Intervalometer App Review

Nowadays time-lapse photography is getting more and more popular. The only problem – it’s not a very easy task with digital photography. Of course, there are time-lapse apps but you can find some of them unreliable and others just don’t do their job. However, we found just an app! Intervalometer by MobilePhoton is our new photo friend.

Intervalometer is a great app for making great videos. In order to create an incredible movie, for example, in the vlog style, you should definitely layer the music on it using the special apps.

You don’t need to make an account, just download it and start using it at once. And it’s full of useful options that we haven’t seen in any other similar app.


For example, unlike the majority of other apps Intervalometer offers full control in any camera mode. Whether it is HDR, night mode, light-painting, manual mode, or telephoto you can manage it as you like.

The app also offers full exposure time-lapse with full manual/RAW control. The configuration includes a delay timer, interval time, and a number of shots.

And just like recording the time-lapse vids, you can also experiment and create videos with the stop-motion effect.

The light painting mode supports 2-time interval features. You can choose the interval to start and stop the process.
Intervalometer works not only with smartphones but with remote apps from Canon, Sony, Nikon and others. It is very flexible and customizable.

In order to achieve super high-quality pictures, there is an option of image stacking in post-process. Take your photography to a whole different level.


The customer service has never been better. If you encounter any difficulty while using this app or don’t understand how to customize it they will answer your question immediately whether via email or in the Store.

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The app is updated regularly as the developers want to make it the best one on the market. We have never been happier with the app. It has everything necessary, practical design, offers features that are not present in other similar apps. Intervalometer, undoubtedly, has set very high standards for all the other time-lapse applications.


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