11 Best Anime Waifu Games for Android & iOS

Calling all anime fans and waifu enthusiasts! Are you tired of admiring your favorite characters from afar? Do you dream of building a powerful team alongside them, or even sparking a virtual romance? Well, fret no more!

We’ve compiled a list of the best anime waifu games for Android and iOS, where you can collect, fight, and potentially fall for a dazzling cast of anime characters. From action-packed adventures to strategic battles, these games offer a plethora of ways to interact with your waifus.

So, dive into vibrant anime worlds, build your dream team, and embark on an unforgettable journey with your one true waifu by your side!

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Girl Wars

Calling all anime fans and waifu enthusiasts! Girl Wars throws you into a fantastical world under threat by a looming devil. Here, you become the hero who unites with a brigade of beautiful heroines to fight for the land’s peace.

The game boasts a captivating storyline exceeding 100 million words. Explore this narrative alongside a diverse cast of charming girls, some of whom you can even romance! But Girl Wars isn’t just about the story.

It offers a strategic idle battle system where you can deploy formations and witness your heroines unleash stunning attacks in beautifully animated sequences.

Beyond the battles, Girl Wars provides a relaxing experience with auto-play options and a plethora of rewards to keep you engaged. Deepen your bond with your favorite waifus through adventures and unlock special scenes that reveal their unique personalities.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Girl Wars lets you team up with other players to form powerful guilds, conquer challenging events, and battle for ultimate victory. Plus, there are even mini-games like puzzles and labyrinths to provide a delightful break from the main campaign.

If you’re looking for an engaging anime RPG with strategic battles, a charming cast of waifus to romance, and a plethora of content to explore, then Girl Wars might be your perfect match.


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Calling all anime fans and mobile gamers! If you crave a thrilling sci-fi adventure with a cast of unforgettable heroines, then Goddess of Victory: Nikke might be your perfect match.

This immersive RPG shooter throws you into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by a mysterious enemy called the Rapture. Humanity’s last hope lies with the Nikke, genetically engineered girls wielding powerful weapons.

Nikke boasts stunning visuals. The character illustrations are captivating, brought to life with advanced animation and a cutting-edge physics engine. Witnessing these beautifully rendered warriors leap into battle is a treat for the eyes. But Nikke isn’t just about aesthetics.

The gameplay offers a unique blend of strategy and action. You’ll collect and command a squad of Nikke with diverse combat specialties, unleashing devastating attacks and tactical maneuvers to take down the Rapture hordes.

Beyond the intense battles lies a captivating story. Unravel the secrets of the Rapture invasion and the origins of the Nikke themselves. The narrative is a rollercoaster ride of desperation, hope, and the unwavering human will to survive.

As you progress, you’ll forge bonds with your Nikke squad, each with their own distinct personalities and motivations.

Whether you’re drawn to the gorgeous anime aesthetic, the strategic depth of combat, or the gripping post-apocalyptic narrative, Goddess of Victory: Nikke offers a compelling experience for mobile gamers. So, assemble your squad of anime warriors and fight for humanity’s future!


Idle Angels: Goddess’ Warfare

Calling all anime waifu collectors! Idle Angels: Goddess’ Warfare boasts a recent update promising a fresh experience for veteran players and a smooth entry point for newcomers.

This idle RPG throws you into a world brimming with over 100 beautifully illustrated characters based on myths and legends. From the mighty Norse god Odin to the alluring Japanese goddess Himiko, you’ll encounter a diverse cast to collect and develop.

The update even introduces a new tier of rarity, MR quality cards, featuring unique variations of your favorite goddesses.

Gone are the days of clunky interfaces in Idle Angels. The recent upgrade streamlines gameplay with a new UI, making it easier than ever to manage your divine entourage. New players are welcomed with open arms thanks to special beginner events that guarantee swift progress.

Log in for seven days and claim a free SSR+ Angel, along with a hefty stack of Angel Summon Scrolls to bolster your collection.

But Idle Angels isn’t just about collecting waifus. The game offers a wealth of content to keep you engaged. Explore the fantastical Angel Dreamland to encounter mythical characters, challenge yourself by ascending the 550 floors of the Sky-tower, or prove your might against players worldwide in the Arena.

Whether you’re a seasoned idle RPG player or simply seeking a game overflowing with anime waifus, Idle Angels: Goddess’ Warfare offers a compelling experience with its recent update. So, dive into this captivating world and build your own legend!


Idle Space Farmer – Tycoon

Calling all anime fans and aspiring space tycoons! Idle Space Farmer: Tycoon throws you into a quirky world where you manage a space farm with the help of a team of anime waifus.

