13 Best 2 Player Games on Separate Phones (Android & iOS)

To have fun with your friends while playing mobile games, you can enable the multiplayer feature. This means that you and your friends will be able to cooperate at the same time or compete in the same game from different mobile devices.

We have collected best 2 player games on separate phone in the article down below. And those who like multiplayer games with voice chat might want to explore the article about these apps.

Dots And Boxes

This is a mobile game that has both single and multiplayer modes. This game contains artificial intelligence technologies that allow you to generate new playing fields for users every time. Here you can train your intellectual abilities, as well as come up with new winning tactics.

The essence of the game is that the playing field will be divided into invisible lines in the form of squares with visible dots in each corner. All lines form a set of squares. Your task will be to connect the dots with visible lines so that squares are obtained.

The more squares you can connect, the more likely your victory will be. Your opponent from another device will also connect the dots into squares, thereby competing with you.

Here you can play along with a computer program that, with the help of artificial intelligence technologies, will automatically generate response moves. Also, to enable multiplayer mode, you will need to add the nicknames of your desired users to the guns and then turn on the Bluetooth network.

After that, you can create a game room and invite the right user there, who will compete with you from another device.

In Dots and Boxes, you can compete not only with your computer or your friends but also with other users from all over the world. You can also take part in weekly competitions for the title of the number one player in Dots and Boxes.


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Crossy Road

This is an arcade game that does not require an internet connection. Here you can play alone, as well as compete with your friends. For this game, you will need increased concentration, as well as a quick reaction to approaching obstacles.

In Crossy Roads, you will need to cross the road in the guise of your chosen character. There are more than a hundred of these characters in the game, starting with a chicken and ending with a lion.

As you progress along the route, the speed of the game time will increase, and accordingly, the game will become more and more difficult. Also, there are many obstacles on your way that you will need to get around.

You can be hit by a car – this is your main enemy. If your character is hit by a car, you will need to start the game again.

In this game, you can connect with your friend who will take the same route, competing with you from another mobile device.

Also, you can choose a function in which different routes will be generated for you and your friend in the same competition.

The terrain on the game route can vary from city roads to dense forests and deserts, and different obstacles will be waiting for you on each terrain.

On your way, there will also be game coins that you will need to collect. You will use these coins in the future to discover new characters and new game terrain.

Also, each route provides secret boxes, which contain all kinds of bonuses: acceleration in the game, slowing down approaching obstacles in the form of cars, as well as new limited characters.


Glow Hockey 2

This is an online simulator of an air hockey game on a mobile device. Here you can play one of the most popular games – air hockey alone, or compete with your friends on different devices. Also, in this game, you will be able to compete with other users from all over the world.

In Glow Hockey 2, you will find a huge number of different levels that involve different difficulties, for example, the ability to use new maneuvers, or make punches stronger. Also, during the game, you will be able to use hints that will help you think over a strategy for winning.

To play on different devices with your friends, you can create a game “room” and send an invitation to your friend through his nickname in the game and the Bluetooth network. Next, your friend will enter the game room and you can start your competition.

In this game, you will also be able to choose the sound, light, and color accompaniment of your game party. Also, you can choose the puck and game tools with which you will compete.

Here you will also find a vibrating accompaniment for each goal. Moreover, you will be able to participate in various tournaments with a user from different countries.

Each win will promote you in the rating table, and you will be able to take first place in the table as the best player of Glow Hockey 2.



This is a mobile simulation game in an online format. Here you can play with your favorite teams and players. There is both multiplayer and single-player mode.

Dunkers have a new version of the game, however, many users choose this first version, as it is decorated in retro style and attracts more fans of basketball and mobile games.

The developers of this game have provided for the availability of all the best basketball teams from the world rankings, which you can choose for your matches. Each match you win will give you a certain amount of game coins, which you can then spend on buying individual players to create your own invincible team.

