10 Best Flight Simulator Games for Android & iOS

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a pilot of some legendary aircraft? If the answer is yes—keep reading!

There are plenty of flight simulator games for Android & iOS that let you master your piloting abilities in various conditions. All the apps come with a high level of detail, so you’ll get the most realistic experience possible. These apps feature multiple kinds of aircraft—from passenger to military ones. Some of these apps even let you fly a helicopter!

We’ve gathered the 10 best apps in that category you may try. Take a look!

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

flight pilot sim

Let’s start with a 3D flight sim that lets you experience what it’s like to be a pilot.

This game is known for its ultra-realistic graphics and smooth animation that levels up the whole process. Plus, the game covers tons of diversified planes—from single-engine ones to superjets and military planes. That’s because you’ll need to complete multiple operations, each of which requires a special airplane, strategy, and other equipment.

For instance, you’ll be called out to solve emergencies and all kinds of rescue missions. Herewith, the difficulty level of missions may vary—some of them are quite simple, while the others need all your strategic thinking and flying skills to pass. As for the forces that may complicate the missions, you may need to land in the middle of the forest fire or snowy mountains.

Besides, the game includes various kinds of brought landing missions and even races with other planes. There is also an immersive open map that gives you complete freedom of actions and maneuvers. The best thing is—it’s an offline game, so you can lay it at any time.

flight pilot sim 1 flight pilot sim 2 



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X-Plane Flight Simulator


Next, we have an aircraft simulator that gives you the most lifelike experience possible.

The main point of this game is that it runs on the base of the same plane model used on certified simulators. That’s right, it’s the closest thing to the program real pilots use for training. Sounds impressive, right? Plus, the game comes with a detailed cockpit view that includes dozens of knobs, buttons, displayed, and all that.

In case you’re new to this genre of games, there is 10 free tutorial to get used to it. As for the aircraft, the game offers you two airplanes for free—all the other ones require in-app purchases. But don’t get upset—you may customize the planes by your will. For instance, you get to repaint them, get new engines, add cool features, and more.

Besides, there are 5 scenery regions for you to fly on. All the locations include detailed terrain, airports, buildings, and all that. There are such areas as Hawaii, Washington, and Austria. You may also unlock global scenarios with over 35k airports to land in. The game comes with a single-mode and a 2-plyer multiplayer if needed.

x-plane 1 x-plane 2 



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Turboprop Flight Simulator


It’s an aircraft sim that lets you pilot both military and passenger airliners.

The game features both tactical airliners like the Airbus and the ones from regional airlines like ATRs. As for the military planes, the game covers their types—cargo, coastguard, and spec-ops. There are also early warning lanes if required. Plus, there are two concepts of planes for vertical takeoff and landing with tilt-wing.

The game comes with a stunning cockpit view, and you get to interact with diverse items—from doors and switches to lamps and displays. You’ll also get to drive vehicles at some of the emissions. The game has lifelike physics, so your flight will depend on the climate and time of the day.

In case you’re new to aviation sim games, there are plenty of training operations that will teach you the bases of flying, and how to land and take off properly. Speaking of real missions—there are loads of options and all require an individual attempt. You’ll get to explore various locations, land on improvised runways, unload supplies, and more.

Turboprop 1 Turboprop 2 



Infinite Flight

infinite flight

If the reason you wanna play a flight sim is for high definition views and a lifelike experience—this game is your cup of tea.

This game offers one of the most comprehensive aviation experiences of all. It covers plenty of scenery regions across the globe, a wide range of planes to try, changing climate, time, and more. Let’s start with an aircraft, shall we? The game covers dozens of planes of any kind—from passenger to military ones. Some options are only available for money, but there are enough free ones.

The plane animation is great here—you get a fully animated interactive cockpit, animated doors, and even wing flexes. Beyond that, all the regions are made in high detail—with accurate typography, airports, buildings, and all that. The new locations releases happen regularly, so you’ll always have new land to explore.

Plus, the navigation data used in this app is a real-world system used for airspace. There’s even an autopilot mode that lets you relax and enjoy the view. The game also covers a user-friendly planning system that lets you schedule your flight in detail.

infinite flight 1 infinite flight 2 



Extreme Landings

extreme landings

As you may guess by the name, this game will test your ability to get out of emergencies.

Unlike its sister games, this one won’t let you fly around peacefully enjoying the view. No, this game is about the risk, control, and responsibility of your passengers. It will test your piloting skills in the most critical flight circumstances possible. And the cherry on top—all the cases are inspired by real-life incidents.

For now, the game covers over 35 missions, more than 200 operations, and plenty of aerodromes on the global map. Some missions and locations are for pro subs only, but there are more than enough free ones. Plus, there will be time and climate changes that affect the way to solve the mission. There are over 5k situations in general, and 5 fault levels.

