7 Best Alcohol Home Delivery Apps in 2024

The party is in full swing and you want to pour yourself and your friends another relaxing drink, but all the alcohol in the house has run out. Does this situation sound familiar? Leaving the event at the most interesting moment, to go to the store, which is located far from home, is not the best option.

We all know that we can order food delivery, but what about alcohol? That problem can also be solved in just a couple of minutes with these best alcohol home delivery apps in 2024.


Fast delivery service in the Gopuff app. A huge selection of items, from frozen convenience foods to hot pizzas and burgers.

You don’t have to leave your house to buy the food and alcoholic beverages you want. Just choose what makes your lunch or dinner perfect and wait for the delivery guy.

Do you have unexpected guests and nothing is ready for you? Planning a big party but don’t have time to go shopping? With Gopuff, you won’t have to waste time and energy going to the store.

Forget about heavy bags and long lines. Now you are the first and only customer.

The wide range of products attracts more and more users. Here you will find the basis for culinary products and ready meals, everyday food, and delicacies. Order spirits: soft, drinks, and carbonated drinks.

The online platform works with the most popular and trusted brands, so you can easily find your favorite ones. Gopuff employees accept orders at any time of the day, seven days a week. Order any goods at a convenient time for you.

You can pay for your order online using bank cards and payment systems Google Pay, and Apple Pay. The more orders you make, the more bonus points are added to your account. You can use them to get a discount for the next time.


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Looking for the perfect grocery delivery service? 7NOW fully meets the high demands of today’s customers. Polite employees, high speed of order delivery, and a profitable bonus system.

In less than 30 minutes you will receive a hot meal, savory snacks, and spirits. You will find more than 3,000 different items on the menu. Food, alcohol, medical supplies, and many other sought-after items.

Goods will be guaranteed to be delivered at the specified time in the best condition. No problem if there are no convenience stores near you: 7NOW is in touch with customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without a lunch break.

The app is available in 200 cities across the United States. It covers more than 43 boroughs and is constantly expanding geographically. Today, more than one million customers use 7NOW all the time to shop for groceries, home goods, and medical supplies.

After you place your order, you’ll receive an exact price for the service. It’s a fixed amount that depends on the total value of the items in your shopping cart. With promo code 711TREAT, you’ll get $7 off your first order. Track the courier’s path and stay informed of where your order is at.

Pay for your delivery service online with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Don’t deny yourself anything with 7NOW.



This is a platform for buying the most delicious and unusual alcoholic beverages. Drizly offers you a wide range of sweet liquors, foamy fresh beer, and spirits at any time of the day.

You’ll be able to choose the most suitable drink: the service displays prices and availability of products in liquor stores nearby.

Compare prices, and choose the best for you and your friends. You only need a phone to order. No queues and long waiting.

Delivery time is a maximum of 1 hour. You can also mark the desired time of receipt of your order. You can always check the work of the service in your city on the specified site. 30 states are already fully cooperating with the delivery service.

If Drizly is not working in your area, you can always order the delivery of selected products within 2-3 days. Now you are not limited by store hours and location. Get alcohol from different stores at the same time at the best price.

Mandatory condition: you must be at least 21 years old. Pay for your order with your bank card and be sure to show your ID card upon delivery.

Now you will not have to depend on the work schedule of the nearest supermarket and be satisfied with what is in stock. A huge selection of liquors for all tastes and wallets in the Drizly app.



Feel like your favorite customer – get your orders delivered quickly and on time. Delivery.com delivers food, prepared meals, refreshments, and alcohol directly from nearby stores. You can also use Delivery.com to drop off laundry.

Here you’ll find a huge selection of products for any occasion. No time to cook dinner for the family? Want to plan a romantic dinner? Going outdoors and want to stock up on groceries? Then install this app and make your first delivery.

In addition to stores, Delivery.com has many trendy restaurants, cafes, and fast-food outlets. Choose from a menu at each one. Select and add them to your cart. You’ll need to provide your address for the app to select the nearest service. Get your purchases as quickly as possible.

A wide selection of prepared foods and spirits will please any foodie. Enter into the search bar the desired dish or open the menu of the desired restaurant. You can arrange for pickup or delivery to any location. Delivery.com operates successfully in more than 100 U.S. cities.

Make every order an even better experience. earn points for every delivery and spend them on discounted items. You can redeem them for unusual prizes or spend them for charity. You can pay by bank card or via Paypal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay e-wallets.


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The BottleRover app will never let you down in your search for the cheapest and highest-quality liquor. It is an online platform that invites users to buy alcoholic beverages at nearby stores.

It brings together many suppliers and sellers, so there is a maximum choice and the best prices. The assortment is constantly expanding, and there are more partners every day.

Want to surprise your friends with an unusual cocktail? Forgot about your anniversary and look for your wife’s favorite wine? Think of BottleRover and you will be satisfied.

After completing your purchase, you can pick up your order yourself or have it delivered. The courier will bring alcoholic beverages to any address you specify, whether it’s a private home, office, or park.

Each drink offered on the menu has a detailed description of its composition and shelf life. Use unique filters to speed up your search for the desired drink. Make the purchase not only pleasant but also profitable.

You can save a significant amount just by comparing prices in different stores. Link your bank card to your account and pay online with one click. You can even check out a recipe book for making all kinds of cocktails. Buy alcohol for yourself, give chic gifts, and celebrate important dates with BottleRover.


Get Spiritz

If you’re looking for reliable and fast alcohol delivery, check out Get Spiritz. It’s a phone app that successfully replaces a huge liquor store.

Now all available brands of beer, wine, liquor, and spirits are always at your fingertips. Arrange for self-delivery or quick delivery to the specified address.

The entire process takes minutes. You don’t even have to leave your house. Just order products online and wait for a courier.

After installing the app, you need to confirm your age: Get Spiritz is available to users over the age of 18. Type into the search engine whatever you want to see on your desk. Huge selection of classic wines, craft beers, and fruit pours.

Treat yourself to a port after a hard day’s work, and celebrate a lucrative contract with a glass of rum on the rocks. Assemble your cart and make your purchase. It will take less than 45 minutes to deliver your order.

In addition to alcoholic beverages, you can decorate your holiday table with unusual snacks and cheese. Buy gift bags and souvenirs so you don’t have to waste time buying them later.

Check out the Get Spiritz bonus program. You will be awarded points for each paid order. The more points you have in your account, the better the purchase awaits you. Enter the secret Hello10 promotional code and get 10% off your first order.


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Minibar Delivery

Get alcoholic beverages as fast as possible. Install Minibar Delivery and place your order. Wait for a courier with the goods at your door.

Always in stock of various brands of drinks: wine, beer, liquor, and rum in the assortment. The perfect price-quality ratio. No hidden fees: you pay the price listed on the menu.

The user-friendly interface and smart filters make the selection process efficient and fast. You’ll find all the liquor stores within walking distance of you.

Find the product you want. Compare prices from many retailers, as there’s a great chance of buying discounted alcohol. It does not matter where you are: the courier will deliver the order to your home, hotel, or park.

Choose related products of good quality. Use the services of the app’s staff to buy a whole set of products. Make sure your city is on the current list before ordering.

Minibar Delivery serves customers in more than 100 cities. Users must be 21 years of age or older to get their order without any problems. Use the promo code MINIBARAPP and place your first order with a nice $10 discount. Minibar Delivery is an app for those who value professionalism and comfort.

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