11 Best Launchers for Android Gadgets

Each person is different, and this is expressed in all aspects of life, even in the most unobvious little things. Sometimes the phone is a reflection of the person, it can be used to suggest what the owner of the device is like.

Thanks to special services you can make your phone unique. Personalize it the way you want with these best launchers for Android gadgets. With them, you will not only improve the interface, but also the performance.

If you want to have a better experience with your phone then try these best gesture apps for Android.

Smart Launcher 6

Smart Launcher 6 is a program that sorts all apps into specific categories with a very good search engine.

You will be able to find what you need in a few seconds. It is the latest home screen with a lot of features.

Don’t waste time looking for what you need, go to Smart Launcher 6 and sort everything installed on your phone.

What’s more, the program has an effect such as changing the color of the app icon to match the color of the wallpaper on the screen. You will be able to change the wallpaper according to your tastes and back it up.

Choose any colors for images and the best fonts for texts. All the app icons are on the bottom of the screen, it’s definitely convenient.

Besides, you will be able to search for contacts here. Going to the settings, you will have the opportunity to select the screen gesture control that you are comfortable with.

Moreover, the app includes a weather widget function and you can also track alarms there. Increase the size of your screen by hiding panels. Take advantage of program secrecy with a special pin as well.

Download Smart Launcher 6 and enjoy using it, keep an eye out for new updates.


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Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher is a unique app that helps you find the program icons you need on your mobile device. It is one of the best home screens that perform many different functions.

The app is compact and all the control buttons are nearby. Thus, no matter what size smartphone you use, reaching with one hand for the keys will not be a problem.

This program will have no problem adapting to your needs and finding everything quickly on demand.

Moreover, from Niagara Launcher will come notifications that you will be able to read directly from the screen of the device and respond to them.

The app is as easy to operate as possible, it also has a nice design. Note that you will not see any commercials here. Concentrate on a few apps and close the extraneous ones, so as not to overload the system and not get confused.

It is worth noting that in the settings you will be able to choose the colors of fonts and their size, the colorfulness of images or icons, and much more.

Niagara Launcher program often receives new updates with a good set of all important features. Everything is confidentially protected, and the data does not spread outside the app.


Hyperion Launcher

The Hyperion launcher app provides opportunities to learn about all the benefits of your phone. All new features will be publicly available and you will be among the first to see them.

The app has collected the best features of the launcher, which will definitely be useful. For example, you will find here how to manage background colors, indicators, widgets, etc.

Adapt all the app icons to your tastes, and customize the size of the letters and the type of writing. Hyperion launcher has a great interface.

You will be able to hide the folders you need. Use the settings to change all the necessary gestures to open, close, and lock for convenient use.

It’s worth noting that the panels at the bottom of the screen automatically disappear here. Thus, they do not take up much space, and convenience is not affected in any way.

The program also has a large variety of widgets. It includes a weather widget where you will need to display your location, it is really handy.

Use the repository, don’t forget to backup systematically so you don’t lose important things. What’s more, you’ll see an interesting animation when you turn on the app.

Lock your screen with gestures, and experience launching your desired apps by tapping in a certain direction.


Nova Launcher

The Nova Launcher app is designed to change the appearance of your smartphone’s shell.

Change icons, and themes, and arrange widgets as you like. You can download and use it for free. It has a simple and straightforward interface with lots of features.

Nova Launcher includes advanced functionality to improve your home screen and a huge number of settings and features. If you want to replace your smartphone’s old shell with a clean and fast version of Android, this is the app for you.

Nova Launcher will give you the opportunity to use the newer features. It supports a large number of work screen themes as well as icons to customize your mobile device.

The night mode feature and dark theme with this app will save the charge of your device. The night mode is turned on at certain times of the day automatically. Thanks to it, you will be able to use your smartphone longer without recharging.

The app also has settings for scrolling your desktops, and the ability to place widgets between icon locations.


Action Launcher

The Action Launcher app is designed to adjust the interface of your mobile device.

With its help, users can change the appearance of menus and icons, add widgets, as well as start using convenient sidebars, and so on.

After opening the settings of the launcher, you can choose one of the many themes and then customize it to your liking. It is possible to change the color scheme, search bar, game and program icons, as well as the background image and folder icons.

Users can choose to design fonts and window animations, activate scrolling wallpaper, and customize the status bar and desktop. It is possible to choose the grid of the main page of the smartphone and the size of the icons.

Additionally, you can install text labels and enable endless scrolling of the screen. It is possible to set various gestures, which are responsible for certain actions.


Apex Launcher

The Apex Launcher app is a launcher to change the appearance of the home screen. Users can also set a password to access utilities and games and backup settings.

The app allows you to choose from several ready-made design themes. Users can customize the appearance of the desktop themselves. To do this, it is necessary to select the background, grid options, and type of icons.

