Abov Whiskey App Review

An app called Abov Whiskey was created for whiskey aficionados and enthusiasts to assist them in finding new whiskies based on their own preferences. It features a sizable library of more than 100,000 whiskies from all around the world, giving consumers a wide range of options.

Key features:

  • Whisky suggestion engine that makes new spirits recommendations based on the user’s taste preferences
  • Database of whiskies that offers comprehensive details on each whisky, including its flavor profile, age, distillery, and more
  • Make and share your own custom whisky collections, as well as rate and evaluate various whiskies.
Abov Whiskey App1

The app’s goal is to make it simpler for whisky lovers to find new whiskies that suit their individual tastes while also giving them a forum to share their own advice and experiences with other users.

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Users can browse whiskey by category on the main menu, including single malt, blended, bourbon, and others. Also, they can build their own whisky collection or conduct particular whisky searches.

The app also has a “Whisky Wheel” feature that lets users choose their preferred flavor profile, such as sweet or smoky, and then receive recommendations based on that choice.

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Register for the app and enter your preferences for flavors, such as your favorite flavor profile, preferred whisky kind, and spending limit. The program creates customized whisky suggestions based on this data.

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The app’s user interface is uncluttered and uncomplicated, with a color scheme that leans mostly toward black and dark grey with a touch of accent orange. The app is simple to use, with obvious categories and search options, and presents thorough information about each whisky in an approachable way.

Abov Whiskey App3

The option to make and share custom whisky collections with other users is one of the app’s intriguing features. The program allows users to compare their whisky collections with those of other users and earn badges for their collections, such as “Scotch Lover” or “Bourbon Collector.”

The tailored recommendations offered by this app are yet another fantastic feature. The app makes suggestions for various whiskies based on your taste preferences, which has been really useful for discovering new whiskies to try.

I also value the app’s breadth of functionality. It includes details on whiskies from Scotland, Japan, Ireland, and the United States, among other countries. As a result, I can learn about various whiskies from various areas, which has been incredibly fascinating.

Although the app is available for free download and use, some of its premium features call for a paid subscription. However, I haven’t felt the need for these, and I’ve found the app’s free version to be very helpful.

The app also offers a whisky news feed with the most recent information from the whisky industry.

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For whisky lovers wishing to broaden their knowledge and find new whiskies based on their unique preferences, Abov Whiskey is an effective tool. It is a useful tool for both novice and seasoned whisky drinkers due to its huge whisky database and personalized suggestion engine.

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