10 Best WiFi booster apps for Android

Modern phones, in case of need, can find out more WiFi-networks or make better the quality of the signal, you only need to help them. We have collected possible apps for improving your wireless network in one place.

The easiest way to solve the problem of weak Wi-Fi signal is to put the appropriate application. The fact that the phones are programmed to display a network with a high-level signal.

Even if the machine can connect and work in a network with a lower level of acceptance. If you install a special application, then you can make your smartphone display all the available networks that it can detect by its transmitter. Look through 10 wifi booster apps.

Network Signal Booster

nsb2Are you tired of the weak WiFi signal? Are you running across your house/any other place just trying to catch a signal? This app was developed to make your life really easier and get the best level of signal possible. It used the extended settings to improve the quality of connection and the level of receiving.

The developers promise that you will notice the difference as soon as you will install the app and start applying it on your WiFi signal. You are probably familiar with the problem when in one part of your house the signal works ten times better than, for example, at the balcony and you really wanted just to sit outside and enjoy surfing.

Network Signal Booster allows you to solve all these problems. What you need to do first is to launch the app and get connected to the WiFi signal via Network Signal Booster.

Then, when you are connected to the network you need, you need to tap on the “tap to boost” button. The quality of the internet should increase significantly, Overall, a simple, but a very powerful app!



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Wifi Analyzer


For gadgets that work on the operating system like Android, you can set Wifi Analyzer software, which is designed to determine the free and occupied channels.

The app is free and has a good rating. Like other utilities on Android, Wifi Analyzer can be downloaded from the Google Play store. The application allows you to evaluate the quality of the Wi-Fi signal and all the changes that have occurred in recent times.

It displays information in the form of graphics, which is easy to read on a mobile gadget. The application also makes the rating of available connections, taking into account the quality of their work.

The tool is useful in identifying places in the house where the wireless internet works best. It is concise and very easy to use interface, intuitive to any user. We recommend you install Wifi Analyzer on your Android device from Google Play.



OpenSignal 3G 4G WiFi Map


It is developed specifically to enhance the quality of WiFi on Android devices. The program shows maps of different networks through which it will be much easier for the user to connect to the network with a good signal.

The app allows you to test the speed of the internet on Android. A large number of users have already installed OpenSignal 3G 4G WiFi maps to enhance the wireless internet signal and praise its work. The advantage is the ability to install the app on your smartphone for free. Download it from Goole Play.

opensignal3g4gwifi4 opensignal3g4gwifi2


Swift WiFi


Free application for searching points of connection to the network and data transmission. The base of the application has a million hotspots and their number is constantly growing.

You can connect faster and safer with Swift WiFi. For each of the proposed connection, if it is in the database, the statistics on the three dimensions is provided – security, speed, and signal quality. The Swift WiFi allows optimizing the power of consumption by disabling WiFi, under certain conditions – on a schedule or on standby.

Users can not only view information on hotspots (speed, IP-address, and so on), but add the access point manually. There is a widget for your desktop, and you can manage the notifications directly from the status bar.

If users need to update the status on social networks or send a short message, there is no reason to use roaming. This can be done through the Swift WiFi, choose the appropriate hotspot.

The interface of the app is stylish and easy to use – on the main screen display,s there is a list of available connections. In the settings, you can specify the properties of the notification, the signal parameters, and so on. If your friends also have this application, you can share files with them directly.

Swift WiFi is one of the leaders in its segment with more than 600 thousand evaluations and 50 million units with Google Play. The app has a huge database of hotspots that are available worldwide.



Wifi Overview 360


The application for the optimization and management of wireless networks.

WiFi Overview 360 is a program that scans the Wi-Fi network and provides detailed information about each point, which is located in the reception area of the phone adapter. All information is shown in the tables and graphs mode. The program also provides the user with the most appropriate channel for the connection.


