Get Paid to Clean Houses (8 Best Apps for 2024)

Looking for a way to earn extra money on house cleaning? This article got you covered!

People look for house cleaning specialists all the time, and there’s a simple way to get paid to clean houses (8 Best Apps for 2024). These apps let you find off-side and long-term jobs with house cleaning easy as pie. You’ll get to estimate your pay rate, specialty, and working radius and connect with potential clients right away. Take a look!



Let’s start with an app that lets people find professionals to help with daily tasks.

It practically connects you with clients and makes it simple to find jobs off-side nearby at any time. The app features various kinds of jobs like furniture assembly, house renovation, gardening, cleaning, and more. Herewith, each job offer is unique ad comes with specific requirements you need to consider.

This app is a solid option if you’re not looking for ongoing work. There’s a chance that you’ll find a client who will want to become your regular, but no guarantees here. So if you’re looking forward to filling in the gaps in your schedule and earning extra bucks, don’t get past this app. Becoming a professional is quite simple; you need to make an account and point out the services you’re offering.

Once it’s done, you may rather scroll through job offers and look for the ones you’re interested in, or wait till the clients contact you. As it as mentioned, there is a bunch of different cleaning offers for houses, offices, and even more specific ones like hot tubs. Make sure to write about your experience and ask clients to write reviews as it affects your rating.

Taskrabbit 1
Taskrabbit 2

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Next, there’s an app that lets you find any kind of job: from nanny to housekeeping.

The concept of this app is quite simple: you create a profile and tell potential clients about your experience and specialty. Don’t forget to add a few pics and ask all your clients to leave comments to level up your rating. You’ll get to point out your charge per hour as well, which is nice. Then, all you have to do is wait till the clients contact you right through the app.

Herewith, some customers may require a background check, so you may need a valid driver’s license (but that not always happens and depends on the state). Plus, the app runs on sub-packs for caregivers, so keep that in mind. In case you don’t want to sit and wait for the offer, you can also search and apply for jobs manually.

The app comes with a built-in messenger, and you can take interview requirements right away. It also covers a calendar that lets you plan your schedule and manage multiple jobs at once. The app also lets you easily take payment from the job, which is handy. Overall, the app is great for off-side jobs, but you may also find long-term ones out there.

Care 1
Care 2



That’s another app that connects professionals with potential clients.

Just like the first app on our list, this one covers a wide specter of job offers, including housekeeping. Herewith, the concept of this app is quite unique, and it may be more profitable than the other similar ones. The thing is, it doesn’t have a registration or monthly fee. Thus, you won’t need to pay if you haven’t worked for a month (which is hella annoying).

Instead, you’ll need to pay when the client actually contacts you. In other words, it’s a pay-per-lead, and its size may vary starting from $1.50. In case the job ends up getting canceled, you may get a refund for the lead as well. Each person who makes a contractor profile needs to sign a formal contract, and some types of work may come with extra requirements (but these don’t apply to cleaners).

As always, you’ll need to make a detailed profile with your experience, a couple of pics, a specialty, and a charge per hour. Then, the app will match you with a potential client, and if you’ll get an offer, you’ll b charged a fee. The app also takes care of safe payments, so you won’t need to do it manually.

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This app lets you find clients without much effort.

The app focuses on such tasks as a handyman, cleaner, gardener, web developer, and more. With this app, you’ll get to become your own boss. It lets you set up a personalized schedule to balance life and work perfectly. Once you register as a worker, you become a tasker and get insurance for personal injuries, property damage, and more.

You’ll get to receive the payment as soon as the task is done, and it happens right through the app. As for a fee, the app charges from 10 to 20% to cover insurance and transaction. You may rather search for jobs manually or wait for the customer contacts you instead. The app lets you specify the search with multiple filters, which is handy.

Plus, you get to set your own pay rates (just make sure to keep it competitive). You may also view all the person’s offers and decline if you’re not interested. The app comes with a built-in chat, so you could contact the clients without sharing your personal number.

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Here’s an app that helps you quickly find jobs nearby.

As for the concept, it’s a standard app that matches clients with workers, but it works nicely if you need to find a job right away. At first, you’ll need to make a profile and point out your specialty, experience, pay rates, and more. Don’t forget to add a profile pic and ask all our clients to leave comments. Once it’s done, the app will offer you jobs based on your skills.

The range of jobs here is wide, but there are quite a lot of cleaning ones, so no worries. All you need to do is to apply for all the offers you’re interested in and connect with clients. You may add some filters to only get specific offers and regulate the working radius if needed.

There are no bidding fees here, but the app will charge a 20% commission after the job is done, and you’ve got the payment. There are also no sub-packs, so you won’t need to pay if you’re not using the app. The payments go right to your bank account and the entire process happens through the app.

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Angi Services 


It’s one of the leading apps to connect clients with workers.

The app is dedicated to home services, and there are plenty of cleaning and housekeeping jobs out there. As always, you’ll need to make a profile with your specialty, experience, payment charge, and so on. The app uses your GPS data and shows all the suitable job offers within 100 miles (you may set up the radius if needed).

As for the payment, the cleaners may earn up to $22 per hour on average, with is nice. You could get more as a handyman or a lawn care specialist as well. The app lets you view all the offers and apply to the ones you’re interested in. It comes with a chat, so you could connect to the clients without sharing your private number.

Plus, the app comes with a built-in calendar, so you could build up your schedule and keep up with all the tasks. Payments get deposited right to your bank acc right after the job is done, so no worries. And if you’re interested in a long-term job, the app covers a bunch of offers that require regular housekeeping services.

Angi Services
Angi Services 2



This app is here to connect families with house cleaning specialists.

It’s fully dedicated to cleaning, so you can be sure people come there looking for your services. You’ll get to make a detailed account with your specialty experience, price range, and all that. In fact, the app lets you specify the type of cleaning you specialize in to avoid accidental job offers.

For instance, you may provide people with standard cleaning, a deep one, cleaning after renovation, and other specific types of cleaning services. Besides, you may add a list of add-ons with will cost extra money such as cleaning windows, dusting feeling fans, and even an extra fee for pet owners. All these are totally optional, so it’s up to you.

The app uses your locations to find the most suitable job offers nearby. You may also regulate the working radius if needed. The app comes with a built-in chat, so no calls or personal number sharing. Plus, there are plenty of people looking for recurring services here, so the chances of getting a long-term job are quite high.


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And lastly, there’s an app to connect freelance cleaners with customers.

The app lets clients find professional cleaners in a short time, so if you’re looking for an off-side job, this one is for you. It’s fully focused on cleaning services, which is handy. Just like with other apps, you’ll need an acc with a description of your specialty, experience, changes, and all that.

You’ll also get to specify the type of cleaning you specialize in as the app covers multiple categories like home cleaning, office one, rental clean, party cleanup, renovation, and more. All the categories require different supplies and skills and come with different price ranges, so make sure to mark all the ones you can provide.

The entire process hers manage through the app. There’s a chat that lets you keep your phone number private and avoid unneeded calls. You may also create a full-on schedule with all the jobs you need to get done. The payment goes right to your bank account once the job is done.

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