How to See Who Doesn’t Follow You Back on Instagram

Want to find out who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram? This article has you covered!

Frankly speaking, the best way to find out all that is to use third-party apps. So here’s the list of 6 apps that worth trying.

These apps not only show you which of your mates have secretly unsubscribed to you but give other deep insights into your IG stats. Thus, you can track your subs’ growth and inflow, and even determine your ghost subs (or secret admirers if you like)!

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Unfollowers & Followers Tracker for Instagram

Followers Track

Let’s start with an app called Unfollowers & Followers Tracker. The name of this app clearly speaks for itself — this is an IG analyzing tool that will help you to keep an eye on everyone who’s ever unsubscribed from you.

The coolest thing about this app is you can not only figure out some new information about your acc. The app actually empowers you to find out interesting facts about any other profile as well. For instance, you can quickly figure out who has put more hearts and left more comments on any IG account (except for the private ones, of course).

As for the tools you can use on your acc, there’s a sub tracker that shows you all the people who’ve unfollowed you recently. Besides, you can view the people you’re subscribed to and who haven’t subscribed to you back. You also get to see your most active supporters- the people who’ve liked your posts and left more comments than others.

Apart from that, the app also shows you subs who’ve never liked or reacted to your posts. And if you’re trying to improve your acc statistics you can get rid of all the inactive followers. Plus, the app shows you the most loved and discussed pics and on your acc.

Followers Track 1 Followers Track 2


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The second app that will help you to trace down all the people who unsubscribed from you on IG or didn’t follow you back is called nFollowers.

This is another analyzing tool that is dedicated to your IG subs stats. Thus, you can track all the new followers, see the people who’ve recently unsubscribed you, and all that. It needs to be said, the app tries its best to give you the most detailed stats possible.

Therewith, you can adjust the settings to only see the guys you support but who don’t subscribe to you. At the same time, you can view the list of accs that you’re not subscribed to. Along with that, you can see how many likes and shares you get from guys that are not your subs. The app can also show your posts that have got the biggest amount of likes.

And you can also use this app to point out the most enthusiastic and latent subs you have. The app points out the people who’ve never liked your posts or left comments so you can remove your sub to them right away. Plus, the app actually has a mass unfollowing tool that helps you to clean out your IG audience from inactive subs.

nFollower‪s‬ 1 nFollower‪s‬ 2


Followers & Unfollowers

followers and unfollowersFollowers & Unfollowers is an app that will help you manage your IG subs. This is a narrowly focused app dedicated to your IG subs’ stats. Thus, you can view the lists of people who’ve recently unsubscribed from your profile along with the ones that do not support you back.

Plus, you can set the app to automatically unfollow 50 people who haven’t followed you back in some period of time. However, you can make your own “white list” with accs you don’t want to unsub no matter if they are subscribed to you back or not. You can also view the accs that you don’t follow back if needed. In case you have multiple IG acc you can attach them all to the app and switch between them easily.

Coming back to the mass following tool, you can not only use it in an auto mode. The goal here — the app can detect latent subs that don’t like or comment on your posts. So you can mark these accs by yourself and the app will remove them from your subs list. As for the design of the app — it’s pretty basic and similar to the original IG one.

followers and unfollowers 1 followers and unfollowers 2


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Reports: Followers Tracker‬

Reports Followers Tracke‪r‬

Reports: Followers Tracker is another app that can analyze your IG profile in detail.

The main purpose of this app is to give you various types of subs stats but it can do other useful things as well. For instance, the app determines the interaction level of your acc in general. This level reflects the number of hearts, reactions, and shares in comparison with the number of subs you have. The higher this level is — the more interesting your posts are.

Along with that, the app shows you all the accs that have stopped supporting you lately. Plus, you can view the lists of people that don’t support you back and the ones that you don’t subscribe to. Besides, the app can tell you more about your subs— you can see the gender of your subs, their age, and the country they live in.

All the data comes in graph forms so it’s quite handy. And if it doesn’t sound good enough for you to try out this app, you need to know it can mark your most enthusiastic followers. These are the people who watch all your stories, react to them, and like your posts. Therewith, the app can mar inactive subs as well so you could get rid of them if needed.

Reports Followers Tracke‪r‬ 1 Reports Followers Tracke‪r‬ 2


IG Followers – Tracker Insight

IG Followers - Tracker Insigh‪t‬

IG Followers — Tracker Insight is an app that provides you with powerful IG analysis.

The app empowers you to keep an eye on your IG subs — it shows you all the newcomers along with the ones that have left you. And if the newcomer’s stats is quite basic (you can basically get the same data in the original IG app) the app gives you some interesting stats on the unsubscribed people.

Therewith, you can view the lists of people that have recently declined their subscription on your acc. Plus, you can see every profile you subscribed to that is not subbed to you back. You can also see all the mutual subs and even the list of accs that have banned you — all in one place! Plus, the app provides you with Stories analytics — it shows you the most loyal viewers and the ones who usually give more reaction than others.

Along with that, the app can also determine so-called ghost subs — these are the guys who are not subbed to your acc but still like and share your posts or watch your Stories. Besides, you can see which posts of yours are liked most by your subs and analyze your content according to it.

IG Followers - Tracker Insigh‪t‬ 1 IG Followers - Tracker Insigh‪t‬ 2


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FollowMeter – Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram


And the last app that can help you trace your IG subs is called FollowMeter.

This is a persuasive analytics service that makes it easy to monitor the outflow and growth of your IG subs. Plus, the app examines the performance of your posts to find out what type of content your subs like the most. The app also does the same thing with your Stories — it shows you when your stories get the most views and which ones get more reactions than others.

Therewith, the app shows you all the newcomer subs along with the ones who’ve stopped supporting you. Besides, you can see the accs that are not subbed to you back and view the day they’ve stopped being your subs. You can also see your ghost subs — the ones that aren’t subbed to you but still like your posts and watch stories.

Coming back to stories, the app can tell you who watches your stories more and who reacts to them most. The app even shows you all the accs that have banned you. And once you’ll get through all these tools and view all the metrics, you can try an overall activity meter that shows how interactive your profile is.

FollowMeter 1 FollowMeter 2


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