11 Best Recipe Organizer Apps for Android & iOS

The art of preparing meals is one of the ancient on our Planet. People have always been improving the way they nurture themselves, reflecting trends, moods, stories, and drama of their times in different meals.

And that is not a surprise – humans tend to associate certain types of taste with memories they have. That’s why nowadays we have so many recipes around. A lifetime won’t be enough to try them all out.

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But at least you can try. To better organize recipes and the process of cooking, to find the best supermarket with better products, to better pass the emotion through the meal – the following apps will help anyone who is striving to organize their recipes.

My Recipe Box: RecetteTek

For anyone who has a hard time organizing all the recipes they have collected there is an excellent app called “RecetteTek”. It is incredibly easy in usage and, what is more, it has a user-friendly beautiful interface so you’ll definitely have the time of your cooking life with it.

When you first launch the app you don’t need to create any accounts or put in your data – you are good to use the app right away. Start importing your recipes or just copy the links from the websites – everything will be stored in RecetteTek.

Another cool feature of this app is the possibility to create a shopping list for your grocery shopping for the different recepies. And you can always get back to any recipe you wrote down and insert corrections and edit it. If you want, you can share the recipe with your friends and family or print it.

The number of recipes that you can add to RecetteTek is unlimited and when you feel like you have too many recipes and it’s difficult to search manually, you can use the search box to speed up the process. In addition, RecetteTek can be synchronized with the cloud storage so you make sure your data is safe and sound.




Paprika Recipe Manager 3

Some people are capable of keeping dozens of recipes in their heads. You can always say they are really into cooking. But we all know that humans are not machines and sometimes we tend to forget something and make mistakes.

What happens if you will forget the name of your favorite spicy? Or forget how to cut zucchini right – the whole dish will not be the same. For cases like this, you got this app.

It will provide you with thousands of recipes and let you discover the new limits of taste.  Now you can organize your grocery shopping without forgetting anything. In case if you have your favorite websites with recipes, you can download it from there via this app.

Tired of keeping track of ingredients that you bought so they don’t go off? Just put the info about them into the app and it will do all the job for you. The app will tell you if the ingredients that you have are still eatable or not. Use calendars to make your own meal plan – for a week or a month.

Save your favorite meals and make manus out of all the items. Since now you won’t have to stick to only one device to get back to all your recipes because you can synchronize the app among all your devices.

The app is also extremely convenient while cooking since you can highlight the step you’re currently at and stay concentrated on the process. The problem with measurements will be solved as well – you can define the size of ingredients in settings and therefore regulate the size of portions.




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BigOven Recipes, Meal Planner, Grocery List & More

There are two types of people: those who love cooking and those who never do that. Sometimes it is explained by various factors and one of them is that you have to have a lot of free time to really cook something delicious. Plus, all that mess with recipes, grocery shopping, and technique…

Now everyone can cook easily and effortlessly. BigOver contains thousands of recipes and most of them are not elaborate. You can cook anywhere and anytime since they all stay inside of your phone.

Obviously, the usefulness of this app is proven by more than 13 million people who have already downloaded this app. It was featured in the 25th Anniversary Issue of Martha Stewart Living, InStyle, Buzzfeed, and AllYou Magazine.

Now to find inspiration is easier than ever – you can watch daily what did your family, friends or favorite bloggers cooked if they are using this app as well. They can share their recipes and results and you can get some ideas from there. There are seasonal sections which display the most popular products and recipes for the current period.

There are dozens of manipulations which you can do with recipes. You can search for new ones in the app or outside the app. You can pin your favorites from other sites.

What is more, you can, for example, upload a photo of your own family recipe and the app will convert in for you into the text. Find the recipes you’ve marked as Favorite or Try. Organize your recipes into folders, filter by a category, and view your recently used folders.

And finally – you can organize your grocery shopping well. Sort the products you buy into categories. Make lists. Besides, you can comment on other recipes and grocery lists and receive comments as well thus sharing your cooking experience with the world.




Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

Back in the days cooking definitely was more popular since the logistic services and fast pizza delivery practically didn’t exist. Society was more traditional and homemade meals were appreciated, so everyone was trying to surprise their guests with unusual menu.

