12 Best Push Up Apps for Android & iOS

What is the benefit of push-ups and how big is it? How to push up, so that the benefits of push-ups are seen as quickly as possible, but do not harm your body.

However, push-ups will be absolutely useless if you do them incorrectly. That’s why in this post we decided to present some tools that will help you in this case. They are PUSH UP APPS that can be installed on your smartphone. With the help of them, you will do push-ups correctly and with maximum usefulness for your body and health.

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Just 6 Weeks: 100 Pushups

100 Pushups Free is a free part of the paid application Just 6 Weeks, which, in addition to push-ups, includes 4 more exercises. Running the application and pressing the “Start” button, we are asked to pass a beginning test, which will help to determine your current level.

We just need to push up a maximum number of times and choose the appropriate result. Having pushed up more than 20 times, the application recommends you to start the training program from the third week. Before the start of the training, we are given advice and recommendations on how and how much to train.

The application offers me to perform 5 approaches with a specified number of times, but this amount can be changed if you were able to do more or

For example: Having pushed up more than 20 times, the application recommends you to start the training program from the third week. Before the start of the training, we are given advice and recommendations on how and how much to train.

The application will offer to do 5 approaches with a specified number of times, but this amount can be changed if you were able to do more or fewer push-ups.

Having completed all the prescribed approaches, we see congratulations and the total number of push-ups performed. You can also set reminders any day and at any time. And of course, statistics are available in the form of a beautiful chart or in the form of a list.

The plus of 100 Pushups Free is a simple and nice interface, and the downside is that it is not possible to count the number of repeats performed using the proximity sensor.

Just 6 Weeks1

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Push Ups Workout

Having Push Ups app on your smartphone you will always have your own free coach with you. Push Ups is one of the best instruments for push-ups, which has a unique design and powerful features.

First, you need to pass the test and push up the maximum number of times. Here the application can automatically count the number of repetitions, you only need to gently touch the screen with your nose or chin.

Having finished the test, we are asked to be sure that we really can not push up anymore. After each approach, we hear the joyful sound: “Great”. Further, we are promised that we will be able to push up more than 100 times after passing the program. We start training – it consists of 5 approaches.

Each time touching the screen with your nose the countdown goes or you can just press the button “FULL” – this will mean that you have completed the approach. Then the rest time countdown follows. After training, it is possible to correct the program by choosing how the training was done – easily, medium, or hard.

As everywhere, you can turn on notifications. And mode “FREESTYLE” is available, in which you will not push up following the special program, but pushing up just any number of times. In this mode, your records are remembered and you will surely want to break them!


* Sensor counter
* Manual entering of your results
* Graphs and statistics
* Training mode
* Freestyle mode

Check how this application helps you to maintain an excellent figure. You will not be disappointed.

Push Ups Workout1

100 Pushups workout

100 Pushups is a fitness application whose purpose is to help you gain an excellent physical form through a training system focused primarily on push-ups. Just ten minutes a day, and in the end, you can do 100 push-ups in one go.

The training program of 100 Pushups requires only ten minutes a day three times a week – an acceptable amount of time for almost everyone. The truth is to say, in these ten minutes you will need to make everything you can and strictly follow the program of training the application offers.

The application has a timer for rest, a calendar with reminders for training, and in general everything you need to not miss any of the workouts. Plus, the application allows you to track your physical activity, so you can easily check your progress.

100 Pushups workout is an application that helps you to be in a good form. Of course, like any training application, this will only be useful if you are really attuned to classes. This application does not offer magical results, and by itself does not do anything.

100 Pushups workout BeStronger1

PUSH Workout Training AI

This is an app that can help you stay fit and full of energy by training you. There are a lot of workout plans which AI creates especially for you.

The app is well-designed and visually appealing. It also features high-quality images and videos that demonstrate the exercises, which is helpful for those who are new to fitness.

The app offers a wide range of workouts and exercise plans, and the instructional videos are helpful for beginners. The app is also regularly updated with new content, which shows that the developers are committed to improving the app over time.

However, some users have reported difficulty syncing their data between devices, which can be a problem for those who use the app on multiple devices.


  • Wide range of workouts and exercise plans.
  • Visually appealing graphics and easy-to-use interface.
  • High-quality instructional videos.


  • Technical issues and occasional app crashes.
  • Repetitive workout plans and lack of variety for some users.
  • Expensive premium features.
PUSH Workout Training AI1

0-100 Pushups Trainer

Some exercises, such as push-ups, can be performed without problems at home. The application 100 push-ups will become for you a personal trainer, which will not only prompt the optimal push-up program for you but also will not forget to remind you when to start training.

The interface is made as simple and convenient as possible. On the top there is a row of 4 buttons: Clear statistics, Settings, Information, and Exit. In the center, there is a large “Start” button, which will give you the opportunity to go to the section for selecting training programs.

Below your statistics are indicated: the total number of push-ups, your level, status, and the chosen training program. If you choose one of the workouts, then you will not be able to switch to another one until you finish the current program. Or you can click “Clear statistics” and select the program, but all your achievements will be deleted.

In total, 12 training programs are presented in the application, and in order to choose the best for you, simply answer the simple question: “How much do you do push-ups?”. After that, find the required number of push-ups in the program description and start the program.

