Vocly App Review

Are you dreaming about learning to speak a new foreign language but you struggle to learn even the basic vocabulary? Then you should definitely pay attention to this app. It includes more than 50 languages in its base so everyone for sure will find something they are looking for.

What is more, Vocly is not just another mediocre app for learning words as flashcards in a random way. All the vocabulary here is divided into categories and you can choose anything that you want to learn in the first place. By the way, there is a separate Vocly app for each language that you can download.

And with the usage of the mouth-taking apps, the process of learning foreign languages will become even more exciting and fun.


In order to use the app you need first to create your account – it will take approximately 1 minute. You can create a separate account for an app or use your Google account for accessing the app.

Depending on the language you choose, on the main page, you will see the categories listed where you can explore new vocabulary. Depending on the topic, you will find all the possible types of words – there will be verbs, nouns, adjectives, and more.

Each word is pronounced and written – so you can memorize spelling and pronunciation. It is important to note that until you learn the first block of vocabulary you can’t move on to the more complex ones, so all the process is quite structured.

In order to memorize the new vocabulary better, you can take screenshots and then convert them into sketches so they look more official. Then you can print them and stick them somewhere on the wall so they’re always in from of your eyes.

In the first line of categories, you will find the most necessary ones, such as numbers, verbs, colors, and questions. Even by memorizing those simple words, you will be able to build a simple conversation in the language you are studying.


Vocly is remarkable for its minimalistic interface so nothing will distract you from the learning process. Apart from the main page, you can go to your profile where you can track your progress and see at which stage you’re currently at considering the learning of a language.

When you only start to learn a language you should listen to the native speech a lot. However, trying to understand speech in the movies right from the beginning can be quite difficult. We recommend starting with the cartoons.

All in all, Vocaly is a super convenient app to learn the vocabulary of any language fast. It is extremely convenient in usage and you can spend here as much time at a day as you want – there is no time pressure or anything like that. So you can relax and enjoy the process of memorizing – you’ll see it can be really fun!



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