11 Best Youtube to MP3 Converter Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)

Youtube has got tons of good videos. You can learn something new with tutorials, have a good time with funny videos, and even listening to music videos. Watching videos wastes a lot of traffic. Convert YouTube videos to MP3 format to listen to your favorite videos anywhere and anytime. It will also reduce traffic waste and battery usage.

We searched for the best converting apps and put together our top list. Plus. these apps not only convert videos to MP3 format but also others such as MP4 and MOV.

You can’t watch Youtube videos while your phone is locked. The apps from this list allow you to do this.

Do you want to download your favorite Youtube videos but don’t know how? Read this article. It’s full of apps to download Youtube videos for free.

Video to Mp3 Convert

Are you watching a cooking show on Youtube? Convert your favorite episodes to MP3 and listen to them to remember recipes. This app helps you to convert any Youtube video to most audio formats. Share the audio files with your friends and they can also listen to them using any player app.

The app saves all converted MP3 files in a special folder. Delete converted videos to have more space on your smartphone. Search for the audio files in the app. They are all sorted and you can use a quick search.

Listen to your favorite bloggers in the background. The conversion is quick. It doesn’t waste a lot of battery. Change the audio file in other audio apps. Choose the name, change the equalizer.

Video to Mp3 ConvertVideo to Mp3 Convert Video to Mp3 Convert

The app has a music player. Create playlists and enjoy MP3 files. One of the disadvantages of this app is that you can’t connect the app with Bluetooth headphones. The app works offline so you don’t need a permanent Internet connection.

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Video to MP3 Converter – mp3 cutter and merger

The next app on our list doesn’t just convert the video to MP3, it is also a mini video and audio editor. Cut the audio to make a ringtone for any of your contacts. It works fast and converts in a few seconds. Don’t waste your time converting 1 video. This app allows you to convert more than 10 videos at once.

Cut the video to convert the fragment. Change the volume of the audio and increase the quality. Choose the cover and create playlists. It supports tons of formats. Personalize the audio adding the genre, year, artist, and album.

Moreover, you can add effects to your audio to make it interesting. The app saves audio files in the best quality. You won’t hear the annoying sounds and noises.

Video to MP3 Converter Video to MP3 Converter Video to MP3 Converter

The app can become the best helper for Instagram bloggers. Use it to add audio to your stories. There are no lags and errors. Use the app offline and it can work the same as online. Try this app and create the most pleasant ringtone, alarm, and notification sounds.

Media Converter – video to mp3

Let’s have a look at this app. First, you need to upload the video file. Create the folder and name it. Choose the video for conversion and the app opens the settings. Choose the converted format and the quality of the sound. Don’t forget to increase the volume.

The app has more than 20 formats. If you want to save some space on your smartphone then compress video and audio files. It supports many formats to play. Use the app as an audio and video player. The converting algorithms work well. It doesn’t spoil audio.

Media Converter Media Converter Media Converter

The interface is simple. It has a few ads but it is no annoying. The app is free though you can buy the Pro version to get more tools. The Pro version costs $1.99. It is worth it. The app has lots of positive reviews so try it and make sure the efficiency of Media Converter.

Tube to mp3 converter – free tube to mp3 converter

The app has modern technologies to convert videos to MP3. It takes only a few seconds. Upload any Youtube video and let the app do its job. Customize the settings of the conversion. Choose the length. The app has several formats for conversion.

Simplify the process of the conversion by using the link of the video. It can also save you time and space on the smartphone. Don’t worry if you lost the MP3 file. Open the library of the app and it shows you all conversion processes.

Tube to mp3 converter Tube to mp3 converter Tube to mp3 converter

One of the disadvantages of this app is not supporting Youtube links. This is not a big problem. Download the videos from Youtube and add them to the app. You can use this app offline.

Try it and enjoy your favorite videos in MP3 format whenever you want, Create the best audio playlists for any event. Listen to your favorite psychologists or bloggers without wasting extra traffic.

MyMP3 – Convert videos to mp3 and best music player

The next app on our list is a must-have for any podcast lovers. Create the audio files of your favorite Youtube channels. Youtube has got many informative, conversational, and educational channels. So, why should you watch it if you can listen to it?

You don’t need to be distracted by moving pictures or by a blogger. Just listen to your favorite shows and mind your own business. Share the converted MP3 files with your family members or friends.

The app allows you to play music even when your phone is locked. This helps your battery use less energy.

