9 Best Apps to Win Cool Free Stuff (Android & iOS)

Getting something for free is always a pleasure. You do not pay money for a product, service, or some interesting thing, but you can get it. Perhaps you’ve already used coupons, gift certificates, and tickets for free things and were happy when you received your prize.

With coupons or gifts, you can save on standard purchases, please yourself and your loved ones with some nice thing, or even just get something you need for your life and your home. Here is the list of 15 Best Food Coupon Apps for Android & iOS.

Not all people know that you can win a bunch of free and cool things to use in your life. Even if they do not find an application in your life, you will still get pleasant emotions from the gift. We decided to collect for you 9 Best Apps to Win Cool Stuff for Android & iOS.

the Coupons App

the Coupons AppIf you constantly refuel your car, make purchases on Amazon, and would like to receive free gifts, then just try The Coupons App. It is already used by millions of people and get their benefits every day, saving on standard purchases and getting something for themselves as a gift.

The application also works with thousands of online stores, which will be happy to give you something free or make a big short-term discount on goods.

In addition to the fact that you can always see what is available to you for free, you can also constantly monitor the goods you need. For example, select an item on Amazon and set the desired price – The Coupons App will send you a notification as soon as the price is acceptable to you.

The application has a separate tab with the distribution of items next to you – you can just get clothes, furniture, or something more expensive and enjoyable. Just do not forget to browse this category, otherwise faster users will have time to take everything.

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Cash Alarm

Cash AlarmAt work, you receive a salary that you later spend on something you need. You should not sit on your smartphone during work hours, play games, or watch videos.

But if you install the Cash Alarm application, you will be able to get money for shopping by simply playing!

Of course, it should be noted immediately that the application offers certain games, but their directory is large enough and each user will find something interesting.

In Cash Alarm, you just open the game and start having fun. In the process, you get coins (internal currency), which can be further exchanged for rewards. You will choose your own prize – it can be a gift card Amazon, PlayStation, and many other cool prizes.

For each second that you spend in the game, Cash Alarm accrues to your account in the application a certain number of points. Play longer and earn longer, so you can get the most rewarding prizes and the best offers.

Cash Alarm1 Cash Alarm2


AppNana – Gift Cards


The AppNana app let’s you install various apps for free and earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards from various websites and services.

In the app you need to earn points, which you can later exchange for gift cards for sites such as iTunes, PayPal, Amazon and others. To earn these points, all you need to do is download and install the apps within AppNana – Gift Cards.

It looks like this: you download the sponsored apps, run them for at least 30 seconds, then return to the App Nana app and earn points.

But that’s not all. You can also earn points by visiting the app every day. You get 400 points for every time you visit the app.

To start earning points simply download the App Nana app. When you sign in, it will ask you to enter an invite code.All rewards and the invitation code you have to enter are sent to your email.




CheckPoints #1 Rewards App

CheckPoints Rewards AppThere is no one who would give up free things. With the CheckPoints #1 Rewards App, you can easily get something for free, without much effort.

CheckPoints offers you to scan the bar code of those products that you buy on a daily basis. For example, you decided to buy a Coca Cola and went to the nearest store to get a jar.

After that, just launch CheckPoints and scan the barcode – for this simple action you can get an award.

Besides this method of getting gift cards, you will be able to answer different questions in the application. You can also just walk around the mall, find the brands and products in the application, scan them, and get prizes.

After such a walk, you may have a gift card of Amazon or Walmart on your account, which you can immediately spend. Isn’t it wonderful to spend time in your own pleasure and receive an award for usual actions?

CheckPoints Rewards App1 CheckPoints Rewards App2



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Play and Win – Win Cash Prizes!

Play and Win - Win Cash Prizes!All actions, which you need to do in this application, are immediately reflected in its name. You will really need to just play in order to get something nice and useful for yourself.

Every hour in Play and Win opens a new quiz and game that you will need to pass. The new game has thousands of questions on various topics – it can be technology and modern history, computer games, geography, and more, so you will show your erudition in all its glory.

