5 Best VR Fitness Apps for Android & iOS

If you ever get bored by training and looking for a way to work out more efficiently, this article is for you.

We’ve picked up the 5 best VR fitness apps for Android & iOS you could try. VR will take your workout game to a whole new level: it will stop feeling like a chore and turn into a fun adventure instead. These apps will gamify your fitness journey and make you want to come back to training again and again. Let’s dive in!



That’s a fun app that will turn your fitness into an entertaining game.

The main goal of this one is to make your fitness fun, so you’d want to go back to it and stay on the journey. It is fully compatible with VR headsets that let you immerse into workouts right away. You can also sync it with your fitness bracelets and smartwatch to track calories, heart rate, earning XP, and all that.

The app covers such activities as VR fitness games, yoga, running, and more. You may even create a full-on virtual avatar that looks just like you to make the process more fun. Plus, the app lets you compete against yourself, trying to beat your own score. Thus, you’ll stay motivated and won’t skip sessions of workout.

You can also join public challenges and see your score on a worldwide leaderboard. There are plenty of achievements for you to unlock, and each one will be a reward for achieving certain goals. The non-VR version also lets you track progress during hiking, swimming, lifting, and so on.


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It’s a fitness companion app that lets you do fitness at home.

This is an immersive VR fitness platform that provides you with daily workouts from top coaches and lets you ask everything you want to know about fitness. You may rather do workouts along with real coaches, listen to activity-boosting music, or enjoy gorgeous landscapes for relaxation after an exhausting session.

You get to build and customize your profile and add up to four members to it. The app lets you mark the type of workouts you’re interested in, follow friends and worldwide users, and check out a global leaderboard. For now, the lib includes over 50 workouts, meditations, and stretching lessons for you to try, so you won’t run out of content for a while.

You can also pick one of the VR experiences to play while you’re doing fitness. The app also integrates with Spotify and lets you load special workout playlists right away. The same goes for fitness bracelets: you can sync them up to track heart rate, burnt calories, and all that. You’ll get to set weekly goals and track your progress on an in-depth history page.

Supernatural 1
Supernatural 2



This app provides you with a new way to exercise.

It features a wide lib of professionally made workouts hosted by the world’s top trainers. There are sessions of practically any kind: classic fitness, stretching, dancing, and much more. And with the help of your VR headset, you’ll get to exercise in loads of energizing locations. You can try new classes and VR experiences every day, the new ones get added on a regular basis.

Plus, the app lets you work out with your friends in real-time. You can browse through multiple classes and save the ones you’d like to try. The app also lets you set goals and schedule your sessions with a built-in calendar. Once the goal is accomplished, you’ll get rewarded with streaks.

The app saves the history of your training, so you could track your progress at any time needed. It provides you with in-depth progress graphs with all your results and workout stats. In case you would like to get the most detailed stats, make sure to sync the app with your fitness bracelet as well.

FitXR 1
FitXR 2

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Here’s an app that will transform your fitness game once and for all.

It’s a VR fitness app that lets you exercise, cycle, or row your stationary exercise equipment while exploring stunning immersive worlds. But it’s not just a compilation of VR experiences. The app covers multiple kinds of exercises, cardio sessions, and much more. There are even a couple of virtual coaches to guide you through the fitness journey.

As for the environment, there are plenty of options including major cities, rainforests, islands, Antarctica, and much more. For now, there are over 1o environments and over 50 workout classes for you to try. The main goal of this is to distract you from the actual workouts, so you wouldn’t get the desire to stop it and go mind your business.

The environments are fully immersive and if you’re training with an exercise bike, you’ll have a feeling like you’re actually riding through some location. The app even has a multiplayer mode that lets you train along with your friends (or a coach). You can also set goals and track progress on a history page.


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And lastly, there’s an app for all boxing lovers out there.

This is an app that lets you use a VR headset during boxing training. With this app, you’ll get to bring home workouts to a whole new level. You’ll get to access hundreds of classes hosted by professional trainers. The app even features a compilation of special punch tracks that sets you in the right mood for boxing.

You can browse through the list of available classes and save the ones you’d like to do next. These classes let you train along with real trainers that will guide and motivate you to work harder and achieve your goals. Speaking of goals, you’ll get to set aims and track your progress in detail.

In fact, the app covers some pre-made goals you can try to accomplish if needed. You may also join multiple worldwide challenges and invite your friends to 1vs1 matches. The app comes with a smart system of lights and force sensors that detect and track your every move. It has a paid version, and the free one limits you to 35 classes out of 300.

Liteboxer 1
Liteboxer 2

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