11 Free Apps That Make You Look Skinnier in 2024

The sky is the limit for perfection, which is why photo editors are especially popular among other mobile apps. Sometimes even the wrong pose can ruin your figure and add a few extra pounds.

These free apps that make you look skinnier in 2024 will help you fix any photo in just a few minutes and with a couple of taps. Try them all and choose the one that meets all your needs.

You can also get rid of other imperfections with the help of these free body editor apps.


Fotogenic is a great app for modern people. With its help, you can easily transform yourself and try a new image. For this purpose, the app presents a lot of tools, filters as well as photo processing tools.

In this app, you can change your height by making it bigger or smaller. You can also change the photo of your face, smile, and even your teeth.

To do this, the editor supports a whitening function that will perfectly cope even with yellow plaque, making a real Hollywood smile. Skin and body can be added a realistic tan hue, which will greatly transform your appearance.

Additionally, you can add text and various effects to your photos, which are sure to be appreciated by others on social media or other sources. With the body modification features, you will easily transform your figure and make it perfect.

If you have skin problems, they can also be corrected in this editor. The app has a huge range of different tools that allow you to experiment not only with your appearance but also with the rest of your photos.


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Body Editor – Photo Editor

Thanks to modern technology, there is now no need to maintain an ideal figure for beautiful photos. After all, they can be easily and quite quickly edited according to your desires and preferences in a matter of minutes.

In this editor in front of you will open an extensive functionality that allows you to experiment with your photos and body. Use the correction to make yourself fatter or thinner and get the body in the shape you want.

You can also try breast augmentation without plastic surgery. Experiment with making your face look thinner. If you want to visually appear taller or shorter, try the height-change feature for yourself.

If you want to show off your athletic body on social media or other platforms, you can add extra muscle or relief. You can also add colorfulness to your photos by using stickers in the form of overhead tattoos.

To try photo collages for yourself, you can choose several photos and merge them using the appropriate function. Try adding a beard or changing your own hairstyle with the editor tools as well.

Experiment with your appearance to surprise not only yourself but also everyone you know.


Perfect Me

Now you can achieve the perfect look without much effort. This photo-editing and photo-processing app will do the trick. Try different features to change your waistline, add abs, and correct flaws.

In the app, you will not only be able to edit your finished photos, but also make them with a variety of filters. Edit your body, making it perfect for your desires and preferences.

Reduce your waistline in just a few minutes without the need to restrict your food or workout. Get the hips you’ve always dreamed of with the features in the editor.

Experiment with your appearance by adding facial changes. You can do this by making your lips plumper, adding cheekbones, and removing irregularities and flaws. You will also be able to make up your face already on your finished photo with the available editor tools.

In the app, you will be able to change any part of your body. This will allow you to change the appearance beyond recognition or just bring it to perfection.

You can save the finished processed photos and then post them on social networks or the Internet to get rave reviews about your perfect appearance.



To boast about your beautiful body and perfect appearance, you don’t need to go to the gym, spend time on losing weight, and do exercises. Everything will do for you this editor for photos.

In it, you will be able to process your body according to your ideal. After processing your photos in this app, you can easily share them with your friends, post them on social networks and boast in front of others.

Try for yourself the features to give your body a different shape. Make your waist narrower and your hips wider with the editor tools. You can even change your height by adding or removing a few centimeters to your ideal representation of yourself.

If you want to show off your trim and toned body, you can easily add muscle or a few abs. With this editor, you can also easily change your skin color by adding some tan. If you want to experiment with your appearance, you can try different accessories and tattoos.

Extra functions of the app will allow you to remove flaws, even out your face tone, and get rid of acne and scars. After processing, your photos will be perfect for publication, so they will definitely be able to surprise and even arouse the envy of others.



Many people go to look perfect in photos. Thanks to this editor it is quite possible. You will be able to change every part of your body, thus achieving a perfect result.

Try the tools and the rich features of the editor to reduce your waistline, add volume to your hips, remove skin irregularities and make your skin look more tanned. You can also change your height by making your torso or legs longer.

If you want to make your waist narrower, you can use the corresponding tool in the editor. The body modification function allows you to add abs and muscles. With this editor, you’ll have no problem becoming a perfect copy of yourself.

If you want to process a photo of your face, you can use different tools, including retouching. This will allow you to remove pimples and other flaws of problematic skin. Thanks to these features of the editor, you will post perfect photos.

Your face can be modified just like the rest of your body parts. Try the feature that will give you a facelift in minutes. Reduce the size of your face to get rid of your second chin and cheeks. This will allow you to achieve a perfect appearance without any effort or surgery.


