9 Best Driver Training Apps 2023 (Android & iOS)

Getting a driver’s license can be one of the most important events in life, which you need to prepare carefully. It requires you to pass special tests that determine if you’re ready to join the traffic.

To do this, there are offline schools that offer assistance in preparing for the written test and exam in real car traffic conditions. Yet, sometimes this preparation is not enough and you have to go to extra sources.

These best driver training apps in 2023 for Android & iOS will help you pass the exam the first time and get behind the wheel of your car as soon as possible. 

For all of those who want to be fully prepared for becoming a professional driver we also recommend trying these best car mechanic learning apps.

Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable Drivers Ed is an app for teaching drivers the rules of the road. Do you want to learn to drive without leaving home? With this app, the dream will become a reality.

This is a driving school app that is tested and approved by the state. You will be able to learn from any device, whether it is a phone, tablet, or computer.

Here you will find really interesting lessons, which will allow anyone to be interested in learning. Forget about going to the driving school and listening to boring lectures. Learn and pass the exam wherever you are.

You can take lessons at your convenience at any time and place. The app is available for installation on any operating system device. If you are studying from multiple devices at once, the app will sync all your progress between devices.

This app is not just a manual, it is a whole program that can completely replace learning in a driving school. Take a full course and get your driving license. Take an unlimited number of tests and questions. To make learning interesting the app uses memes, witty texts, and other funny options.

With this app, you will be able to study for your driver’s license more cheaper. If you have any questions, you can contact the support team, which is available 24/7. Try it now!


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DRIVER START is an app for those who need to prepare for their driver’s license. The app is based on official traffic rules and approved by the state. Get a license of any category and even a motorcycle license.

You will be able to learn traffic rules, and signs and solve practical tasks anywhere and anytime. The app has special cards with tasks, each of which corresponds to test questions on the exam.

All tasks in the cards are created based on questions and answers provided by the driving school. If you want to remember the rules, signs, and possible situations, you can open the driving guide in PDF format. You can also select and study questions on a particular topic.

The driving exams you will take are as similar as possible to take a real exam. Review the number of correct and incorrect answers so you can track your progress. Go back to studying the rules from where you left off last time.

The simple and straightforward interface makes it easy to work with the app. It is free and has no restrictions. You can use it on any device. Learn traffic rules at home at your convenience. Download the app right now and see how practical it is.


DMV Practice Test Genie

DMV Practice Test Genie is a learning app from the developers of Elegant E-Learning. They have been developing programs to prepare for driver’s license exams for several years.

The questions are fresh, with all edits and updates for the last years. Thus, future drivers can competently prepare for the tests and see the complexity of the tasks for real.

Passing your driver’s license is no big deal with the DMV Practice Test Genie app. It provides traffic rules for all states of America. Learn all the questions so you can pass your exams in the future.

The system provides more than 600 questions that can be encountered in the test. This is confirmed by more than 30,000 positive feedbacks from drivers who have successfully passed their licenses.

Before, students were nervously shivering and did not sleep at night in fear of failing the exam, frantically studying tickets. Now all you have to do is download this app to perform brilliantly in front of a teacher!

The simulator takes up almost no memory space on your phone, so you don’t have to sacrifice other apps for the sake of success on the exam.


Practice Test USA & Road Signs

Practice Test USA and Road Signs is a new simulator from mobile app developers Div_Neuapp. Their training project is easy to learn, there are no pitfalls while answering questions.

The lightweight program immediately offers a choice of test mode – practical tests or tests for knowledge of road signs.

There is an opportunity to see personal achievements, note common mistakes in the test and configure the app for a comfortable pastime in it. Territorially, the questions affect only the U.S.

Their users can learn more about the developers, their interests, and plans for further development of the creative project. Practice Test USA is an excellent source of preparation for the exams. The questions are as close as possible to those encountered during the passing of the license.

The system is configured with 420 questions that can clearly demonstrate the level of training of the student.

Developers have taken into account the wishes of users, so the latest update introduced the possibility of ranking questions, based on a particular state. All 50 regions are available without registration and purchase of a premium subscription.


Driving Academy Car Simulator

Driving Academy Car Simulator is an app that will prepare you for the exam. Here you will easily and effortlessly learn how to drive, park and overcome stress on the road and in the driving school.

The driving simulator leads users to admire the quality of graphics and the realism of movement. After passing this game nothing will not introduce confusion on the real road.

