10 Best Blackjack apps for Android & iOS

Today Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Thanks to its simple rules and an opportunity to work out strategies, the game became almost as widespread as poker. A chance to win the bid seems quite appealing and there is a high probability that luck will be on your side. It is good to know though, that expert players usually win a lot more than average ones.

No matter what are your purposes – to have fun or to acquire some special skills of playing – Blackjack apps are here for you to help you! Choose one of the top Blackjack apps and enjoy this venturous game!

blackjack free iconBlackjack Free

Blackjack Free is one of the most popular apps on app stores and there are certain reasons for that. The app is suitable both for beginners and for the advanced players. There several regimes and a possibility to improve your skills by learning some strategies. The user-friendly design and high-quality graphics make Blackjack Free one of the best apps for playing Blackjack. Download it now and experience the venturous nature of this game!

blackjack free screenshot

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Ultimate Blackjack Reloaded iconUltimate BlackJack Reloaded

Ultimate BlackJack Reloaded is a remarkable BlackJack app, because there are lots of customizable features. It seems that app developers did their best in order to make the game as comfortable for everyone as possible. You can change sounds, graphics parameters, and even rules.

Other cool features of this app include tutors, achievements, and leaderboards. You can compete with other users of the app and gain scores in order to climb to the top of the leaderboards. If your default pseudo-random number generator lets you down, you can switch to the other one – the one that uses atmospheric noise to generate numbers. So get the app and challenge the dealer!

ultimate blackjack reloaded screenshot

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Blackjack live casino iconBlackJack 21

BlackJack app by AbZorba Games is one more app with lots of customizable features. The app has a modern-looking design and, what is more, it transfers you the atmosphere of Las Vegas casinos. When you open the app for the first time, you are offered to choose your game face (avatar). After that, you can either do tutorials or start competing with other players from all over the world. You can invite your friends as well, for example by using Facebook.

The gameplay creates a nice overall feel; background sounds and voice of the dealer add up a lot to this! Download BlackJack 21 now and experience what it is like to play in Vegas!

blackjack live casino screenshot

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Blackjack vegas iconmyVEGAS Blackjack

Speaking of Vegas, have you ever wanted to go there? Well, myVEGAS Blackjack cannot guarantee you being there, but it will provide you with real-world awards that can be used there! Hotel stays, meals, nightclub access… All in all, if you happen to be in the Sin City right now, you should definitely go for this app.

If not, you can still go for this app, because it has so much more for to offer – amazing graphics, beautiful animation, several interesting variations of Blackjack – everything is just in one app! Download it now and have fun!

Blackjack vegas screenshot

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Blackjack21 free casino iconBlackjack 21 + Free Casino

This app was originally designed for iOS devices, but now it is available on Android as well. Blackjack 21 + Free Casino provides a genuine experience of playing Blackjack. There are no different modes or whatsoever, but the player is given a chance to experience what it is like to play the original game of Blackjack according to all of its rules and principles.

The cool thing is that you can have up to three hands on one table. So you won’t get bored because you will be constantly thinking of different combinations. When you start to play, you are given a definite amount of chips and you can only ‘lose’ when you lose all of those chips. If you are a beginner, there are some tips for you so you could stop feeling out of place. To sum up, the app is perfect for those who want to pay tribute to the authentic Blackjack.

blackjack21 free casino screenshot

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blackjack branium iconBlackjack (Brainium Studios)

Blackjack by Brainium Studios is one more beautifully designed app, which will help you to both master your playing skills and have fun. The advantage of this app is that there are no in-app purchases, so no matter how avid you are, you can be sure that your money is safe.

Brainium Studios didn’t add any alternative versions of Blackjack to the app, so there is just the traditional one, but with all the tricks and strategies that are normally available – so you can double down or split hands if you want to. If you are a beginner, there are special hints for you to follow and also a training game which can help to improve counting skills. Feel like you wouldn’t resist a temptation to buy chips with your real money? Then this one is for you!

blackjack branium screenshot

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Blackjack strategy practice iconBlackjack Strategy Practice

Blackjack Strategy Practice is a smooth, fast and beautiful app for learning strategies. There are also no in-app purchases, which is quite obvious – the app is designed for learning how to play Blackjack and not for actually playing it.

Learning with this app is easy and lots of fun. Your every move is followed by a comment. The more time you spend with Strategy Practice, the more experienced you become. If you are one of those people who believe in the famous saying ‘train hard fight easy’, then download this one!

blackjack strategy practice screenshot

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blackjack just like vegas iconBlackJack Online – Just Like Vegas!

BlackJack Online – Just Like Vegas! is one more app for playing BackJack that is both beautiful and aimed at playing the authentic version of the game. As we can see, there are lots of apps that are practically the same, so the competition between them for you must be a tough one! Every developer puts an emphasis on something different.

This one ‘stands out from the crowd’ with its outstanding stimulating rewards system. You get bonuses on a daily basis and, moreover, you get additional ones every weekend! So if different reminders don’t bother you, you can choose this one! If they do, you can also choose this one – this is a great app – just remember to turn off the reminders!

blackjack just like vegas screenshot

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card counter iconCard Counter

Learn to count cards with Card Counter! Like really, this is the basic skill which can turn you into an expert player who wins a lot more that an average one. The app is designed for those players who want to take their skills to the next level! A simple user-friendly interface and a nice design of the app will make you want to spend more and more time with it. Download Card Counter now and start counting cards to win more chips!

card counter screenshot

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BC BlackjackBC Blackjack

BC Blackjack contains almost all of the advantages the other apps have, but it is available only on Apple’s devices. The app’s graphics is awesome – there are full-sized cards, which can be clearly seen even if your eyesight is far from perfect. 3D tables create a nice impression.

As in some other apps, there are no in-app purchases, but you are offered to obtain a PRO-version, which is not free. However, even without upgrading to PRO, the app has a lot in it. You can just play Blackjack or train some strategies, view history of your playing and so on. One more good Blackjack app for iOS devices!

BC Blackjack screenshot

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So this article has covered 10 best Blackjack apps for Android and iOS. We wish you good luck and a trip to Vegas! Enjoy the game, be venturous and, at the same time, smart enough to learn & use strategies.

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