to be no lags and delays, and the performance itself is quite stable. Moreover, there’s a booster that will make the performance 30% faster.

The web guard tool will keep your IP hidden and will protect you from malware and other possible threats. The app runs on sub packs, that give you access to advanced features. However, the free version is good enough to save money on the paid one. 1 2 




It’s a fully free VPN service that lets you access any geo-blocked content.

It’s one of a few totally free apps: there are no paid features or packs at all, and you get a fully-featured proxy app as well. You can still pay to get rid of ads, but it’s totally unnecessary. It covers hundreds of fast servers around the globe, so the coverage is nice here. The overall performance is also stable, so no worries about the crashes.

Plus, there’s no need for registration, so you can be sure your sessions won’t be tracked. Beyond that, the app doesn’t limit you in seed or bandwidth, which is great. It only takes one tap to connect to the server, but you won’t get to choose a specific one (which is totally fine, though).

It runs on powerful encryption that will guard your safety and claims to not collect any personal data. You’ll be protected from hackers, ads, and any other third-party tracking. Plus, you’ll also get to catch all the data breaches and pick the server to link to.

SuperVPN 1 SuperVPN 2 



Windscribe VPN

Next, we have a powerful VPN service that lets you unblock any restricted content.

The app runs on sub packs, but the free one is totally usable. You’ll get access to all the favored streaming platforms and online stores without paying, which is nice. It has servers in over 60 countries, so you won’t have issues with coverage.

However, the free pack does limit you in terms of data: you only get 10 GB for a month. Let’s be real—it’s only enough to watch a couple of episodes, but it’s enough for readable content. The app requires registration, so you’ll need to give your email here. On the one hand, registration seems like a limit, but it doesn’t like you for card details, so why not?

In case you’ll decide to skip that step, you’ll be limited to 2 GB instead of 10. The app comes with a chipper, so you’ll get to surf the web privately. Your session history won’t be saved, and there are also a couple of tunneling options to pick from to regulate the speed. The free pack also gives you an ad blocker and a kill switch.

Windscribe VPN1 Windscribe VPN2 




This is a fast proxy app that is incredibly easy to use.

The app is simple to set up as there is practically no configuration needed. All you need to do here is to click the button to link to the server, and that’s it. You may rather pick the country manually or go for a random one. You’ll get connected to the fast and secure server by default, so no concerns about that.

The app is optimized to regulate the number of users per server, so there won’t be any stability issues. The speed is also nice, and there are no delays as well. There’s also a chipper, so the third parties won’t get to track your activity. Plus, the app doesn’t require a log-in and doesn’t save the history of your sessions. There’s also a tool to protect you while using public Wi-Fi.

Besides, there are no usage limits, and you can use one acc ton multiple devices. The app also has a PC version if needed. It runs on sub packs, but you can go for a free version without losing much. The free pack includes some ads, but not too many.

Thunder 1 Thunder 2 


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And lastly, we have an app with one of the best free programs of all.

In case you are one of those people who find VPN services too complicated to use – you have to try this one. The app comes with an intuitive UI, so anyone could cope with it without any effort. It has over 5K mainframes around the globe, so no concerns about the coverage. You may rather go for an auto-pick, or choose the country on your own.

Besides, the app covers various tunneling options that you can use to regulate the speed. As for the speed, the app doesn’t lower your device and loading. It even has a booster to speed up the performance. The link is stable, so there won’t be any delays and crashes.

Speaking of security, the app has a chipper to keep your online activity private and secure. There’s also a kill switch that will automatically stop your web connection if there will be problems with the VPN. The app runs on sub packs that start with $3 a month, which is not much, compared to others.

NordVPN 1 NordVPN 2 


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