8 Best Shortwave Radio Apps for Android & iOS

Do you love to listen to the radio? You love to listen to music or news. Then we show you top shortwave radio apps. You can turn it on everywhere and anytime. Any work or and the occasion is easy with the radio.

Be always aware of the latest news and events. Radio is one of the most popular means of communication. It is widely used in developing countries.

You can even start to learn a new language just listening to the radio. We created the list of the best shortwave radio apps. You can try them all or choose only 1 app.

myTuner Radio App: FM Radio + Internet Radio Tuner

The app has more than 50 thousand radio stations. The radio stations are not only English. There is a lot of countries. Listen to Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, and stations of other countries.

You can choose any country. You should also try to listen to podcasts. If you like to listen to talk stations, the app has tons of them. All stations are categorized. The app shows you the best stations.

Any business will be more fun with wireless sounds. Save your loved stations to listen to them later. You can also create your own playlist of songs or artists. The app makes new stations based on your tastes. Share stations with your friends via social media. Search shortwave radio stations by genre, country, theme or city.

Listen to the radio as a background. The app has many shortwave radio stations from around the world. You can find something that you would love. You can have your own radio stations in your pocket. The variety of stations is enormous!


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WTWW shortwave Radio

The app was developed by a licensed radio company. You can find a lot of stations there. The usage of the app is simple. You just need to adjust the wave and find the right stream. The app is powerful. You can search for FM stations around 70 miles near you. You can also find AM stations more than 700 miles away.

The sound is crystal clear. There is no bothering noise. The design of the app is very simple. It is like an old fashioned radio. The app does what it is supposed to do. The quality of works depends on your location. If you are high in the mountains you will get a perfect result. Sometimes you can even find foreign radio stations.

Do your favorite activity with the radio. You won’t notice how you finish it. Don’t forget that shortwave radio stations are still popular in many countries. Listen to the pure sound of any radio station with this app.


Radio Africa Network 4+

The Africa radio station was created in 1984. The main purpose of it was to share the love of Jesus. A few years ago they designed their own app. Now it is still popular in the world.

Listen to a wonderful talk about Jesus’s love and hope. You can use the app for the whole day. You don’t need to be in Africa. Just connect your smartphone to the Internet.

The design of the app is simple. You won’t be confused. The interface is an African style. You can listen to African radio all day long. Dive into the Christian culture of Africa. You will listen to the news, weather podcasts, and priests talks.

Download the app and you could listen to African Christian radio. You can share it with your friends via Facebook. You can also send an email to the radio company to express your wishes.


Simple Radio – Free Live FM AM Radio

Download the app and you will get the easiest way to listen to the radio. You can find your most favorite radio stations. There are more than 40 thousand of them. You can also find a random station. Maybe you will open for you a new world of radio. Search by different genres: talks, animals. podcasts, science, and many others.

You can also find radio stations from a lot of countries, states, and even cities. It is wonderful to have the radio on your smartphone. You can listen to it whenever you want. You can add the stations to your favorites to never forget about them. Listen to the radio anywhere. If you are bored on the trip, turn on your smartphone radio and it cheers you up.

The quality of the sound is wonderful. There are no bothering noises. The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times. Discover new radio stations and be more intelligent and relaxed.


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Radio FM

Do you like to turn on the radio as a background? Then, try this app. All you need is the Internet. The app has more than 30 thousand radio stations. You can listen to the song, medicine, sport, art, talk, pop, news, comedy, and other stations. The switching from the station to the station takes seconds.

You can choose radio stations for different stations. Add the most interesting stations to the list of favorites. You can easier find them later. After some time the app remembers your liking and can recommend new stations. If you forget to add the station to the list, you can find it in the recent list.

The main feature of the app is a sleep timer. You can set it up before going to sleep. Don’t worry about the charge of the phone. The app itself turns off. It has been installed more than 10 million times!



This app is a perfect way to listen to the radio. The developers have already selected the most famous radio stations. You can discover thousands of different stations such as jazz, classical, sport, news, culture, top 100 and so on. It is easy to have your own radion in the bag. To listen to the radio stations you need to find it and then click to play it.

You can use another app with this radio. Listen to foreign radio stations. If you are not in the mood, the radio will help you to have fun. You can see the popularity of the stations to understand if it is worth to listen to. The app works only with an Internet connection.

You will do any work faster listening to this great radio app. The interface of the app is beautiful and intuitive. Learn new information and develop yourself. There are all the most popular radio stations. You can also read the information about any station.


Internet Radio & Radio FM Online – Replaio

This app allows you to listen to the shortwave radio stations and music online. Search in the catalog to find stations. Do you want all your favorite artists, reporters, singer, and scientists to always be with you? Try this app.

They will accompany you. You will know about all the latest news and current events. The quality of sound is clear and almost perfect.

There are tons of stations. You can enjoy the real radio. Just download the app. If you choose your favorite stations and add them to the favorites list you will faster play them.

You can set up the timer as an alarm clock. Choose the hour and the app will wake you up. If you want to fall asleep listening to the radio, set up the time of shutdown. The app will notify the radio programs.

You can find any song that you want. You can see the list of the recent radio stations. You can change the interface of the app. There are more than 4 styles.

The app has been used by more than 500 thousand people. Don’t forget that the radio is used by millions of people all over the world. You can listen to shortwave radio anywhere and anytime. Just connect your smartphone to the Internet.


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TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a mobile app for listening to radio stations online, which allows you to choose any station, podcast, or news. Listen to radio stations from all over the world absolutely free. Enjoy music, news, sports, and other programs online.

The app offers recommendations based on your music preferences and interests. It takes into account previous listens and selects stations and podcasts that you might like.

There are radio stations of different genres and trends. Choose the right programs by category and genre. Search for the program you need using the convenient search.

The app allows you to record radio programs and podcasts, so you can listen to them sometime after their release. You won’t need a network connection to listen to recorded programs. You can pause radio programs and podcasts, as well as fast-forward or rewind them.

The program has a number of local radio stations in your area. You can keep up to date with local news and events. All podcasts and programs in the app are available for free.

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