The game simulates all possible situations. Players will have to drive through the city, move along the road in rush hour, drive on a snow-covered track, and work out the turns on the serpentine. There are sudden pedestrians in the wrong place and stops by police officers.

You will have flat tires, and other drivers will create an emergency situation. Besides, you will practice driving at night and in different weather conditions. There are more than two hundred variations in the simulator to find a parking space – you will be able to stand everywhere and practice the rules.

Download the app and you can fit a whole fleet in your pocket. More than 135 car models with all the individual characteristics are waiting for your driver. By the way, you can transform them and make them cooler – just like in a racing game.

Driving school simulators will teach you how to navigate in space and allow you to become a cool motorist.


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Car Driving School Simulator

Car Driving School Simulator is a novelty in the genre of simulators from the developers BoomBit Games. Practice traffic rules through exam questions – just the flowers before the real practice in the car.

Many drivers can’t go to practice often, so BoomBit Games released a simulator for practicing traffic rules in an artificial environment.

The system is programmed to simulate real driving and provides various emergency situations to test the student’s reaction.

Visually, it looks like a game, but to complete the task it is necessary to follow all the rules perfectly and not to make any mistakes within the traffic rules. The developers are refining the app every day.

Today, the simulator provides the opportunity to pass the levels in a chaotic order, relying on personal desires and individual needs in practice. Do not forget to turn on turn signals or brake lights, rearrange them in the right place and consider the presence of warning road signs.

BoomBit’s simulator is also about customizing the terrain. For example, users can choose to visualize roads in Tokyo or the United States. Every month, new updates and additions are released for enjoyable exam preparation.

Note, Car Driving School Simulator is not just a training simulator, but also an online multiplayer game, where the lively traffic on the road is not due to a whim of the system, but the real number of novice motorists.


Car Driving School: Car Games

Car Driving School: Car Games is a new simulation game from mobile app developers Spark Game Studios. Download the app via GooglePlay and enjoy simulated driving your personal car on a busy road.

To successfully reach the finish line, remember the traffic rules and pay attention to the warning road signs so as not to cause an accident.

To better adapt the simulator to real-life conditions, the developers have updated the app and added manual transmission control. There are five more car models to choose from and the ability to demonstrate errors in the form of a short video stunt.

To start the game, just start the engine and listen to the instructions of the artificial coach. Do not worry if you have never sat behind the wheel and do not know what to do.

Driving tips appear throughout the game, so the novice driver will eventually begin to disperse on the road without assistance. If necessary, you can turn off the hint function in the settings menu.


Learn To Drive

Learn to Drive is the official app in the driving simulator genre. You don’t need much to learn how to drive – download the app to your handy gadget and start learning the rules of the road.

This app will help to prepare successfully for the exam for the license. Experienced drivers will be able to fill in the “gaps” in knowledge for the retest.

Learn to Drive is a simulator with built-in guidance and hints to comment on controversial points during driving. This helps drivers avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

The app is unique in its kind – for several years the developers have put a lot of effort into it, which had a direct impact on the size of the file. To download it, you need 800 MB of free space in the built-in memory or a card reader.

Learn to Drive is a Full-HD environmental map. Driving brings not only learning value but also helps the novice driver relax, thanks to the beautiful scenery outside the window. There is an option to turn on a less distracting background to focus on the ride and practice before taking the test.

All users can buy the Premium level, it costs less than a cup of coffee, and the features are pleasantly surprising. They are not limited by the ban on advertising.


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Learn Driving And Test

Learn Driving and Test is a driving simulator for iOS from developer Sunnykumar Mavani. Learning to drive with fun is real. The simulator simulates driving, offering users tricky situations on the road.

When an error occurs, the system offers commentary and an explanation of the error, referring to official sources.

For a 100% check of knowledge and skills, the developers have provided the possibility of theoretical testing, creating an alternative test. Its basis – more than 100 questions encountered during the exam.

To save your achievements, as well as to further work on your mistakes, no Internet connection is required. The system will automatically prompt you to complete the test you have already started to find out the result.

The simulator saves all the answers, which is a great opportunity to analyze the current situation. The app from Sunnukumar Mavani promotes the successful solving of real test tasks and also improves reaction skills.

Future drivers feel much more confident compared to those who preferred to focus on the theoretical part of the exam.

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