7 Best WhatsApp Chat Translator Apps for Android & iOS

Thanks to various messengers, communication has moved to a new level, with a special contribution from WhatsApp. No matter what country you go to, everyone knows about this app and enjoys using it to communicate.

Yet, the language barrier is still an acute problem that can be an obstacle to new acquaintances. These best WhatsApp chat translator apps for Android & iOS are a great solution to this problem. Install one or more of the presented apps and enjoy communicating with foreigners. 

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Hi Translate

Hi Translate is a chat translator. The app is free but has paid content. The translation is quite fast and of high quality. In total, the app supports about a hundred languages.

You will be able to translate text or images. Voice translation is also available. It can work in offline mode, which is especially relevant on the road when the Internet options are limited.

The program is an indispensable assistant for organizing communication. Now you can plan your vacation to any country that you refused to visit before because you did not know the language.

You will be able to use the translator during business trips, as well as read foreign literature and resources.

The app will also help in learning foreign languages. With its help, a conversation with a foreigner will no longer cause you difficulties. You can easily communicate, help or ask for help.


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Chat Translator for Whatsapp by Tech Brain Apps

This app allows you to translate text on the screen. Voice translation is also available. You can translate into all languages.

The program is easy to use. It is regularly updated to improve the quality of translation, and new features appear. The translation is done almost instantly.

The service allows you to communicate comfortably with people who speak other languages. You can easily read the information posted on foreign sites and other resources. It is an indispensable assistant during travel or business trips.

There is also voice translation, which allows you to maintain a conversation with foreigners for those who do not like typing on the screen. It is possible to listen to the translation text from the screen. To do this, you need to click on the speaker.

The app allows you to translate chats in Whatsapp and other apps.


Translator for WhatsApp

This app is a translator for WhatsApp. It’s free and easy to use. In order for the messages sent to you to be immediately translated into your language, you need to click on the “translate” button in the corresponding conversation.

Next, you need to select the language of your conversation partner. Now all messages of this conversation will be translated into the languages of interlocutors. This is really convenient and allows you to save time as compared to if you use an ordinary translator.

The app supports more than one hundred languages. Now you can effortlessly communicate with almost the whole world. The features of the program allow you to organize communication during your travels or business trips.

For business owners associated with tourists, the app will also be an indispensable assistant. It will allow you to overcome the language barrier and easily communicate with business partners and clients.

Download the app and evaluate its features and benefits for yourself.


Chat Translator Keyboard

This app allows you to translate text and images from the screen. It also has a voice translation feature. The service is easy to use.

You need to choose the text you want to translate and click on the “Language Translator” button. The cursor should be inside the text, then it will be translated almost instantly.

The app supports translations in most languages. You can use it to communicate and learn foreign languages.

The app has an interesting feature – its own keyboard that allows users to type in the desired language. You can use it in any app installed on your device. With the help of the program, traveling will become much more interesting.

Now you can easily communicate with locals and read the information that interests you. It can be guides, restaurant menus, rules of conduct, and much more. 


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Chat Translator for WhatsApp by YDZ Labs

This app is an excellent chat translator for WhatsApp. It is easy to use and has all the tools for high-quality translation. It allows you to translate messages into other messengers.

You can use it to translate personal conversations and for group chats. It allows you to translate text from the screen and from photos. Unlike most similar apps, it has a call translator function.

The translation is done for you and your interlocutor. The language of your interlocutor will be detected by the utility itself. It will be indispensable for travelers. Since it supports almost all languages, you can easily communicate with the locals.

It is now also easy to read information signs, brochures, and other information that travelers need. For those whose business is connected with foreign partners or clients, the app will also be a virtually working tool.

In three years of operation, the capabilities of the app and its quality have been evaluated by more than a million people. You can join them and forget about the language barrier.


Direct Chat Translator app

The app is a translator of chat in messenger Whatsapp. It is easy to use and provides translation of all languages. You can use the translator also for Instagram.

The app allows you to translate text from the screen. Each of the chat partners receives messages in their own language.

The program will let you forget that you and your interlocutor speak different languages. The interlocutors will have a full-fledged dialogue. Users also have the ability to read messages and comments on social networks and other resources.

Travelers will be able to appreciate the possibilities of the app while visiting countries where you don’t know the language. With the help of the translator, the process of communication with locals will be easy and interesting.

If your partners or clients are foreigners, the app will make the process of communication and correspondence simple and fast. You will understand each other better and this will have a positive effect on the quality of business relations.


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WhaTrans Translate Chat & Text

This app is a chat translator for WhatsApp. You will be able to use the free version or subscribe for a fee. Select the subscription period you want. It can be a month or a year, three months or six months. You can unsubscribe by changing your account settings.

This program supports translation in more than a hundred languages. The capabilities of the service allow you to maintain a conversation with almost any foreigner.

You no longer need to find out what language the local population speaks when planning a vacation. Now you can organize and maintain a conversation in any language.

You will continue to communicate with new friends even after your vacation is over because now it doesn’t matter what language they speak.

The app will be a good helper for students when learning foreign languages. For business people, the translator will help in conversations with foreign partners. Organizing and conducting negotiations will cease to be a problem and a hassle.

App features allow you to eliminate the language barrier and communicate with foreigners as if you speak the same language.

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