Since some of the questions are too complex, hints will be offered to you. In Play and Win to get the hints, you need to watch the video and use it immediately after! In order to earn even more, you will need to invite your friends and answer most questions correctly, so be careful. Only a real erudite will win and earn!

Play and Win - Win Cash Prizes!1 Play and Win - Win Cash Prizes!2


Quiz World: Play and Win Everyday!

Quiz World Play and Win Everyday!If you like to answer questions, play mind games, and just occupy yourself with quizzes, then in the application Quiz World you can do it also with the benefit for yourself.

In the application, there are a lot of different and unique questions, which will make you brainstorm and try to find the answer yourself. For starters, you will be offered quite trifling questions, but over time their complexity will only grow.

For each question, Quiz World provides a detailed explanation – how you need to give an answer and under what conditions. In addition, here you will find quizzes 4 photos 1 word, music puzzles, tests, and so on.

For correct answers you get awards and prizes that can also be applied immediately. Payments to players are made in the form of money, which is credited to your personal account in Quiz World.

Once the amount reaches a certain threshold, you can withdraw them to your real wallet and buy yourself what you really want.

Quiz World Play and Win Everyday!1 Quiz World Play and Win Everyday!2


Lucktastic: Win Prizes, Real Rewards, & Gift Cards


Lucktastic: Win Prizes, Real Rewards, & Gift Cards is a simple but very useful app specifically designed for those users looking to earn at home with their smart device.

The app allows you to play free scratch card style games to win money in real time and lots of awesome prizes.

In the Lucktastic app you can participate in various scratch card games. In order to win, you need three symbols on your card to be matched. In this app you can win cash prizes, gift cards and other types of rewards.

The app also has sweepstakes and contests where users can win valuable prizes such as travel tours or items from your favorite brands.

One of the most exciting features of this app is that it offers many contests and sweepstakes, updated every day for more chances to win real prizes, including electronics and holidays.

All activities on the app are free, with no deposits or purchases.Scratch cards from Lucktastic have fetched more than $10,000,000 for real winners.





This app allows you to win valuable prizes by playing your favourite video games on the platform of this app for free. Users also have the option to join a group chat on Discord, where more than two hundred and fifty thousand players are already communicating.

In order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the application, you need to register under your name and add your gaming accounts. Then you can join in-game matches and tournaments.

By taking part in the activities of the application you will receive G-coins, which you can exchange for prizes. You can also play against a friend of yours by simply adding him or her to the app from your public chat.

As soon as the game session is over, the system automatically retrieves the result of your game and determines the winner.In addition, there are various promotions in the app, by participating in which you can also get G-coins and gems.



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Lucky Night – Free Lottery Games, Real Rewards

Lucky Night - Free Lottery Games, Real RewardsLottery is primarily about luck. A person relies entirely on his luck in an attempt to win any cash or property prize. In the application Lucky Night you will try to try your luck to get countless awards.

Users do not need to pay or make a deposit – the whole application is completely free and will even give you prizes. Try to play your favorite games right in Lucky Night and win something fun or cool.

The application has scratchers, which will give you instant prizes (of course, if you are lucky). You can also play the lotto and select certain numbers, participate in regular drawings, and so on.

It should be noted that most of the prizes in Lucky Night are gift cards of stores and brands, which you can cash when shopping. If you are interested in getting an Amazon or Walmart gift card, just download Lucky Night and start getting your deserved prizes.

Lucky Night - Free Lottery Games, Real Rewards1 Lucky Night - Free Lottery Games, Real Rewards2


Did you know before that you can get free cosmetics, household items, pet food, cinema tickets, and even home appliances? If you didn’t know it before, we advise you to take a look at the applications presented in this article.

The most favorable offers and prizes are never published in the public domain – otherwise, all people would rush to the stores for prizes.

You can just install the application on your smartphone and start winning various interesting and pleasant prizes, which you will get absolutely free or at a huge discount.

We hope that our selection of applications will be useful for you – each of them offers you just get cool stuff for free!

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