9 Best Angle Finder Apps for Android & iOS

Sometimes it is necessary to find an angle. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to solve a problem at school or to build a house, to draw a picture or to make a detailed plan of what you want to build.

Measuring angles can’t be avoided if you want to do all the mentioned tasks properly. But how to do it, using only smartphone? This seems to be a serious challenge.

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In this list, you can see the best angle finder apps, which are available for Android and iOS. Feel free to download and try them!

iHandy Level

This is one of the most reliable apps. It looks like a traditional level for measuring angles. The principle of its work is absolutely the same.

iHandy provides you with an opportunity to get accurate results. It also has a range of effects that can be used while measuring.

It is interesting that iHandy is one of the 5 apps used for measuring and engineering. And the only one, which is free of charge.

As it is clear from the name, iHandy is available only for iOS users. Click the link to download it right now.

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Angle Tool

angeltool2Angle Tool is a new and convenient application in the Tools section.

After you finish the download, you will get to the main menu.

There are several buttons in the middle of the screen.The first one is for Start. You can easily start measuring objects in real life by moving your phone according to instructions.

The second button is for Save. There is an opportunity to keep the result of the dimensions you have made.

The third button is for Restart. If you make a mistake measuring things, you are capable of starting again.

The last button is for additional information.

All in all, the app provides accurate results and functions properly.



Angle Meter

angel2Angle Meter perfectly replaces an actual angle meter tool. This app is superior to other apps because its interface is straightforward to use.

After a quick installation, you will get to the main menu. If you swipe right, you will see multiple functions of the app.

First of all, various tools of measurement are suggested.

If you push the Ruler Button, you will be able to measure the distance in centimeters.

Moreover, you can use a protractor to build and measure angles. Furthermore, there is an important tool as Compass.

However, all the tools have measurement errors. Some of the dimensions are not accurate. That’s why it’s complicated to rely on the app.




This app will be perfect for those who is learning geometry and trying to solve problems. For instance, if you have a triangle and struggle to find its angles, Protractor will do it in a second.

How does it work? The app needs to have markers. when you give it this information, it can measure an angle between them.

Protractor has a detailed guide, which will help to make maximum use of the app’s functions. Another nice feature is its intuitive design, which is very realistic.

Protractor is available in Google Play.


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Bubble level for iPhone

Another good and accurate app for finding angles. It can boast off the creative and bright design.

Accuracy is on top-level as well. But the app is famous for other functions, such as metal detection (yes, you can know for sure if there is a wire or something made of metal inside your walls), inclinometer (especially useful for cars and bicycles) and angle calculation.

Bubble Level, which remains major function of the app, looks real and easy-to-use. Get Bubble level in App Store for free.

Angle Meter

This app can measure any slope form or angle. According to various ratings and comments, Angle Meter seems to be the most reliable app. It has no bugs and can work offline.

It is ranked 5.0 in App Store, which is the highest result in the list of the apps mentioned here. It can measure angles from Camera, as well as from images.

It has the option of calibration and recalibration, which is aimed at providing maximum accuracy.

Its graphics is also on a good level, which makes the app even more appealing and therefore high-ranked. Angle Meter is available for iPhone users only. Feel free to download it right now.


Triangle Calculator

If you don’t need to measure angles in real life (while building a house or fixing a bike), but you have to solve geometric problems, this app is a must.

It works with triangles. The principle of its work is easy: you give the app all the data about a triangle and it calculates any of its angles.

You can get it in radians, degrees or grads. The app is smart, and if a problem has more than one solution, it will give you all of them.

Triangle Calculator is absolutely free. You can download it from Google Play.



Angle Meter 360

This app has the same functions as all the listed apps. The only thing that makes it so different is its interface. It is the most easy-to-use one.

This is why we would advise Angle Meter 360 for unskilled technology users. The app is packed with hints, instructions and other forms of help.

Angle Meter 360 will be a perfect app for those who like simple and accurate measurements via using basing angle finding tools. The size of the app is small – only 26 MB!

Feel free to get it in App Store.

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Angulus: Measure angles on images/videos

angulu1Angulus: Measure angles on images/videos is a convenient app for measuring things on images and videos.

To begin with, after a quick installation, you will see the main menu of the app.

There are four options suggested.

The first one is to Take a Video. This is a new and handy way to take measurements.

The second one is to Take a Picture. You can measure an item in real-time, but the quality of the photo leaves much to be desired.

The third button is to Pick from Video Library. And the last button is to Pick from Photo Library. Don’t forget to allow access to the gallery of your electronic device.



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