7 Best Android Apps to Hide Text Messages in 2023

Let’s be real—we all would like our private things to remain private. And what’s the most common way of sharing private info nowadays? That’s right—texting.

Luckily, there are plenty of Android apps to hide text messages in 2023 that will protect your chats from snooping. These apps are all different—some are vaults, others come with built-in messengers, and some even look like calculators for extra protection!

We’ve gathered together the 7 best apps in that category you may try. Have a look!


GO SMS ProLet’s start with a private messaging app that offers you a vault to hide the most important SMS.

At the first glance, this app may seem like a regular messenger. Herewith, it comes with plenty of customization options that let you change the interface entirely. It lets you exchange free SMS, along with sending pics, vids, and other media files. The app also supports dual SIM cards if needed.

You’ll also get to start group chats with an almost unlimited amount of members. Plus, the app lets you stick the most significant dialogues on top of others for easy access. The app covers plenty of themes and exclusive stickers to diversify your texting routine. The bank of these gets regular updates, and you may also make your own of them from scratch.

But that’s not what you’re here for, right? You’re here for hiding your text, and this app comes with it pretty well. First of all, it lets you add password protection—it may rather be a classic code, Touch ID, and all that. Furthermore, it comes with a secret vault that lets you hide all the significant dialogues. And to keep it extra private—you can hide the vault icon, so no one would ever guess there’s something hidden.

GO SMS Pro 1 GO SMS Pro 2 


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As you may guess by the name, it’s an SMS hider app that lets you keep private things remain private.

It’s quite a practical and user-friendly app that lets you hide texts and calls without any effort. Once you’ve put everything you’d like to keep hidden in the vault, you get to protect it with parole. The app covers all kinds of passwords you may need—a simple code, a figure, a fingerprint, or a face ID.

Along with that, you can use the app to hide some private pics, vids, and any other files. You may also save backups of all the files on some cloud storage to make sure you’re all around protected. Plus, the app comes with a private browser that lets you leave no trace while surfing the Internet (legally, of course).

In case you’re worried that somebody might guess your password, you can go even further. The app lets you create as many vaults as needed, and even some fake ones. And if you’re worried about forgetting a password (well, it happens to everyone from time to time), just make sure to set a security email.

Vault 1Vault 2 


Calculator Pro+ 

calculator pro

What is the best way to keep something hidden? To hide it in a place no one would think to look at!

If you’re one of those people who are constantly worried that someone may find a secret vault on their phone and somehow break the parole—this app is your savior. It’s a good-old vault that goes a little further—it masks being a calculator. No one would think to look for secret stuff inside a calculator, right?

This app is your private message box where you can keep texts and calls of particular numbers. Once you’ll add the number into the app, all the new texts received from it will go straight to the vault (the same does for calls). The app also works as a messenger, so you can change messages without leaving it.

It even lets you block spam calls if needed. In case you’re extra worried, you may also set up an auto-backup tool that syncs the vault with cloud storage. Once you’ll open the app, it will look like any other regular calculator (and it even works). But once you’ll log the code (that you’ve previously set), the vault will uncover all its secrets.

Calculator Pro 1 Calculator Pro 2 


Privacy Messenger

Privacy Messenger

It’s a secure messenger that will hide your texts from prying eyes.

This app is not just a vault—it’s a full-on messenger with all the essential features for convenient texting. It lets you safely exchange texts, media files, and all that. Herewith, there are a few tricks that make this messenger special. First of all, all the SMS are encrypted, so you can be sure the private things will remain private.

Plus, no one will be able to take a snap of a dialogue. The messenger also supports over 3K emojis, including some exclusive ones. Along with that, there’s a private box where you can place all the dialogues you’d like to keep hidden. Herewith, you’ll get to adjust the notifications for these dialogues for extra protection.

You’ll even get to hide the private box logo, so no one would know you’re hiding smth. Besides, the app lets you set delayed SMS, and make a full-on schedule if needed. And if you get bothered by spam texts, the app can block them all at once too. The app supports dual-sim phones, so no concerns about that.

Privacy Messenger 1 Privacy Messenger 2 


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Here’s another messenger that provides you with secured texting.

The main goal of this app is to give you a convenient texting service while protecting your SMS from snooping. All the texts you exchange via this app are highly encrypted, so no leaks will happen. Plus, the app is made in a way that no one could take a screenshot of a dialogue. The messenger supports all kinds of media files and over 3K emojis.

Beyond that, the app lets you create a secure vault for all your secret dialogue. The mechanics are simple—you just place the dialogues into the vault or add the numbers from your contacts. Once it’s done, all the messages you get from the number will be hidden in a private box. You’ll also get to set the notification for the vault if needed.

In case you’re still worried—the app lets you hide the icon of the vault so no one could find it. The app also comes with a built-in number identifier, and you can set it up to block spam calls and test. You may also make quick replays for calls and delayed messages as well. And you can also back up all the important dialogues on the cloud service.

TextU 1 TextU 2 


Message Lock

Message Lock

As you may guess by the name, this app is here to secure your chats.

This app is a bit different in concept. It’s not a messenger itself, but it can lock the texts from all the widespread texting apps out there. To be more precise, the app supports WhatsApp, IG, WeChat, FB, and more. Partially, any platform that lets you recipe private messages is covered by this app.

The app can also lock system apps such as contacts, so it’s the ultimate solution for your privacy. Such a concept is not a good or a bad thing in particular. It may even be more convenient cause you may stick to the messenger you currently use. The mechanics are simple—you just need to pick the apps to lock, and that’s it.

Once it’s done, you’ll get to set a passcode to protect the apps. It can be parole that consists of numbers, the one with a figure, a fingerprint, or any other password option your device has. In case someone will try to break into the vault, the app will automatically catch a selfie of an intruder.

Message Lock 1 Message Lock 2 


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And lastly, we have an app locking app that will help you secure any data needed.

Just like the previous one, this vault is not limited to messengers. It’s a fully-featured private box that lets you hide any apps you require. You can hie anything—from IG to SMS and contacts, it’s up to you. The amount of apps to hide is unlimited, so no concerns about that. You may also hide individual files, pics, and vids that will be erased from the gallery.

Once you’ve selected the apps, it’s time to set protection—a password, pattern, fingerprint, or whatever else. Of course, it’s not enough to hide a messenger about snooping—you’ll still get a notification, right? Well, the app lets you adjust the notification rules for all the hidden apps.

In fact, the app also includes an incognito browser that let you leave no trace while surfing the web. Besides, you get to set time for the locks to avoid logging the ode all the time. You may also set up extra protection—if someone will try to open the app without knowing the password, the app will take a selfie.

AppLock 1 AppLock 2



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