11 Free Call History Tracker Apps for Any Number

Call history can tell you a lot about a person. By getting this data, you can find out the secrets and private connections of the person you are interested in. You can also check your call history to find a lost number or check if someone else is using your personal number.

These free call history tracker apps for any number have all the necessary functionality. Among them, you are sure to find something that suits your needs.

Find out whose calls you take from an unknown number with the help of these free caller location tracking apps.


Salestrail is a phone call tracking service. The program can provide up-to-date data both on calls made over the phone or on calls made over the Internet.

The app automatically generates a log of calls made, outgoing, and received, so you can easily track the number of calls by day, week, or even month.

For convenience, you can manage your history by deleting unnecessary calls. You can mark popular contacts with a favorite icon so that you don’t have to register them again every time.

In addition to information about incoming calls in the program, you can track the duration of each conversation. Listen to the recording again to highlight important moments in the conversation.

Recordings can be shared for work purposes, saving them to your device. Search within the app for information on each of the calls. You can use the account matching feature to improve your workflow.

You can add other people to the app so you can work with them on work-related issues. It’s also convenient that all the data on calls from the program can be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet. Here you can see statistics and analysis of your calls.


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CallPlease is one of the most convenient apps for structuring your calls inside and outside your device. You can synchronize data between multiple gadgets to make them more convenient to use.

For example, you can transfer all calls from your mobile to your computer to keep track of statistics on call duration, number of calls, and so on.

The app provides a convenient log for recording calls. It displays information on each outgoing and incoming call. You can manage these logs if you wish.

For example, to delete old entries that have already been entered into the summary table to track the effectiveness of the communication. Besides, the app allows you to analyze data about messages that come to your mobile device.

The program allows you to combine multiple accounts so that you can track your call history from your devices. The data is easily transferable to other media, including your computer. You can allocate permanent phone numbers to bypass the stage of their registration in the system later.

The app works offline, so there is no need to constantly open and configure it. Everything will work by itself. At the same time, the information will be saved despite the connection of the device to the Internet.



Callyzer is a unique app for tracking your phone calls. It offers both paid and free features that you can use to analyze your incoming and outgoing calls.

The app allows you to back up data from your account to any other device without losing information.

An optimized call summary is available in the free version of the app. It is possible to get a detailed analysis of data on the log of outgoing and incoming calls.

You can also redirect data from the app to other media. Contacts can be added to favorites so that they are automatically saved in the history of the program.

The app shows information about the date and time of outgoing calls. You can see a detailed pie chart showing missed, received, and rejected calls as a percentage.

Data from the app allows you to track the effectiveness of help desks, customer communication departments, office staff, and so on. Conveniently, you can create one account to view the call log of several people.


Call Log Editor and Backup

This app is an editor for your call log and outgoing calls. It provides all of its features absolutely free, so everyone can take advantage of them.

In the program, you can track the entire call history on your phone. Information about the calls is automatically saved in the log, but it can be edited. For example, you can delete or add new contacts.

To do this, you can specify the date of the call, the duration of the conversation, and so on. You can also change the names of phone numbers so that you can find information about them faster in the app.

Through this program, it is easy and convenient to monitor the efficiency of your phone calls. You can back up or restore lost data at any time. This allows you to get all the information about your calls in a structured and optimized way.

The app allows you to use it even in offline mode. That is, you won’t need to re-enter it to record new calls. You can also use the service without connecting to the Internet. The data will still be automatically synchronized and recorded by the program.


Call history: any number data by BUILDERS

Call history: any number data is a handy app for those who want to keep track of their calls to optimize the workflow.

The program automatically synchronizes with your smartphone contacts to save all information about outgoing and incoming calls in the history or log of the app.

Here you can sort your contacts and calls into the categories you want, so you can find the information you need faster. History of calls allows you to track their date, duration, and other parameters.

All data from the program can be transferred to the table for convenient analysis and statistics output. The program also provides the possibility of backup, which is done automatically. You can also perform it intentionally by selecting the appropriate button in the program.

All data from the smartphone will be downloaded to the account and will be stored there even after uninstalling the app. Thus, you can easily restore them at any convenient moment.

You can also edit the call log itself. For example, you can delete unnecessary numbers, fraud calls, false calls, and so on. Thanks to this, the program will store only important numbers and calls.


Analytics/Call Tracking-iovox

Analytics/Call Tracking-iovox is an app for optimizing your calls. This program allows users not only to keep track of their contacts and calls but also to add third-party and foreign phone numbers to actively use them.

