13 Free Face Dance Apps for 2024

Cause of the huge variety of mobile photo editors, surprising your friends and subscribers with new content is both easy and difficult. This variety gives users access to unique features. Yet, among all the programs, it is hard to find the one that will allow you to create unique content.

Change your face anyway you want with these best face shape apps.

Thanks to this review of free face dance apps you will be able to surprise your social media profile visitors and even create an amazing video greeting for any holiday.


Revive is an app for creating live photos. Animated images are trending right now. Artificial intelligence is able to animate any object from the gallery. There is no need to learn it yourself, just press a button and get the result.

There is even the possibility of giving a voice. There is no more room for boring posts on social networks and messengers. New posts are guaranteed to gather a lot of likes and comments.

For the magic to work, you need a photo of high quality. The number of faces is not limited.

Working in the app is intuitively simple. You need to upload an image, select a suitable sound, press the button, and get the result.

Amaze the whole world! Use popular music tracks or quotes from movies and TV shows. Be the creator of your own reality.


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Face in Dance Videos 3D

Becoming a popular dancer is easy with the app. You need to choose one of the dances and record your face, which will take its place in the animation.

The movements will bring excitement, and popular music tracks will cheer you up. It is possible to create your own dance image and edit the details. It will decorate the dance and give it a twist.

Choose a hairstyle, clothing, and accessories to suit your taste. The scene will be waiting until the image is ready.

The app has a huge library of tracks, from rock to pop. It’s up to you to decide which one to rock out to. You can either solo or invite a friend to perform together. Create unique animations and conquer social networks! It’s possible that they will become recognizable memes.

At the time of New Year and Christmas, you especially want to please your loved ones in an original way. Record a dance with your participation.

They’ll be surprised to see an elf with a relative’s face to a New Year’s song. The result can be saved in the memory of the phone or shared on social networks.



Mimic is an app for creating animated photos. You no longer need to think about how to get into trends and become the author of a viral video.

With the app, you can make anyone dance to your chosen music. Artificial intelligence brings facial expressions to life and assembles movements into a dance.

Don’t limit your imagination! Let the baby sing pop songs, the dog talk, and the colleague become the star of the dance floor.

Using the app is not difficult. First, you pick images from the gallery. Then pick up music from the app’s library. Press a button, and it’s done!

Share the video on social networks, it’s guaranteed to get a lot of likes and comments. The app will be a lot of fun.


Dance Yourself 3D Face Videos

This is an awesome app for creating short video clips by animating photos. Becoming a star on the dance floor has become even easier.

The app inserts face images in the place of the current protagonist of the video clip. This creates content that quickly goes viral and takes first place in the trends. Posts on social networks and messengers will become more diverse.

There are many themes for videos: love, winter, Turkey, summer, Christmas, and so on. You won’t be able to stop!

What will it be like for your relatives to get a New Year’s greeting, where you as an elf are dancing to New Year’s tunes? How about dancing with the monsters in the dark forest? They will not only be happy but also surprised.

This greeting will bring a lot of smiles. No limits to their imagination and sense of humor. You can congratulate the other half with a significant date without leaving the app. Select romantic music and create a slideshow. He or she will be delighted.


Christmas Dance – your face 3D

This is an app that will bring back the New Year’s mood. Now you can shoot dances to Christmas tunes without much preparation or effort.

The app will insert your face into the dancing images and create a short video. Start by uploading up to three photos from the gallery and then choose a dance from the suggested templates. The result is ready!

It will be especially fun to try yourself, members and family, and even pets as Christmas elves. It will be the best dance that will bring a smile to every relative and friend.

Enjoy the creative process. The library has backgrounds for every taste: Christmas trees, Santa’s house, magical snowmen, and reindeer. You can also edit the image: accessories, hairstyles, and clothes.

Share original content on social networks to get a personalized moment of fame. Use the videos as a New Year card – create a messenger.


Anime Yourself – Funny Face

This is an app that immerses you in the world of dance and anime. It creates a three-dimensional representation of a face and places it in an anime image.

The video will be filled with dance and quality music. It’s a great way to learn about a multifaceted culture. There are difficult choices to be made between a variety of clothing and surroundings.

A large library of music contains compositions from familiar anime. Everyone will find the theme of the video to their liking.

There is an opportunity to complement the video’s own dance steps and open a dance academy. The result can be saved on your phone or immediately share with your subscribers.

New publications are guaranteed to gather a lot of likes and comments, from friends and loved ones.



Get the app for creating memorable greeting cards. It puts a face from selfies into a chosen image that lights up with music. You can easily become an elf, a farmer, or a singing beast.

A huge number of themes are waiting to be fulfilled. Using the app is simple. Take selfies of yourself, a friend, or even a pet, choose the right pattern and song, save the result to the gallery, or share on social networks.