MyMP3 - Convert videos to mp3 and best music player MyMP3 - Convert videos to mp3 and best music player

Besides the user-friendly interface, the app allows you fully control the setting of the converted MP3 file. Change the name, artist, date of the upload, and more. Increase the volume before conversion to make the audio better.

The app is simple and has nothing superfluous.

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Video converter to mp3

This app can turn your phone into a professional video to music converter. You don’t need the Internet to convert videos. The app works offline. Open the gallery and choose the video to convert it.

Add tags to the MP3 file so you can always remember what is it about. Convert videos not only to MP3. The app has dozens of formats. Use the app as a little video or audio editor. You can add sounds, mute, and cut the video. It is one of the fastest apps for conversion.

Video converter to mp3 Video converter to mp3 Video converter to mp3

All converted MP3 files will be placed on your phone’s memory. You can play them using any music app. Create a playlist of your favorite videos and listen to the MP3 files.

Share playlists with friends. You can use the quick sharing via Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Whats app.

MP3 Converter -Audio Extractor

It is a piece of cake to convert videos to MP3 using this app. Plus, there are more than 20 audio and video formats. Open the advanced mode to have more tools. Choose the output format and range. Change audio bitrate, sample, and encode.

There are several ways to import the video. You can do this using iCloud, gallery, camera roll, and even Wi-Fi transfer. Reduce the noise to make the audio better. Moreover, the app has got some unexpected features.

If you like singing, it is what you need, Remove vocal from your favorite song and sing along. Use the app as karaoke. Save space on the smartphone compressing heavy files. Try acapella mode and challenge your singing skills.

MP3 Converter -Audio Extractor MP3 Converter -Audio Extractor MP3 Converter -Audio Extractor

If you want to make the vocal better then amplify it. There is a good feature for car drivers, Try the bass booster to feel every beat of the bass in the car speakers.

The app has only one drawback. It is constant ads. Sometimes, it is annoying.

Video tube to audio Mp3

Try this app and you will get the simplest way to convert video to MP3. You need to do some steps for conversion. First of all, import the video to the app. Choose it from the gallery or make it using the camera.

Secondly, choose the conversion format and wait till the process is done. You can find all converted files in the app. Sort them and create playlists.

Video tube to audio Mp3 Video tube to audio Mp3

One of the advantages of the app is the absence of ads. The simplest interface can be understood by any user. The dark theme of the app makes the use pleasant.

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MP3 Video Converter

This app has a minimalistic design. It is suitable for any user. Choose the video to convert it. The process is fast. You can see the process line at the bottom of the screen. The app shows you the time left. Choose the MP3 codec. There are 6 types of it.

Moreover, you can choose the name, artist, and album for a converted audio file. The app allows saving files on smartphone storage. You can use the converted files in any music apps.

MP3 Video Converter MP3 Video Converter MP3 Video Converter

The app is unique because it makes specific task within a few seconds. It doesn’t take much space. The app does not require any permissions other than access to the gallery to import video files.

Try it and join more than 100 million users that have already converted all wanted video files.

MP3 Converter – Convert Video to MP3

What makes this app different from others? You can convert multiple video files at once. It supports many music formats. The app is useful for those who are engaged in video processing because sometimes it is very important to extract sound from a video.

The app will allow you to trim audio after conversion. It will save a lot of time and memory on your smartphone. You can quickly increase the volume of a file, and also get rid of unnecessary noise. Just move the sliders in the equalizer.

MP3 Converter - Convert Video to MP3 MP3 Converter - Convert Video to MP3 MP3 Converter - Convert Video to MP3

The app has a nice blue and white design. This makes it look professional and elegant. The developers are constantly updating the app by adding new conversion tools.

Plus, you can use the app to find all video and audio files on your smartphone Create folders and sort the converted files. A small disadvantage of the app – its weight. Despite this, it is worth downloading because it does its job perfectly.

Mp4 to Mp3 – Convert Video to Audio, Cut Ringtones

Have you ever heard a cool song on YouTube but can’t find it? This app will solve this problem. Create ringtone from audio clips of YouTube videos. Add the video to the app and select the fragment to convert.

The app will convert within a few seconds and you will receive a finished ringtone. Share ringtones with your friends. The app supports dozens of audio and video formats, so you don’t need to prepare videos for use in the app.

Mp4 to Mp3 Mp4 to Mp3 Mp4 to Mp3

You can use this app as a music organizer. Change the title, artist, album, and year. Try converting multiple files at once. The app makes simultaneous conversion of up to 15 videos.

The developers have tried and added the function of working in the background. Run the conversion and go about your business in other apps. It is absolutely free but the app has some ads.

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