YouCam Perfect

Most people in the world put their photos on the Internet and social networks every day to share them with friends and acquaintances. In this case, you want to look perfect in photos. For this purpose, you can use this editor.

It is an app for processing and creating photos. In it, you can either upload ready-made pictures or make them in the editor itself.

Try experimenting with your appearance by changing the shape of your eyes, and the oval of your face, and removing any imperfections. You can even make your face look narrower, allowing you to visually lose a few pounds of weight.

Make your skin lighter or darker, depending on personal preference. Eliminate problem areas on your face, pimples, and other imperfections. Try for yourself the tools that will help to achieve perfect makeup without glare, oily shine, and unevenness.

The retouching will get rid of any skin irregularities, including post-acne and scars. Take away the redness of your eyes and choose the best shape and size for them. Highlight your face in the background with the blur function.

Remove unnecessary objects in the photo. For in-app photos, try the built-in effects and filters to get the perfect photo right away without editing.


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Body Shape Editor by Family Photo Frame

Photos may not convey the realism of a beautiful and perfect figure as much as it actually looks. Thus, you can use this editor to process your pictures. It will allow you to make yourself perfect from every angle.

To change your figure, try the body edit feature. This will allow you to achieve the perfect size of your waist, hips, and muscles. You will be able to experiment with your appearance as much as you want.

If you want to make yourself thinner in a photo but don’t have time to work out, this editor will also help you. Use the built-in tools to do so, which will allow you to remove a few extra pounds and make your figure perfect.

Try a new image by changing your hairstyle or adding brutality with a fake beard. Add tattoos to your body to see what they would look like in reality. Edit your skin color and shade to look tanned.

Try changing your height by changing the length of your torso or legs. Enlarge your hips and breasts without going to the plastic surgeon or the gym. This app will do it all in a matter of minutes.



You can make a wonderful photo even better with this editor. It will allow you to make the figure of your dreams without training and diet. For this, you will be able to try all the functions and tools of the app.

Change your body shape with the figure editor. Make your waist slimmer, reduce or enlarge your hips, and add volume to your muscles and cubes to your abs. You can even make your breasts bigger without going to the doctor.

Thanks to modern technology, your photos will be as realistic and natural as possible. If you have always wanted tanned skin, you can also use this editor to make it so.

With the retouch function, try to remove all imperfections and irregularities. Edit the exterior by making your face thinner, tighter, and lighter. Try the editor’s advanced tools and effects as well. You can now even try on accessories, tattoos, hairstyles, and beards, even if you don’t really have any.

Save your processed photos to your vault so you can share them with your friends and acquaintances. You can also publish your pictures with perfect looks on social networks and other platforms.


Body Shape Editor, Slim Editor

Use this multifunctional editor to change your shape, body size, and even height. A feature for editing your abs and pecs will allow you to create the relief you want without wasting effort or time.

You can also use the face reduction editor in the app. This will allow you to get rid of cheeks, a second chin, and other flaws in the blink of an eye.

To visually reduce your waist, the app has a special function. With it, your waist will shrink and become narrower even without extra effort.

This editor is perfect for both men and women. With special functions, the stronger half of humanity can change their hair and even add a brutal beard to their photos.

Additionally, the app contains tattoos and other accessories that can be added to the image in the photo. With them, it will turn out much more interesting and unusual.


Body Shape Retouch Editor

This app in a few minutes will edit absolutely any photo, making you a real model under all standards. You can choose any photo from the gallery to edit it using the functions and tools of the app.

You can also try to make yourself the complete opposite by using the body size enlargement features. You can also adjust your height, thus making yourself taller or shorter.

To finish editing your photos for publication on social networks or other platforms, you can add text and various stickers. In this way, your photo will not cause doubts to those who see it.

With the figure editing app, you can also play around with a sharp jump in weight, which you add yourself to the photo with the help of special features.

For all users, the range of features and the whole interface of the app will be absolutely free. So you can experiment with your photos as much as you like.


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Body Shape Editor by Alpha Team, Inc

If you want to at least visually reduce your body in photos or give your shape a different look, you can use this editor. With the help of modern technology and tools, it will help you create your perfect body.

Apply filters and changes in the app to look like a supermodel. You can select any photo of yourself in the repository for this purpose.

Use the “height” tool to get taller or shorter. With the “refine” feature you can make your waist and other body parts perfect in size, according to your wishes and preferences.

With the “waist” and “hips” functions, you can easily change the spots on your body. With the “color skin” tool, you can change your skin as well. This will allow you to imagine yourself in a body with darker or, conversely, lighter skin.

With this editor, any photos can be posted on social media and the Internet to brag about your ideal shape, body, and skin color.

This app will allow you to make yourself perfect in a matter of minutes and with a few functions.

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