In this game, you can also choose playgrounds yourself, among which there are named stadiums, as well as stadiums of the best basketball teams in the world.

You can connect with your friends to play against them or control different players of the same team together. Also, Dunkers have weekly super tournaments in which users from all over the world participate.

By winning matches in these tournaments, you will move up in the ranking table. You can try to become the number one player in the Dunkers ranking around the world, and also become the best team in this game.

Also, in Dunkers, you can connect fans, that is, your friends on other devices, so that they follow the progress of the game and guarantee honest results of your basketball matches.


Words with friends

This is a game in which you will need to use your intellectual abilities, as well as your vocabulary. You will need to solve crosswords and other tasks using words and phrases for a while. You can do it alone, or connect another mobile device with your friend and play together.

In this game, you will be given a large number of word games to choose from, where you will compete in the knowledge of words.

This game provides several levels, which, as they increase, will complicate the necessary words (academic vocabulary will be used at more complex levels).

To guess the words, you will be given a riddle and a certain amount of time For each correctly entered word you will receive points. The player who guesses the most words will win.

The principle of this game is extremely simple:

  • Register with your friends in this game on different mobile devices
  • Add each other’s accounts as friends
  • Create a game room for a separate game party and invite your friends there
  • Start the timer and enjoy the intellectual game!

Each game you win will give you bonuses in the form of a certain number of opportunities to get a hint. You will be able to use these chances at any stage of the next game. each time using a hint, you will find yourself a few steps closer to the correct answer.


Clash Royale

This is a multiplayer mobile online game in which you will need to build your lands, defend them from enemies, and also seize other people’s possessions. There are a huge number of functions and features that make Clash Royal one of the best games in the world top.

In this game, you also have to defend your possessions. To do this, you will be able not only to mobilize your own army but also to call for help from your friends, who will synchronize with you from other devices and help repel enemy attacks, standing up to protect your possessions.

At the very beginning, you will be given a small village, which you will have to develop into a huge kingdom. Here you can choose the characters that will inhabit your kingdom. Moreover, you will be able to choose all kinds of soldiers (archers, infantry, naval forces, and many others) that will make up your army.

Here you can go on military campaigns (both alone and with friends) to capture and appropriate new territories.

Moreover, you will be able to divide the profits from the occupied territories equally between each other. Try to build the most powerful empire and capture as many possessions of other users as possible with the help of a powerful army.

Among other things, you will be able to participate in tournaments where players from all over the world will fight for the status of the most powerful empire. Also, the tournaments won will give you more bonuses and a lot of profit, which can then be spent on improving the army.



BombSquard is a full-fledged collection of mini-games. Bright graphics, short duration of rounds, and a large selection of games. Choose any location, put your friends under the fierce explosions, and move on.

The app supports up to 8 participants at the same time. You can play against other participants or choose bots as opponents. Play the games you like. Try to save the flag until the end of the game time. Take possession of an important point at the enemy’s disposal.

Create a chain of explosions that will confuse your friends. Play at a convenient location, and continue the game from where you left off last time. Your friends can use their phones as controllers. To do this, you need to install the free BombSquard Remote app.

The game is available for users over the age of 12. Enjoy a simple and addictive game that you can play with your friends.


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Drive Ahead! – Fun Car Battles

Show your skills behind the wheel in the Drive Ahead game. Challenging routes, fierce competition, and the joy of victory await you here. You have a large collection of cars at your disposal, including retro, racing, and special vehicles.

Invite your friends and find out who deserves the title of winner. Create a strong and friendly team to compete with other participants. Competitions occur in different formats: 2 on 2, 3 on 3, 4 on 4. You can even create your tournament and restrict access to it.

The more emotion your performance evokes, the more points you get. In total, there are more than 300 cool cars in the garage. Choose a ghost ship or an electric dinosaur if you like unconventional solutions. Pixel cars, outfits, and the most incredible tracks are already waiting for you.