Besides, selections of icons and wallpaper collections for the home screen are available. Using the Launcher, you can hide some apps installed on your mobile device.

It is also possible to set up access to individual utilities by password or fingerprint. This feature will allow you to protect important data, such as correspondence in messengers or social networks.

The utility supports gesture control. In the main menu of the launcher, you can configure the actions. They will be performed by swiping across the screen or double-tapping on an empty area of the desktop.

It is possible to create a backup of the settings. Different types of animations are also available. Users can choose a special effect when opening a menu or changing the screen.


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POCO Launcher

The POCO Launcher app is a multifunctional launcher. With it, you can customize the main screen of your phone, structure icons, and add widgets.

First, you need to give permission to use photos and files, and then the process of changing the work screen begins.

Initially, only a few apps are placed on the work screen, but then you can add an unlimited number of icons and widgets. To enter the app settings, you need to click on any free workspace and hold for a few seconds.

The app is quite easy to use and offers a wide range of different settings. POCO Launcher does not slow down the work processes of the device and does not interfere with its full-fledged use. The work screen looks neat, and icons are moved and added quickly.

It is possible to make a full sorting of apps by the color of icons or other customizable features. This makes it much easier to navigate.

The app allows you to choose from a large number of widgets. They can make your device easier to use and reduce the time it takes to find and use certain functions. To preserve privacy, POCO Launcher offers to selectively hide app icons.

You are given the possibility to create your own groups of apps to structure the information more conveniently.


Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher allows you to customize the appearance of the system and synchronize your phone with your PC.

The main feature of the app is the ability to install new stylish wallpapers, and icon packs. You can also customize animations, and create menu bars on the desktop from scratch.

The customization benefits allow you to use your device more conveniently and speed up navigation in the interface.

Another interesting feature is the support for data synchronization within a Microsoft account. It is enough to authorize by e-mail or phone number. After that, all the events in the calendar, contact lists, and documents in the cloud service become accessible from the phone without installing extra programs.

Favorite contacts can be pinned to the home screens of the desktop for quick dialing or sending text messages. Another interesting feature of the app is the presence of a shared clipboard when working in the launcher with your computer.

If you are authorized on two devices (PC and mobile) from the same account – you can start working with text or graphics on the smartphone and continue on the PC. You need to copy the content to the clipboard and paste it onto the other device.


CMM Launcher

CMM Launcher has a large set of functions and features. For its stable operation, you need to update the default settings in the device settings and make the Launcher the main desktop.

Like most other similar programs, CMM Launcher has all the standard features. The ability to sort apps into thematic folders on the desktop, change the wallpaper, and set up scrolling effects.

Lovers of customization and all sorts of decorations of their device are pleased with the presence of a free store with a large number of themes.

After installing the launcher on the desktop will be added to the icon “CMM Settings”, where you can access all the features. Here you will be able to customize the display of widgets with weather and time and add or remove the search bar.

You can also edit the size of the grid with apps, customize the lock screen, set gestures, and change other settings. In case the Launcher starts to work unstably, you can restart it by clicking on the corresponding item in the settings.

CMM Launcher is a great way to transform your device and add something new to it. You will definitely like it if you are not a fan of standard system launchers.


APUS Launcher

With APUS Launcher, users can change the appearance of the home screen and download desktop wallpapers. A password protection function for apps is supported.

Also, ready-made design themes and widgets are available to all users. After launching the app, you need to select it as your default desktop. Then you should download one of the ready themes or select the image from the gallery.

It is possible to download static or “live” wallpaper. The utility allows you to customize the effect when flipping the screen. There are six types of animated transitions. Gesture control is also supported.

Users can add desktop widgets to search for information on the web, listen to music, or view the weather forecast. Besides, it is possible to change app icons.

This utility allows you to set a password for access to apps and games. To do this, go to the AppLock tab and set a pin code or draw a graphic key.

The launcher contains a built-in tool to optimize the mobile device. Users can free up space in RAM in one click. This will close the utilities running in the background mode.


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Solo Launcher

Solo Launcher is a manager that customizes wallpapers and changes themes and app icons. Able to set the style and change the shells as quickly as possible without crashing.

Solo Launcher provides the user with collections of themes, wallpapers, and unusual fonts. Widgets, plug-ins, and other tools are provided, with which you can make the interface of your device bright, individual, and easy to use.

This shell is distinguished from other similar programs by the well-thought-out organization of access to functionality, due to which the use of the gadget is simplified.

The Launcher allows you to edit icons, change the design themes, and other functions. You can control the brightness, and sound, switch network status, and manage communication equipment and other operations with a single touch.

The necessary actions are activated by selecting the intuitive Quick Start icons. The device works smoothly and quickly thanks to supporting finger gestures across the screen in all directions, 1 and 2 finger touches, and active displays.

The app provides complimentary widgets to the system software. World time, news slides, search bar, memory and battery assistants, lock plugins, and other options.

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