Get tips to help you get it right. The video and music library are constantly updated. There is an opportunity to shoot together with friends.

You can make a postcard for any holiday and congratulate the family. Special occasions should not be bypassed, such as anniversaries.

Do not limit your imagination. A premium subscription will open up new templates.


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Christmas Dance Face Yourself

The app will fulfill any dance fantasy. It’s enough to put your face in the frame of your favorite image. Becoming a star and cheering up your friends and family is so easy!

A little New Year disco hasn’t hurt anyone yet. The elves have already gathered in a round dance and prepared their vocal cords. First, you have to take pictures of yourself, the people around you, and even the pets.

The more actors, the more reasons to laugh. Then replace their faces with the head of Santa Claus, elves, Christmas deer, and snowmen. Then choose a pattern with dance and music. The finished result will surprise all the recipients and put them in a festive mood.

The app is rich with a music library of popular tracks and carols. The backdrop is also varied: Christmas trees, reindeer, gingerbread men, and decorated houses.

The dance promises to be rousing. Publications on social networks will gather a lot of likes and comments. Everyone will be happy to receive such a holiday greeting.


Face Dance: AI Photo Animator

Face Dance is an app for substituting faces into funny videos. The utility contains animation templates with viral songs, phrases, and sounds that allow you to process the picture.

The app uses artificial intelligence to superimpose a motion effect on face images. This makes it easy to make a short video of a person singing or talking from a photo. The utility analyzes the face and tries to give it appropriate facial reactions.

The program contains animation templates with the sound of speech or singing. There is a preview option. The templates in the app can be added to favorites. They are divided into different categories. You can search for the templates by text query.

The service has a face gallery where you can add your own selfies, as well as photos of friends and relatives. Images of famous actors and politicians are available to showcase the features.

The app provides the ability to download a photo from your smartphone memory or take one by activating the device’s camera.

To process a photo, you need to open a template, select a face from the gallery and run the editing process. The result can be saved or sent via social networks and messengers.


Animator – Face Dance

This is an app for creating live photos with artificial intelligence. Ordinary selfies are transformed into dynamic photos. There is an opportunity to play with effects: cartoons, vintage photos, and so on.

You can use group images and pictures of pets. Creating viral videos is a great way to spend time together. Get up to singing and show the world your acting skills.

Popularity is just around the corner. Another function of the app is to revive old photos. Residents of the last century will regain their facial expressions.

An entertaining cartoon effect is available in group photos. Characters with familiar faces will move in time with the music.

The app will also give pets the ability to sing and talk. New publications every day will quickly become an option of the norm because the result does not make you wait.

Upload a photo, process it, pick a template – and it’s done! The content will gather a lot of enthusiastic feedback on social media.


Singing Baby, Face Dance, AI

Singing Baby will make it much easier to create fun videos. The photo editor uses an uploaded image as the basis. You can choose any photo to work within the app.

You can take your photo, or take a photo of your child or pet. To get a realistic effect, you need to specify the sound accompaniment. Choose your favorite song or melody, record your voice, or insert any suitable sounds.

After that, click on the button to animate the photo. Animation allows you to mimic the singing of a song or the dancing of a face. Work with facial expressions. After processing the photo, a 3D model of the face will appear, which you can use to create an animation.

You can make the finished video more creative with fancy stickers, text labels, and frames. Control the quality of the animation: change the color, size, and resolution. Customize the playback speed.

This is a great tool for creating memes and joke animations for any taste.


Mug Life – 3D Face Animator

If you are looking for a simple and unusual app for entertainment, check out Mug Life – 3D Face Animator. Transform the image into 3D format. Become the creator of popular memes and earn the attention of followers on social networks.

This process of creating three-dimensional characters from your life will fascinate you for a long time. Any photo is suitable for creating animation. The face should be turned to the camera.

It is desirable to remove unnecessary objects in the form of a hat and glasses. You can use photos of statues and paintings, animals, and fairy tale creatures.

With the help of created animations, you can diversify your content, cheer up yourself and your friends, and creatively design any publication or story.

The app works for free, but to get the professional version you need to subscribe.


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Xmas Dance – 3D Yourself

This app will put your face in the body of New Year’s dancing characters. Such a performance will set the mood. Get ready, transformations into Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden are coming.

Let the creation of video New Year’s and Christmas greetings become an annual tradition. Take a picture, choose a template and background, check out the list of dances and get ready to rock out.

Dance alone, with friends, and even with Christmas animals. The result will bring a smile to your face.

Send the finished video to family and friends as a greeting. They will appreciate this approach.

Publications on social networks will bring a lot of likes, comments, and reposts. Anyone who dances in the New Year app can become a magician.

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