  • includes widgets in different styles;
  • Wi-Fi network scanner;
  • Wi-Fi sorting alphabetically network, signal strength, and the ability to choose the open/familiar network;
  • automatic activation of the Wi-Fi at the start and off when you exit;
  • the ability to add the network manually;
  • detailed information about Wi-Fi networks;
  • a graphical representation of a wireless access area;
  • channel check to choose the best option;
  • compatibility with tablet PCs;
  • check the connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

wifi-overview-360-2 wifi-overview-360


WiFi Booster & Analyzer

bosteranalyzer2If you are looking for something in between the functionality and decent interface design then check out this app. It will provide detailed statistics to you on the work of your current WiFi signal like a pounding diagram – so basically you will be able to watch the “heartbeat” of it.

But here you not just getting analytics, you also get all the tools to boost the signal of your current WiFi and see how it changes after it. When you look at the current connection, you will see some of the information mentioned above, and also the IP address of your device.

The feature that really makes this app stand out from the other ones is that it is really easy in usage. All you have to do is to tap on the couple of buttons that are instantly visible. It brings some detailed statistics but even a person with no IT or engineering background will be able to understand it.



Wifi Radar


It is an application that in a few seconds will find free Wi-Fi hotspots and helps you connect to it. WiFi Radar is an excellent and completely free application for people who do not see themselves without a good wireless Internet.

You will appreciate the WiFi Radar program, as you frequently carry a mobile phone with you and you need access to the Internet. It allows you to automate the process of the initial search and the fastest possible connection points to the free wi-fi. You just need to download WiFi Radar, run the program, and wait a bit.


  1. Automatic search of all the available (free) wireless point Wi-Fi.
  2. The most simple and unobtrusive interface that can be easily understood by the professional and the inexperienced user. It looks like a radar window, the access points are displayed in different colors (green, red, yellow).
  3. All these points are displayed graphically, so you can not get lost or confused in the list of available zones to connect wi-fi.
  4. The app displays the signal strength of different points of Wi-Fi. That is, you can see exactly what point will work better and more stable and, accordingly, connect to it.

wifi-radar wifi-radar-2



WRB2This is an app for those who want to get more advanced with setting up a better WiFi signal from their (or not their) router. Here you will see the whole depicting of a signal as a diagram and be able to analyze its weakest points yourself. What causes the weakness of the signal? Is it a place or is it something wrong with your phone?

Analyzing the data form the app you will be able to get more detailed and clear information on why your connection isn’t that good.

In addition to that, the WiFi Router Booster will provide reports to you about why the signal can be weak and will suggest other WiFi spots. And, of course, will give you tools to improve the current signal as much as possible.



WiFi Doctor Free

 wifidoc2Most likely, you have already noticed that most of the WiFi booster app doesn’t really have a neat interface. They all look like pure technical software which is only meant to solve problems with your WiFi. But if you belong to the group of people who cannot live without the esthetic element then this is a perfect app for you.

First of all, using this app you can scan all the devices which are connected to your router. Maybe, there is some unknown device switched on to it that causes all those failures in the signal? Moreover, the problem of your slow WiFi maybe the apps running in the background on your phone.

The WiFi Doctor will detect them and turn them down. Also, it is a known fact, that connecting to some public WiFi can be unsafe. The app will help you to analyze if it’s worth to be connected to the current spot or if you should look for another one.



Network Signal Speed Booster


The last in our list is the Network Signal Speed Booster app, but it does not mean that it is the last place among all the others. As the name of this application, it helps to improve the signal reception by your mobile phone.

Unlike other similar applications, this program is easy in use. You almost do not need to do anything, just run the application and watch how the signal level increases.

The sense of this application is that it connects your smartphone to the closest cellular tower with the strongest signal. This application is one of the best and easiest software to improve signal reception. And it is also free, so it’s worth trying.



So, now you know what to do in order to improve the Wifi signal. Also, we recommend viewing the article on 17 Best SMS Apps for Android 2016.


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