You can buy phone numbers from other countries so you can use them to make overseas calls, receive messages with codes, and confirm online accounts registered with them.

You can also combine several users in one account to view their phone calls and call data. This is useful for organizing your workflow and checking the effectiveness of the calls you make or receive. You can set up your own rules for receiving, rejecting, and redirecting calls.

The app also has all the data about the calls: duration, phone number, date, and time of the call. The app allows you to edit the call log. You can delete unnecessary or false calls, as well as add numbers for automatic calling.

In the call history, you can search by keyword. You can also leave tags and comments on important or false calls to find them quickly.


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Call Log Analytics, Call Notes

Phone Analytics is an app that will help to optimize your phone calls and improve communication between employees and customers.

With the help of the program, it is possible to track the statistics of calls and received calls. It automatically analyzes incoming data and provides a detailed chart along with graphs.

You can view the information and data of each phone number from or to which calls were made.

The program allows you to manage the history of calls. Users can delete unnecessary or old calls on their own. It is also possible to share data from the phone book with other people.

It is possible to filter all calls by certain categories. For example, outgoing, incoming, missed, and rejected. This will allow you to get a more detailed analysis and statistics of the data from the program.

You can also search for contacts by their name in your phonebook. It, too, can be edited to reduce the search time.

The program allows you to highlight frequently used phone numbers and add them to the speed dial. It is also possible in the app to block unwanted contacts or send them to a blacklist so that they can’t call again. The same will happen in the built-in call log on your smartphone.

This app allows you to get quick data on every call you make or receive.


Message and Call Tracker

Message and Call Tracker is an app for tracking calls and messages that come to your smartphone or other gadget. You can synchronize data from your log in this app to get a detailed report of calls made, received, and rejected.

The app works in the background, so you won’t need to log in constantly to copy your data. Information about every call that was made from your device will be available to you.

You’ll be able to see the person’s number, the date, and even the duration of the call. You will also be able to see the call history of a specific number or the entire phone book. You can manage this log and the data in it yourself.

You can easily delete or hide a contact. You can also block or move it to a blacklist to restrict the recipient from sending calls and messages. In the call history, you can view your correspondence with the user.

You can mark important contacts with special icons so you can receive calls and texts from them later without extra verification.


Call history: Get Call Details

Call History: Get Call Details is a modern program that allows you to get complete data about users who make calls to your phone number from anywhere in the world.

The app will help you check incoming calls even without extra programs. With it, you can see the location of the recipient, smartphone settings and model, SIM card, and so on.

The app is completely secure, so with it, you can not worry about the safety of your personal data. To protect the user, the app can send reminders when you receive an incoming call. The app can also offer to block any suspicious contact.

The program can recognize spam calls that come from fraudsters and abusers. You can also view detailed data about calls in the journal.

There will be detailed information about every contact you’ve talked to on the phone over the last couple of months. You can edit the data in the journal yourself by deleting and restoring it.

The program also provides a record of conversations. They are stored in a separate section of the program. There you can listen to conversations with any contacts.


Call history: any number data by Yajurved Developers

This app is designed to manage your own data in your phonebook. It allows you to store your entire call history and even sort it into specific categories. You can sort calls to quickly find them by rejected, made, outgoing, and so on.

The app lets you quickly and easily access information about every phone number that’s in your call history. To do this, you can use the convenient advanced search.

The app can also give you statistics on the calls you’ve made or received over a period of time.

The program allows you to automatically back up your data so that it will remain in your account even after you delete the app. You can also edit the call log by adding or deleting phone numbers. You can change contact names, tag and highlight them for quick searching in the system.

Through the app, you can share your call history and statistics with other users. You can also export data to a table to make it easier to keep track of them.


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Call History: Any Numbers

Call History: Any Numbers is an app that helps you optimize your contact and call history. It allows you to keep track of all the data about the phone numbers you regularly communicate with on your phone, call duration, call statistics, and so on.

The app gives you the ability to track information both within its program and outside of it. You can easily export data from the app into a table for visual study and analysis.

You can also get statistics about the calls in the program itself. It will be presented as a graph or chart with percentages.

The app allows you to activate backups to save all your data even if you delete the program. You can save all the calls in the history or log, and then come back to examine them.

You can also edit the journal yourself, deleting old and unnecessary contacts. To get detailed information about a contact or a call, you can search through the system itself.

Also from the app, it is convenient to share data with other users. Moreover, you can keep an archive of messages and see information about them in a separate log.

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