Additionally, there’s a detailed controls system that lets you make multiple maneuvers. For instance, there’s a built-in ILS landing system, a speed autopilot, vertical speed, high meter, and more. There’s also a navigation display and a weather radar to assist you during the flight. You’ll even get to manage the fuel with weight balancing, and all that.

extreme landings 1 extreme landings 2 



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Take Off 

Take Off

Here’s another pilot sim that lets you participate in various aircraft missions.

If you get bored with the games quickly—this one is definitely for you. It covers over 50 diversified missions that let you enjoy the flight, test your piloting skills and strategic thinking. All the missions are unique and require an individual attempt, so get ready to make quick decisions. For instance, there are missions with airfreighting, improvised landings, and even some risky rescue operations.

In case you’re into peaceful flying, there are several missions for exploring various locations as well. The game covers changing weather conditions that you need to consider on the missions. What is more, you’ll get to start your airline and visit wonderful cities of NY, London, and almost 20 other destinations.

The game features 25 planes for you to try—from jumbo jets to seaplanes and military ones. All the planes come with a detailed 360 degrees cockpit view, and you’ll get to interact with switches, displays, buttons, and all that. Besides, you get t to customize and upgrade your planes by repainting them, improving the engines, and more.

Take Off 1 Take Off 2   



Flight Simulator Advanced

Flight Sim advanced

It’s another flight sim with a detailed cockpit view.

The game comes with a fully interactive cockpit, so you get to tap on all the buttons, switches, displays, and all that. Plus, it lets you take the whole flying process under control—from a push-back and taxi to runway to takeoff and landing. You’ll also be able to start and shut the engines, control the flaps, pushback, and more.

The game covers all the authentic flight controls like roll, rudder, and so on. It even includes an autopilot if needed. As for the aircraft compilation, the game features multiple planes like A320, A380, B777, and many more. Each place has an authentic cockpit and unique features—just like in real life.

Besides, the game comes with realistic physics, so your flight can be affected by the weather, time of the day, season, and all that.
You may also easily get into a turbulence zone or a storm, so get ready to come up with a rescue plan. It needs to be said, the environment graphic is HQ—you get realistic airports, buildings, and even volumetric clouds.

Flight Sim advanced 1 Flight Sim advanced 2 



Airline Commander

airline commander

This is a flight game that lets you command your own airplane and airline.

As always, you start the game in the lowest positions—you’re an inexperienced pilot who is yet to learn how to fly big planes. To cope with that, you’ll be given a mentor—a pro pilot who will teach you everything he knows. Make sure to listen carefully to not miss anything.

The master will introduce you to the cockpit, all the controls, and even give you safe landing tips. Then you’ll get a pilot license and start creating your airline. Herewith, it’s not only about management—you’ll get to fly as well. The more flights you’ll take—the more money you’ll get for developing your aircraft par and airline. You’ll be able to pick flying routes, along with upgrading your skills and planes.

The best thing about this game is the level of realism. Just like in the real world, not all flights will go smoothly. Various weather conditions may complicate your flight—from turbulence to storm and food. And let’s not forget about the equipment—the sensors or ASM may fail, and there may be engine problems too.

airline commander 2 airline commander 1



Flight Sim

flight sim

This is an aircraft sim that lets you command the legendary airplanes.

The game comes with an open global world map for you to explore. You’ll get to fly across the continents and visit airports in a large selection of cities. The environment graphics are great—the cities and the landscapes look quite realistic. Plus, the game comes with a changeable day-night cycle, and the weather that may affect your flight.

More to that, the game includes turbulence zones, fogs, and even storms that may complicate your flight quite a lot. There’s also a wide range of planes to try. You start with the simplest one, but more options will be unlocked as you play. You also get to upgrade your planes and repaint them if needed. The control is simple, and you get a fully interactive cockpit.

As for the missions, all you get to do here is to fly passengers from one airport to another. However, there are plenty of challenging flying and landing scenarios for you to come through. You may lose visibility, the sensors may fail, something may be wrong with the engines, and all that.

flight sim 1 flight sim 2 



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Avion Flight Simulator

Avion Flight

And lastly, we have a complex flight sim that lets you try multiple kinds of planes.

For now, there are 12 planes you may pilot—from single-engine ones to jumbo jets and more. Herewith, all the planes are fully customizable—you get to repaint them, improve the equipment, the engines, and more. Plus, there’s a 360-degree cockpit view, and you get to interact with all the switches, displays, and all that.

The game comes with a nicely made 3d world for you to explore. There are 4 highly detailed city locations and over 10 airports. More to that, there are also 5 commercial airports, 2 seaports and loads of other locations for you to visit. The app runs on a no-purchases system, so all the items here are completely free.

As for the missions, there are over 60 available for now, and more come out regularly. For instance, the last update release has added 10 more missions with the USA presidential aircraft. The game has a dynamic weather system, so your plane may easily get into a fog, storm, or fly through the clouds.

Avion Flight 1 Avion Flight 2


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