Music Theory Tutor app review

Thousands and thousands of people enjoy playing music. Pretty much of them have no idea of how to read music, they just memorize the sound and patterns of playing. Such ear trained musicians have to listen to some piece of music for many times till they memorize it.

Undoubtedly, it is very important to know music theory, because it helps to interpret music correctly. It includes information of what a note is, what a scale is, what a key is, and what accidentals (sharps and flats) are. Music theory acts as a method of communication between composers and musicians. With a help of music theory a musician could also become a composer! And if a musician is going to take up one more instrument, it will be ten times easier for him to deal with it, understanding music theory.

But some musicians find music theory difficult and refuse of it. This fact could prevent them of becoming great musicians. Yet music theory is not “hard”, if the lessons are fun and interactive!

tutorWelcome Music Theory Tutor app: it provides all details of music theory and has several levels. The main feature of its app is that you learn music theory not only through lessons, but also through games. The app requires iOS 7.1 or later and designed for iPad. It is the best way to start understanding music even if you have never took any music lessons at all.

Let’s see what the structure of Music Theory Tutor app suggests.


Lessons include:

– Music Notes

– Staff and Clefs

– Note / Rest Duration

– Dotted Notes

– Time Signatures

– Ties and Slurs

– Sharps and Flats

– Structure

– Dynamics

– Major and Minor Scales10687227_714558338629035_2822718429804998651_n

– Intervals

– Circle of Fifths

– Chords

Reference Tools include:

– Symbols Dictionary

– Scales Table

– Intervals Table

– Chord Formula Table

– Chord Calculator10687179_714558348629034_396231775301390567_n

Games include:

– Scales identification

– Intervals identification

– Ear training

– Chords

If you want to improve your talent, this app is for you! Spend half an hour a day and you’ll notice how you become better. Soon you will be able to play different pieces of music from the first glance on the notes!


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