The more the world was getting globalized, the less was the role of cooking in it, since it required too much effort and time. Plus, there was always a need to keep recipes by the hand.

People found a way to organize all the useful recipes in a simple way – just put it into an app. Yummly presents you more than 2 million recipes from all over the world. It got recipes from each corner of the world, each show or blog, or book. And the base is still getting fuller. Thousands of new recipes are added every week.

Use this app and it will learn what kind of meal you like and don’t like. Analyzing your past preferations, Yummly will give you recommendations on dishes you might like. Depending on your mood, you can choose an easy and tasty dish to cook in minutes.

Another essential aspect is that the app cares about those who are allergic or vegetarians, for example. What you have to do is to put the necessary data into the app so you will be receiving future recommendations considering your requirements. It is possible to manipulate the app using your voice. Schedules of meals, daily, weekly – just use the calendar to make a plan.




Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

More than 30 million people choose this app as their daily cooking helper – so you should definitely try it out. The community of people who enjoy cooking is still growing. Here you will receive tons of useful information and tips about meal prep, learning from people’s best experience.

The more you use this app the more personalized it gets. You will get more recommendations based on your past choices. Besides, here we have an advanced search: by keyword, ingredients to include or exclude as well as by dietary need and ready in time. Found a recipe that you really like? Save it to your favorites. Create your own collections of them.

Have you often faced the problem when you found a very exciting recipe, but when you went grocery shopping for it, local stores had no such products? Now you can forget about this situation.

The app will check if all the ingredients for a chosen recipe are available in local stores. Moreover, when you are walking into a certain store, the app checks which items does it have and present to you recipes based on its assortment.

Thousands of cooking videos will ease the process for you. If you would like to skip a certain step – you can do that quickly in order not to waste your time because it’s crucial in the modern world.

And are you familiar with that feeling when you’ve finished your dish and it looks awesome? Well, now you can brag about it on all the social networks via this app. Allrecipes members know the value of reviews! Just like in cooking, reviews help us evaluate what you like, and what needs improvement.




ChefTap: Recipe Clipper, Planner and Grocery List

Do you have a friend who’s into cooking a lot and constantly collecting different recipes from everywhere? Later on, of course, he or she loses all of them, because you know, they say, that a person is gifted in something one.

And then they are spending days complaining about what a cool idea it might have been if the only theu would find that recipe again…

Tell them that there goes their savior. The app not just has the limited list of supported websites, but you can literally pin recipes from any web source you want. Besides, it works not only with websites in English but in other languages as well.

Plan your meals for the week, including make-ahead and leftovers. Once you have your plan ready, add everything to the grocery list at once. Search for interesting recipes according to what you usually like. If you noticed that you cook something more often you can save it to your list. The list can consist of complex menu and from separate items as well.

It can happen that you want to alter your daily recipe a little. In this case, make a copy of the original one and add changes to another. When you fill your grocery list, all the products are sorted automatically into categories and pantry organizer helps you keeping the track on what you already have.




My CookBook

Now you can store all your favorite recipes in one place. This app is a recipe manager with search and import possibilities of components. Create your own virtual cookbook with unique functions and add thousands of recipes there according to your taste.

When you found a new recipe just add it to My Cookbook. This way you will always have them when you need them. on your phone. What else you can do is to add a picture, ingredients or the description and leave comments. In case you already have a book of recipes, you can add them to the app by typing.

Cookbook allows you to import files of the following formats: Meal Master (.mmf), MasterCook (.mxp), LivingCookBook (.fdx), ReKconv (.rk).  Invite your friends to use this app as well and share your nest recipes altogether.

When you have chosen a recipe, the app will automatically provide you with a list of products you have to get to prepare your meals. You can save up to 105 recipes and 8 lists in this app. You can also manipulate your data in this app from your laptop. It supports more than 150 cooking websites.

Even if you’re not a big cooking lover, cute pictures of meals, made by other users will definitely inspire you to create your own eatable masterpiece.




AnyList – Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Manager

We’re optimizing everything in our lives right now – starting with our daily transportations ending with the contents of our smartphones. Reduce the mess in your life by organizing all your recipes wisely, with the help of this app.