The program is built in such a way that you need to perform a certain number of approaches. Between the approaches, there is already a pre-configured timer, which you can extend for 30 seconds or stop.

In the application settings, you can enable/disable reminders, as well as change the time interval between sessions. Let’s sum up: 100 push-ups is a simple and very easy to use coach that will help you to keep your muscles toned.

0-100 Pushups Trainer1

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200 Push Ups – Home Workout

If you want to improve your health and appearance you should start to do sport. Home workout is a convenient way to gain muscles and this app can help you.

The service offers workout plans for people of all types whether you are just a beginner or a professional. You can get a plan based on your individual capabilities. Just choose the program you like.

Moreover, it is possible to receive statistics on your activity and also try to become the best athlete on the top list.

Though the app is not challenging enough and the push-up tracking can be inaccurate. However, these drawbacks are balanced out by many positive reviews from users who have found the app to be helpful in their fitness journey.


  • Features gamification elements to make workouts more fun.
  • Simple and clean graphics.
  • Positive reviews from many users.


  • Some users report difficulty syncing data and occasional crashes.
  • Push-up tracking may not be accurate for some users.
  • A few users feel the app is not challenging enough.
200 Push Ups – Home Workout1

Pushup Perfect

This is quite a curious app because it differs from the other ones on this list. Well, it is still a pushup app, but with a larger scale of training, if being more precise.

The main idea of this app is not to just teach you how to do the classical pushups without taking into consideration your overall physical state and muscle strength, but to train your whole shoulder, hand, and spine muscle system so it would be stronger and, what is more important, healthier.

Thus, there are various exercises in this app that combine classical pushups, CrossFit, and even some postures from yoga. It is actually important to stretch a little after each work out so there would be no spasm in your muscles. First, you need to choose in the app which kind of the pushups you are going to do.

The app will count how many pushups you make each time. In addition, there are daily challenges to keep you motivated and see the progress of other users.

Pushup Perfect1

30 Day Push Ups Challenge

The app is designed to help users achieve their fitness goals by guiding them through a structured pushup challenge for a duration of 30 days.

The app’s gameplay nuances are pretty straightforward, as the user is required to complete a specific number of pushups each day for 30 days.

The app has a push-up counter that keeps track of the number of pushups completed and a timer that counts down the duration of the exercise. The app also provides users with rest periods between sets to prevent exhaustion and injury.

The graphics on the app are simple but engaging, featuring motivational images and animations that keep users inspired throughout the workout challenge.

The interface is user-friendly, with clear instructions and feedback, making it easy to use for beginners and experienced users alike.

However, the app’s challenge may be too intense for some users, leading to frustration and discouragement. Another drawback is that the app does not offer any other exercises apart from pushups, limiting the variety of workouts that users can engage in.


  • Structured workout challenge.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Motivational graphics.


  • Inability to customize workouts.
  • Limited exercises.
  • May be too intense for some users.
30 Day Push Up Challenge1

Push-ups: 100 push up challenge trainer

The following application is very easy to use and will certainly help you to constantly progress, do not stop at the result achieved, and fulfill your sports goal.

With such an assistant like Push-ups: 100 push up challenge trainer, the process of achieving the goal does not take much time. The application fixes the number of push-ups, finds the average for all time approaches, calculates burned calories, and monitors the progress of your workouts. The app is absolutely free. With this application, you will not lose shape. One more positive thing about the app is that you can listen to music while training.

Push ups: 100 pushups trainer1

Push-Up Routines PRO

Push-Up Routines PRO is one of the best applications for playing sports at home and controlling your own results. But for even greater interest in training, we advise you to find and learn different ways of push-ups, after which you can compare what push-ups and how many times you can do. And, if you do not skip your workouts, then the effectiveness will not standstill.

Now you can safely follow the instructions in this application to pump up the muscles of the chest and hands. Its user-friendly interface, with a bunch of explanations and tips, makes this app as useful as possible.

Push-Up Routines PRO+ Muscle Body-Building Workout1

22 Pushups

If you like challenges and competition is what keeps you well-motivated then you should try this app to improve your pushups training. There are lots of cool features to keep you motivated and make you go until the end. For example, with each new level, you are unlocking a new coaching voice.

Moreover, this app has a mandatory rule that you are recording each daily pushup training that you do. There is no point in exercising if no one sees it, right?

Well, for that, you might think, you need someone to count how many pushups you actually do. But wait, no you don’t! You can just place the phone underneath and do the workout and the detector in the app will count how many times you did pushups. Such a fun app!

22 Pushups1

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Pushups Coach

This is one of the most popular apps for doing push-ups and competing with other users. Start from the 10 pushups a day, then increase this number up to 20, then go 40 and so on until you do 100! Pushups Coach pro will create the training program for you that will include 3 workouts a week.

You will get a tool to track your progress. Each time the exercising shouldn’t take you longer than 10 mins. Besides, if you feel like you’re not a beginner and you need to start with more than 10 pushups a day then you can easily choose 1 from 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Another distinctive feature of Pushups Coach is that it has the timer right in the app. Overall, this is a nice app that just appeared on the market, but it is really good.

Pushups Coach1
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