That’s right, these aren’t your typical farmhands. These charming anime agents automate your workflow, allowing you to become a space millionaire with minimal effort.

The core gameplay revolves around collecting and upgrading your waifu agents. Assign them tasks to defeat monsters and generate income.

As your farm prospers, you’ll unlock new planets, upgrade your spaceship, and expand your space empire. The game boasts an “idle” mechanic, so you can reap rewards even when you’re not actively playing.

Beyond the core farming loop, Idle Space Farmer: Tycoon offers a surprising amount of depth. You can unlock unique skills for your waifus, invest in tycoon boosters to increase productivity, and even prestige your progress to start anew with even greater rewards.

This allows for strategic planning and long-term goals, keeping you engaged even after hours of casual play.

If you’re looking for a lighthearted and visually appealing idle game with a unique anime twist, Idle Space Farmer: Tycoon is definitely worth checking out. Just be prepared to be charmed by your team of hardworking waifus as you conquer the cosmos and build your very own space farming empire!


Refantasia: Charm and Conquer

Calling all isekai fans! Refantasia: Charm and Conquer offers a refreshing take on the popular genre, blending strategic gameplay with charming character interactions.

Instead of being a typical overpowered protagonist, you arrive in a world shrouded in fear and superstition. Here, your modern knowledge becomes your greatest weapon.

Utilize strategic thinking and scientific know-how to build a stronghold and overcome the opposition. Managing your domain becomes effortless with a single-click system, allowing you to focus on the grander scheme.

But Refantasia isn’t just about brute force. The game emphasizes the power of charisma and intellect. Win over followers by building strong relationships, demonstrating your leadership qualities, and fostering loyalty. This unique approach adds a layer of depth rarely seen in mobile games.

The world itself brims with fantastical creatures, from ethereal elves to powerful demons, and even goddesses!

Romance plays a major role, with the potential to encounter sparks that could blossom into deep connections. Witness the joy of parenthood and raise your offspring, creating your own personal fantasy narrative.

Diplomacy is another key element. Forge alliances with like-minded individuals who share your vision. These bonds become even stronger through strategic marriages between heirs, solidifying your partnerships and granting strategic advantages. You won’t be facing the world alone – build a web of trust and conquer together!

Refantasia: Charm and Conquer promises a captivating adventure that blends strategy, romance, and alliance building. If you’re looking for a unique isekai experience on your mobile device, then this game is definitely worth checking out.


Isekai:Slow Life

Calling all isekai fans and chill gamers! Isekai: Slow Life offers a unique twist on the popular genre, transforming you not into a hero, but into an adorable mushroom! This mobile game for Android and iOS lets you build a new life in a fantastical world, filled with charming characters and a relaxing atmosphere.

Instead of epic battles, Isekai: Slow Life focuses on creating a thriving town. You’ll meet a diverse cast of companions, from gentle vampire nurses to artistic octopus teachers. These quirky characters become your neighbors, helping you explore the continent and develop your village.

The game offers a variety of ways to customize your experience. You can become a master entrepreneur, opening shops and businesses like workshops, taverns, and even schools. Or, join the Adventurer’s Guild for a taste of excitement and team up with fellow players to conquer challenges.

As you explore and build your reputation, your mushroom form will evolve. The path to “godhood” in Isekai: Slow Life isn’t about power, but about the journey itself. Each decision you make shapes your adventure, making this a truly unique and relaxing mobile experience.

So, if you’re looking for a charming escape filled with adorable characters, town building, and a touch of exploration, then Isekai: Slow Life might be the perfect isekai adventure for you.


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Epic Seven

Epic Seven throws you into the vibrant world of Orbis, a land blessed by the fading power of Diche, the Goddess of Life. As the Heir of the Covenant, you’ll lead a team of Guardians in a grand story filled with epic quests and challenging battles.

The game boasts breathtaking 2D animation. From the beautifully crafted character designs to the dazzling skill effects in combat, Epic Seven is a visual treat. But the beauty goes beyond aesthetics. The fully animated cutscenes immerse you in the narrative, drawing you deeper into the captivating world.

Epic Seven offers a wealth of gameplay modes to satisfy your adventuring spirit. Delve into the Raid Labyrinth to hunt formidable monsters, challenge other players in the PvP Arena, or join a Guild and fight for supremacy in intense 3v3 battles.

The recently added World Boss mode and World Arena provide even more avenues for testing your strategic prowess and battling opponents from around the globe.

Whether you crave a captivating story, stunning visuals, or strategic depth, Epic Seven delivers on all fronts. With its diverse content and engaging gameplay, this anime gacha RPG is sure to captivate players seeking an epic adventure on their mobile devices.