This is a mobile game that contains both single and multiplayer modes. Here you can develop reaction skills, as well as develop all kinds of tactics to defeat a computer program or your friends.

Here you can play against your friends on different devices. To do this, you will need to activate Bluetooth and connect to each other in the DUAL settings. After that, the game will open a game room for you, where you can compete.

In this game, there are all kinds of variations of choosing the appearance of your game room, as well as game tools. For example, you can choose the color schemes of your screen or the color of the game table, which will be highlighted depending on your moves and goals scored.

Be careful! at each stage of your competition, all kinds of obstacles will appear on the screen of your mobile device, which you will need to get around in order to score a goal and win against the opponent.

Among other things, in this game, you will be able to take part in various tournaments that are held almost every day. In these tournaments, there are both individual games and doubles, which you can win with your friend who will play with you from another mobile device.

Each tournament you win will promote you in the ranking table, which means that you have a chance to become the number one player or the number one team in DUAL!


Sea Battle 2

This is a board game beloved by many generations in the format of a mobile application. There are a huge number of additional functions that are not available in the board game: additional bombs, reinforcement of the main flotillas, and much more.

The rules of the game are extremely simple:

  • To get started, sign up for this game and come up with a name for your captain
  • Then select single mode (a game with a computer program that automatically generates response moves), or multiplayer mode (connect your friend’s mobile device via Bluetooth)
  • Next, you will be given the opportunity to arrange your warships in the order you want
  • Next, when you and your friend have chosen the location of the battle cruisers, the game will begin

Your battlefield will be divided into cells and each of your moves involves hitting one of the cells with a projectile.

If you hit an enemy ship with this blow, in this case, the cell will be painted over with a red cross. Further, if you hit, then you will strike again and again until you miss. The remaining moves are carried out in turn.

In Sea Battle 2, some new features have been added, for example, several completely new combat modes in which you can use more destructive projectiles. Also, now you can take part in online tournaments with users from all over the world and try to become the number one player among all users in this game.



If you want to have fun and let off steam at the same time, then this game is just for you. It assumes the presence of two to eight players. Each player will have their own space shuttle and the one who destroys the largest number of alien spaceships will win.

You will need to destroy alien spaceships in an unusual way. You will need to shout into the microphone of your mobile device, and the stronger your scream, the more destructive hits you will inflict on the spaceships of your opponents.

In this game, you can also team up in pairs or in large teams to more effectively destroy your rivals by simultaneously shouting into the microphone of one or more mobile devices.

Also, there are weekly tournaments in which you can participate by destroying the ships of all users of this game, uniting in different teams.



This is a multiplayer game with incredible graphics, plot, and a huge number of all kinds of localities in which you can play. Your characters will be unearthly creatures with whom you will explore vast territories of dense, alien forest to find out everything that is hiding there.

Also, in addition to obstacles and enemies from the forest thickets, you will need to fight with rivals, pushing them out of a given route. This can be done either alone or by teaming up to four players with other users from different devices.

BADLAND assumes a huge number of levels, which are caused by the complication of routes, and an increase in the number of enemies and obstacles. You can also create your own obstacle course with the main prize and invite other users there.

This game is regularly updated and adds new routes, new characters, and more opportunities to develop your characters, as well as new maneuvers that you can apply to push rivals on the way to victory.


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Bowmasters Classic

This is an updated version of a fairly popular game in which you need to shoot your opponents and targets accurately to win. Here you can play both with a computer program and with your friends from different devices. Moreover, you can team up and hold tournaments with other users from all over the world.

Bowmaster Classic offers more than sixty different routes and game maps on which you will train and hone your archery skills at all kinds of targets.

Also, there are a huge number of different characters in this game. You can open them with the help of game coins, which you will receive for successful shots at targets.

Moreover, there may be secret boxes on your routes, opening which you can get new ones, a limited bow for shooting, a new character, or even get the opportunity to create your own character according to your personal preferences.

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