Maybe you are a student and you are sharing a room with other several people. Well, if you’ve ever been one (most people have), then you know that sometimes you want to throw a little cooking party.

You just gather together to cook something special and add the evening to your warm memories. Besides, it’s a lot of fun. So use this app to first choose the recipe, maybe, improve it, share it with everyone and cook it together.

It gives you a chance to create your smartphone into the coworking cooking device. Edit your list of ingredients together, add or delete something in one click. Grocery items are automatically separated into categories. Reorder categories to match the layout of your local store.

In case if there is some special occasion – create such a category in the app and add your recipes to there. Then you can find them by simply typing the ingredient in the search bar.

In general, this app is more for compiling grocery shopping lists. When you have been using the app for a while, it will start providing you with personalized grocery suggestions base on your previous choices.

You are probably familiar with the situation when your family member went to the supermarket and you forgot to tell them to buy one more thing. Now, if you are both using this app, just edit your mutual grocery list and they will see it when they check it.




Recipe Keeper

Has it ever happened to you if you heard or saw a dish somewhere but you can’t remember its name and what it consisted of? You simply remember just a couple of ingredients. At the same time, you would like to try to cook it yourself and you need a way to find a recipe.

Recipe Keeper will keep all your precious recipes to yourself. Quickly type the ingredient, find one that you are looking for, and organize everything in a way you want. If you’re feeling creative you can even make your own cookbook in the app, with recipes collected from magazines, websites, restaurants, and more.

Recipes can be entered with as little or as much information as needed and can be grouped by courses and categories that you define making Recipe Keeper work the way you do.

Not only you can add information by hand, but you can also scan books, papers and turn them into pdf files. When you are ready to cook something, click on the recipe and add components to your grocery shopping list. This way you have the ability to plan your meals for a week as well.

Make all your stuff more personalized by adding your own notes. You can print recipes and grocery shopping lists. In case when you need to share your list with many people printing may be an excellent option. Share your recipes and results via social media. Let your friends see what you’ve made.




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Recipe book: Recipes & Shopping List

Are you tired of buying kitchen appliances that are left then collecting dust because you simply have no time to get recipes out of books? Or you found an exciting and rare dish to cook but, unfortunately, those tools that you bought before are not needed?

That is the moment when you start questioning yourself if you’ve wasted your money. But hold on a second before you’re frustrated. Check out this app – you will surely find something that matches.

RecipeBook app built with Artificial intelligence and having won the Editors Choice Award twice over opens up a whole New World of Cooking to be explored by chefs, homemakers, and beginners alike! Lots of recipes for any taste, type, and portion many of which are easy to make.

It is a lot of fo fun checking what you can cook according to certain categories: Diwali recipes, Chicken recipes, Halloween recipes, Healthy recipes, Biryani recipes, Pastry recipes, and many more.

Maybe you also know a curious recipe that would fit into one of those categories? You can add it to the app and use it in the future along with others, who will probably appreciate that.

Here you must be extremely motivated to upload your own stuff – the app gives you a chance to win valuable prizes for it! Contests and hamper give ways are held regularly and are sponsored by top food brands. This gives our users a chance to win quality gifts and hampers!

Again facing a problem of a limited choice of products in your refrigerator? This app will prove to you that you can make the masterpiece out of everything. You just enter the ingredients that you have and then you will see possible choices of what you can make out of it. A good way to save money on food as well!



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Some people buy incredibly expensive courses just they could “improve their cooking abilities”. It is even more ridiculous when those are online courses and the work you do is controlled via the Internet.

How in the world you can control cooking via the Internet? So, in order to avoid a waste of money, just get this app – and you will get access to a huge base of recipes, which is suitable for beginners and for advanced chefs.

Do you hate scrolling through the app in order to find one particular recipe? Then ClipDish is an app for you. It is optimized for the quiet view of all the recipes that you saved previously and gives you the chance to swiftly find any and read. The number of recipes that you can store here is unlimited.

Thus, you will never forget any recipe that you found on the Internet. Now you can send it right to the AlipDish at the same moment that you found it. Another advantage of this app is that it doesn’t have any annoying ads. Well, of course, that is because the app costs a small fee, but it is really really affordable.



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