Azur Lane

Calling all naval warfare enthusiasts and anime fans! Azur Lane isn’t your typical mobile game. It’s a captivating blend of RPG, 2D shoot ’em up, and tactical strategy, all wrapped in a stunning anime aesthetic.

The core gameplay is delightfully accessible. Take command of a flotilla of up to six warships, navigating a beautiful 2D side-scrolling seascape. Unleash a barrage of firepower as you weave through enemy barrages and crush their forces.

The best part? You can choose between letting the AI handle the combat or take the helm yourself for a more hands-on experience.

But Azur Lane’s true depth lies in its massive fleet-building potential. With over 300 warships hailing from various nations, you’ll have an incredible variety to choose from. Each ship is not just a statistic; it’s a beautiful anime character with unique stats and personality.

To top it off, select characters even come to life with stunning Live2D interaction technology, making your connection with your fleet even stronger.



CounterSide throws you into a world teetering on the brink. A dimensional breach has unleashed Corrupted Objects, and it’s up to you, a Counter, to fight back and save reality. But CounterSide isn’t just about intense battles; it’s a visual and narrative feast.

The game boasts stunning Live2D illustrations for your team of characters, each brought to life by talented Korean and Japanese voice actors. These charming heroes aren’t just eye candy; they’re the heart of the story.

CounterSide unfolds through a captivating science fiction noir saga, with interwoven narratives like “[Mainstream]” and “[Counter Case]” that flesh out each character’s personality. It’s a rich urban fantasy tapestry you won’t want to miss.

The battles themselves are a visual treat. High-quality 2D animation brings your strategic decisions to life with dazzling skill cut-ins punctuating the action. Every move feels impactful, urging you to masterfully orchestrate your team’s strengths to secure victory.

Complementing the visuals is a beautifully composed soundtrack. From grand orchestral pieces to intimate character themes, the music perfectly underscores every moment of the story, drawing you deeper into CounterSide’s world.

With multiple language options, including English, German, French, Korean, and Japanese, CounterSide ensures a truly immersive experience for players worldwide.


Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant

Calling all anime waifu enthusiasts! Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant has taken the mobile world by storm, offering a unique blend of post-apocalyptic exploration and charming monster girls.

With over 10 million players worldwide, you can embark on a captivating journey alongside a diverse cast of Kemono girls, each with their own distinct skills and personalities.

The gacha system in Echocalypse is incredibly generous, boasting a free-to-play friendly approach. Unlike most card games, Echocalypse offers a high chance of acquiring powerful SSR characters and bombards you with resources.

You can even snag six top-tier waifus within your first week! Building a formidable team is a breeze, allowing you to focus on strategic battles and character development.

Speaking of battles, Echocalypse streamlines the experience for busy players. Features like auto-battle and skip battle functions significantly reduce grinding time.

The game even provides recommended lineups, ensuring you optimize your combat efficiency. This focus on convenience allows you to spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time exploring the depths of the post-apocalyptic world and forging bonds with your waifus.

Developing your waifu squad is a breeze as well. Echocalypse implements a one-click inheritance system, enabling you to seamlessly transfer levels and skills between characters.

This eliminates the frustration of having to re-grind a new waifu from scratch, allowing you to experiment with different team compositions without sacrificing progress.

Beyond the core story and combat, Echocalypse offers a plethora of engaging side activities. Dive into challenging expeditions, test your mettle in the arena, or team up with fellow players in a Syndicate for cooperative rewards.

You can even decorate your personalized dormitory, creating a haven for you and your waifus. With its diverse gameplay modes and focus on player convenience, Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant offers a captivating anime waifu experience for casual and hardcore gamers alike.


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Girls’ Frontline

Step into a desolate 2060, ravaged by a war that demands your tactical expertise. Girls’ Frontline isn’t your average mobile game; it blends strategic depth with a charming cast of “T-Dolls,” personified firearms brought to life by talented artists.

Command these unique waifus on intricate maps, deploying and maneuvering them to gain the upper hand. Battles unfold in real-time, allowing you to adapt formations and unleash devastating attacks.

The true heart of Girls’ Frontline lies in its roster. Over 100 characters, each representing iconic guns from across eras, await your command. Deepen your bond with each T-Doll through character development. Level up their skills, equip them strategically, and witness their growth on the battlefield.

Beyond combat, Girls’ Frontline offers a surprisingly relaxing haven – the dormitory. Furnish these cozy abodes with various styles, creating a haven for your waifus in between battles.

And for those who appreciate top-tier voice acting, Girls’ Frontline boasts a stellar cast of Japanese talent, ensuring an immersive experience.

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